Belkin MouseTrap: an easy way to move your accessories around

Don’t’ you just love it when you’re working on your notebook, and suddenly need to pack up and move somewhere else quickly? USB cables, gadgets, mice, flash disks and more suddenly become squished together as you try and carry them or dump them into your carry case. Not to mention sometimes this ends up in more »


Samsung begins mass producing 1.8″ 64GB SSDs

If you have a notebook, chances are that you’ll still be using a 2.5” hard drive. Seldom would you find a notebook with a 2.5” SSD drive, and even rarer would it have a 1.8” SSD drive. Some of the newer ultra-light notebooks and UMPCs would use 1.8” drives, but they wouldn’t be the norm more »

ASUS C90: the most “future-proof” notebook yet

Here’s another notebook for you gaming fans out there, the ASUS C90. Set to hit the market sometime soon, with some pre-orders available on Ebay (use caution please!), it’s considered to be the first truly, easily upgradeable gaming notebook available. By simply opening a panel with 4 screws, you’ll have direct access to most of more »

2 Yet another “search Google and Yahoo at the same time” site has become the latest company to allow both Google and Yahoo search engine results to be displayed side by side on one web page with its offering of Not the first one, similar to YaGoohoogle (which seems to be defunct ) from awhile back, and extremely similar to GahooYoogle, this seems to be more »


Gmail’s new feature: Powerpoint Preview

Already allowing users to preview Microsoft Word and Excel documents in their web browsers, Google’s Gmail has released its latest offering, the Slideshow Preview, allowing users to examine their PowerPoint attachments in a separate window. With three of the major Office applications able to be previewed by Google, it seems that Google is really setting more »

Nokia Media Transfer 1.0 Beta for Mac OS X

Nokia has just made it easier for Mac OS users to transfer/synchronize their data with their mobile phones. The release of Nokia Media Transfer 1.0 Beta allows Mac users to easily transfer photos, videos, music, applications, games, files and podcasts between their Mac and phone. Similar in functionality to the Nokia PC Suite for Windows more »

Porsche releases P’9521 cell phone

When I hear that some high-end brand, be it fashion like Prada, Gucci and D&G or automotive like Ferrari and Lamborghini, is releasing a technology gadget carrying its name, I subconsciously expect those products to take on the main features of their namesakes. So in cases like Prada and D&G, I expect fancy and trendy more »


Motorola’s “Crystal Talk” technology to improve call quality

If you were to believe Motorola’s claims, soon enough you ‘d be able to save yourself the hassle of trying to find a quiet place or clasping one ear shut while making a call in the midst of high background noise. The “Crystal Talk” feature is one of Motorola’s new marketing words to promote their more »

WiFi SD card coming soon

We all know about today’s gadgets having Wi-Fi capability, allowing easy access to and from gadgets whenever a Wi-Fi connection is available. But what if Wi-Fi is not supported by your gadget? Here’s an idea that could help alleviate that problem. A startup company, Eye-Fi, is planning to create and release a Wi-Fi capable Secure more »

Leaked Sony VAIO CR specs

Here’s some possible leaked information regarding Sony’s upcoming CR line of VAIO notebooks according to Notebook Italia and a Dutch website linked by them. It will be a 14.1” WXGA (1280×800) notebook featuring choice of black/white/blue/pink color, Intel’s Core 2 Duo T7100 1.8GHz 800 FSB (Santa Rosa chipset), x3100 GMA 256 MB graphics or ATI more »


Sony slims down already slender Bravia line

Impressed with the thin factor on most new plasma/LCD HDTVs? Well, Sony’s going to make you even more amazed with their latest products, five BRAVIA SXRD (Silicon X-tal (Crystal) Reflective Display) micro-display HDTVs featuring “Motionflow 120Hz high frame rate technology” in even thinner bodies. The new A3000 line is around 20 percent slimmer than their more »


Sony’s “Odo” line of environmentally friendly products

Being environmentally friendly and electronic gadgets seldom go hand in hand. Waste from these items such as batteries and electrical components have to be recycled in a certain way in order to prevent damage from happening to the environment. Sony’s “Odo” line of products was introduced lately, showing off concepts of products that will be more »