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Averatec rolls out all-in-one desktop PC

This one’s going to send a lot of Apple fanboys aflutter, saying “Copycat!” “Imitation!” and “Unoriginal!” But let’s face it, is it truly possible to create an all-in-one PC that doesn’t remind one of the Apple iMac? I mean, really? But before you answer that, let me just go ahead and list out this baby’s more »


Michael Jackson, other artists attempt to take on The Pirate Bay

With help from the so-called Web Sheriff, Michael Jackson (along with The Village People, UB40, and some folks who have the rights to Bob Marley’s music) are going to take on The Pirate Bay, just like how MPAA did. This all springs from, as you may already know, the fact that a lot of people more »


Kodak promo lets you upload 100 photos to any new digital photo frame

Loved ones not happy enough with the fact that you’ve just bought them a new digital picture frame? Then perhaps you should try pre-loading up to 100 photos on it before you actually give it or ship it out to them. This is what a convenient new service from Kodak is trying to do for more »


Updated Raon Digital Everun UMPC fitted with 32GB SSD

The UMPC market is a highly-competitive one, and Raon Digital doesn’t want to get left behind. The latest iteration of its Everun UMPC sees the addition of a 32GB SSD to its list of highly desirable features. And let’s not forget, the Raon Digital Everun UMPC also includes a 568MHz AMD Geode LX900 processor, 512MB more »


Internal Intel WiMAX / Wi-Fi card uncovered through FCC

Care to see what lies under the hood of your preferred WiMAX-running mobile Internet device? Well, look no further, as we have this very interesting 5350 Intel WiMAX / Wi-Fi card up and available for onlookers on the FCC web site. It also comes with its own user manual, as well as a WiMAX manual more »


Scarlet Red T-Mobile Sidekick Slide now officially official

I’m not sure why a lot of people seem excited about this, but T-Mobile has just officially outed the Scarlet Red version of the Moto Sidekick Slide, as we earlier reported. The new version offers a purely cosmetic change over the old one, so that means you still get the same big, clunky slider with more »


Google celebrates invention of the first laser

Contrary to popular belief, the first laser wasn’t really reverse-engineered from Megatron of the Transformers. It was actually created by a guy named Theodore Maiman by shining a high-power flash lamp on a ruby rod with silver-coated surfaces. And if he hadn’t made the first laser work on May 16, 1960 at the Hughes Research more »

Google officially announces new features of Google Translate

One week ago, we reported about how Google added new features to its translation service, like new languages and language detection, but back then it still had not even been announced by Google yet. The day for that has come, though, and that day is today. Google now officially announces the addition of 10 new more »


New Fujitsu Handy Drive offers nearly half-terabyte of space

Standing by their tag line, Fujitsu will truly “make your data portable” with its new Handy Drive 400, offering 400GB of space for any kind of digital contraption you can throw at it. The drive measures a convenient 3.23 x 5.57 x 0.87-inches and weighs 8.12-ounces. This 4200rpm hard drive will connect to your PC more »


Colorful Sony Bravia TV’s to brighten up your living room

Sony is offering to help brighten up your home by adding a splash of fruity colors to its most recent Bravia HDTV models, as part of their “Draw the Line” concept for kitchens and brightening up the home. You’ll see this in the 20-inch KLV-20S400A, which is available in fruity pink, green, and orange, as more »


Identities of busted Mac laptop thieves revealed

If there’s anything I’ve learned about Apple, in all these years of reading, and just recently, writing about them, it’s that you don’t mess with them. Ever. That’s a lesson a lot of would-be Apple product burglars would do good in learning, lest they want to be the ones pictured and talked about in this more »

TDK intro’s the 16GB Serial ATA-compatible industrial SSD

The GBDisk RS1 series of Serial ATA (SATA)-compatible industrial silicon disks is the latest addition to TDK’s roster, which will be made available in June with up to 16GB capacities. High-speed, frequent data writing and maintaining data reliability come first with the GBDisk RS1 series. And because of that, it features single level cell (SLC) more »