MommyTech TV at CES 2015: Rebecca and Andrea Wrap-Up MommyTech TV

Our Mommytech TV co-hosts call it a wrap by discussing 2015 CES show trends: good, bad and ugly.

MommyTech TV at CES 2015: Pure Imagination (Perfect Bake)

Darin Barri shows how even a bake-o-phobic can whip up the perfect pastry.

MommyTech TV at CES 2015: MySkin by OKU

CEO, Rahul Mehendale show off this dermatologist in the palm of your hand. Hold this magic wand up to your face and it diagnose skin issues from discolorations to dry skin and make recommendations.

MommyTech TV at CES 2015: LG’s Smart Home

Dave VanderWaal’s take on the Smart Home that just keeps getting smarter.

MommyTech TV at CES 2015: Leapfrog’s LeapTV

Leapfrog’s new LeapTV is an award winning interactive experience for kids.  Jody Levos explains Leapfrog’s latest digital leap.

MommyTech TV at CES 2015: Kurio

Kurio continues to improve the kids tablet experience.  This year it adds the coolest motion TV to put kids in their on screen games, new creative apps, and a totally revamped approach to kids’ Internet safety.

MommyTech TV at CES 2015: Kay Family Foundation

One teenage girl created a video conferencing system for owners and their pets (that dispense treats).  A second boy created a better learning system. Both received scholarship awards founded  by The Kay Family Foundation to reward entrepreneurial young students.

MommyTech TV at CES 2015: Intel

Meet Intel’s Marcie Miller. She created a smart car seat to make sure no child gets hurt or worse from being accidentally left in the back seat of the car.

MommyTech TV at CES 2015: HearNotes

HearNotes Founders Patrick Donohue and Yalda Moshiri tag team to showcase how their company cut the wires and upped the quality on the mobile listening experience.

MommyTech TV at CES 2015: Go Faux

“@robinraskin” saw the show through faux-colored glasses and shares her story of creating and crowd-funding a project.

MommyTech TV at CES 2015: Get Ready, Get Set, Blog!

What’s on the mind of this year’s top bloggers at CES?  Beth Blecherman joins Andrea Smith and other top bloggers as they get their tecch-radar going.

MommyTech TV at CES 2015: Fugoo

Wait until you see  CEO, Gary Elsasser  take these new outdoor speakers for a dunk in the pool.