Canon’s newest all-in-one office machines

Canon releases new PIXMA all-in-ones for the home office

With more and more people working from home, the demand for better home office printers is on the rise. Canon, the camera and photo conglomerate, has released a new set of all-in-one printers for the home office.

The Canon PIXMA MX330 and PIXMA MX860 both have an impressive list of features that include Auto Duplexing which allows for printing double-sided documents automatically, wireless LAN, Ethernet, Auto Scan which automatically detects the type of media being scanned, and Super G3 fax. Both are Energy-Star compliant as well.


New Skype for Windows released

Skype 4 for Windows

The highly regarded VoIP, video, and IM service Skype has released a new version for Windows. Considering the 14.5 million online as I write this, I’m sure that the new interface and features will please the masses.

Skype 4.0 offers video calls, improved peripheral hardware setup, and improved call quality. Unfortunately, (not Skype’s fault) there is still no support for emergency calls such as 911 in the U.S. That has to do with VoIP regulations, etc.

Video calls have been on the rise over the last few years and Skype aims to keep up the momentum by making video calls easier and offering free face-to-face video calls. You can also go full screen for a more direct feel to the call. New bandwidth management allows for quality video even on lower bandwidths.


Japanese electronics need to consolidate now!

Japan's electronics industry may hemorrhage without consolidation

Much like the auto industry of America, Japan electronics industry is in need of some serious help. With overall tech sales plummeting to all-time lows through the holiday season and post holiday season sales just as bad, consolidation may be the answer that Japan needs.

Many problems stem not just from the poor global economy right now, but from things such as too many companies, the Japanese yen performing poorly particularly against the Korean won, and some poorly performing supposedly hot items like the PS3.

Although some companies are posting large sales numbers and making attempts to drive the market, it simply doesn’t seem enough. And despite Panasonic’s recent agreement to work with a struggling Sanyo, some like former Sony CEO Nobuyuki Idei see this step as potentially producing even more problems.


A new way to get a digital copy of a DVD

Create dynamic digital copies with LiveDigitalCopy

Tired of not having control when replicating digital content on DVDs? Old digital copy methods simply copy the exact pre-encoded files (provided you have permission) to your computer. Protect Software has released LiveDigitalCopy; software designed to allow for transcoding when creating DVD copies and distribute them to a range of devices.


Your local Circuit City to become a Best Buy?

Best Buy may buy old Circuit City locations

In a wave of closings, layoffs, and cutbacks one company in the gadget world is looking to stand their ground against the economic tide. Best Buy, the tech and gadget superstore, could hugely benefit from store closings, but one particular may catch their eye.

Circuit City is looking to soon close thousands of stores in the U.S. alone as it liquidates its assets and closed shop. Best Buy is looking to potentially snatch up some of those locations around the country according to CEO, Brad Anderson. Anderson apparently told Reuters recently that quality financial standing was more important at the present time, though.

Nokia kills WiMAX tablet

Nokia discontinues N810 WiMax Edition

Another name is added to a long and growing list of tech items to be axed by various corporations. The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet WiMax Edition has been discontinued. WiMax is a wireless network with a longer range than Wi-Fi and aims to take the place of potentially both Wi-Fi and cellular broadband networks.

Nokia spokeswoman Laurie Armstrong did not state reasons as to the removal, but did state that newer technology will be necessary as WiMax tablets begin to grow in use. Other manufacturers have reported plans to produce WiMax enabled computers. Until that happens, though, WiMax users will require an external modem.


Panasonic puts together a rugged camera, the Lumix TS1

Panasonic releases the Lumix TS1

Digital cameras are a fantastic innovation. There are waterproof ones, ones designed to take a beating, even airtight ones to protect against dust and air contaminants. But who wants a different camera when snorkeling as opposed to mountain biking?

Panasonic has released the Lumix TS1 digital camera. This rugged piece of picture taking power is waterproof to 10 feet, airtight to keep out dust, shockproof with drops under 5 feet, and has reinforced glass and carbon resin components.

Sony’s looking for fixes

Sony looks to reform in times of troubleAmidst the Circuit City bankruptcy and Microsoft layoffs, not to mention poor sales numbers for both the PS3 and PSP, Sony has found the need to reform. And with two warnings about falling profits coming less than three months apart it’s not a moment too soon.

Projecting a potential annual loss of $2.9 billion, their numbers are a far cry from the average $2.2 billion they usually record for annual profits. Sony CEO Howard Stringer blames a variety of things for the steep decline. Largely, the issues seem due to a falling Japanese Yen, department rivalries, and out-of-control costs, but the fact that Sony has yet to hit the software market certainly has some impact. gets social

Social media is huge right now and the more interactive it is the better. Having realized this, has teamed up with Buddy Media and announced the release of a new social app for Facebook and MySpace.

The application is a branded “top 5” voting application. Users can vote on their top 5 for everything from celebrity couples to celebrity divorces and more. Essentially they have built an application to engage audiences while spreading brand advocacy, sort of a virtual street team.

MTV and Comedy Central in your car

AT&T Cruisecast

Man, your car has everything: GPS turn-by-turn directions, awesome stereo system, DVD, almost every gadget you can think of. But does it have MTV or Comedy Central?

AT&T and RaySat Broadcasting have announced that, via the AT&T CruiseCast service, MTV and Comedy Central will be broadcasting directly to your car. The satellite television and radio service will be broadcasting 22 TV channels to include not only MTV and Comedy Central but Nickelodeon, Noggin, and more as part of MTV’s mobile channels.


Forget 3G. 4G with VoIP is coming

3G becomes 4G, adds VoIP capabilities

Considering the hype about 3G networks, particularly surrounding the iPhone, it’s surprising to hear about a push for 4G that is picking up speed. The gain is largely due to the implementation of VoIP. With 300,000 Vo4G subscribers already, it’s moving in the right direction.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is used (frequently in conjunction with existing public switched telephone networks) for the delivery of voice communications over IP networks. This includes both internet and intranet.

Being called Vo4G or VoIP 4G, the transition to a full packet-switched system is happening slowly already. With technologies like LTE and WiMAX already optimizing for Vo4G, the transition is moving forward. The two will be the first to be fully Vo4G. But potential issues such as the fact that WiMAX does not bother itself with speech-based traffic Quality of Service may slow progress.

Stay wired a little longer: UWB hits a roadblock

cablesWith mobile and wireless technologies growing and the public asking for more the eventual transition to ultra wide-band (UWB) seemed obvious. Recent setbacks may hinder UWB from becoming a standard anytime soon.

UWB is technology that allows for the wireless connection of a variety of devices. Everything from wireless monitors to wireless communication between digital cameras and printers, even transferring data from digital camcorders can be done. It is made possible due to the high data transfer rates capable with UWB.

UWB chip makers like Intel, Focus Semiconductor, and WiQuest have either shut their doors or stopped their programs in 2008. A total of 4 companies stopped manufacturing chips for some reason or another.