Android continues to steal mobile web consumption shares from iOS

In a new report from Quantcast outlining mobile web consumption based off of operating system, it was no contest to say that iOS would take the cake. Dominating with 58.8% over second place, Android, at 19.9%, you would think that this is just further proof at iOS’s ability to stay on top. But looking further more »


Android smartphones quickly becoming in high demand

I am a Sprint user. In the past, Sprint has had very poor smartphone choices. I picked up the Instinct when it came out, and for the time, it was a good phone. Now, I go yesterday to check out the Evo 4G, Sprint’s only comparable offering to an iPhone. I knew it was popular, more »


Adobe sees a brighter future for Flash: 53% of smartphones to use it by 2012

On Wednesday, Adobe made claims that over 250million smartphones would support Flash by 2012 despite claims by Apple’s Steve Jobs that Flash is unsuited for touch devices. Right now, it is predicted that 200million smartphones will be sold in 2010, 10% of which will support Flash. Flash has gotten a lot of heat lately from more »

Reminder: Windows XP to be discontinued for netbooks on October 22

For netbooks, it’s obvious that Windows Vista is not the optimal operating system. Many people choose to downgrade to Windows XP as it runs faster and better than Vista when on those tiny computers. It also doesn’t come with the reputation that Vista received in its early days as a highly incompatible OS. But now more »

Farmville finally released for iPhone. Addicts rejoice

Well it definitely took them long enough but Farmville is finally planned for release to an iPhone near you. Maybe they were just waiting for Jobs to give in and allow Flash on iDevices. But anyways, today at WWDC, Zynga took the stage to show the first public images of one of Facebook’s original addicting more »

Apple officially announces iPhone 4

Like a promiscuous cologne commercial, iPhone 4 pops onto the screen showcasing its brand-new design that we’ve all already seen. Sleek, elegant, and beautiful, iPhone 4 has glass on both the front and back with chrome around the side. It comes with two camera, one front facing, and the back camera which now has an more »

New HP Printers have email addresses. Means iPad support

I think HP might have finally given you a reason to purchase ink instead of a new printer each time. New HP printers are going to be optimized for the internet. No matter where you are, if you have an internet connection, you will be able to print from your printer. It does this through more »

iBooks to support PDF files.

So if you have purchased a good PDF reader for your iPad, or if your a developer who has been profiting on PDF reading apps, your out of luck. Today, at WWDC 2010, Mr. Steve Jobs announced that iBooks will begin to support PDF files as well as ePub. Now, if your someone like me more »

Google allows you to display your own image on its homepage

Finally taking on Bing in the aesthetically-pleasing department, Google takes it a step further and now allows you to upload your own picture to display as the background to its homepage. Personally, the only upside I could ever find to Bing was that pretty background. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of more »

Gadgetell Reviews the Picture Porter 35 Digital Photo Manager

Product: Digital Foci Picture Porter 35 Digital Photo Manager Price: $350-$450 To put it simply, the Picture Porter 35 Digital Photo Manager is a portable harddrive with a screen and speaker. It allows you to not only store your files but it some cases, view them as well. The device comes with a USB cord, more »

Gadgetell Reviews the Marware Eco-Vue iPad case

Product: Marware Eco-Vue iPad Case Price: ~$40.00 To simply put it, the Marware Eco-Vue iPad Case is a brilliant, beautiful, and highly functional iPad Case. With all the options out there and very few quality reviews to read, buying a case that is true quality is a 50/50 chance. And with the prices of some more »

Top 5 productivity apps for jailbroken iPads part 2

Images taken by Greg Billetdeaux Time for round two of productivity apps you should put on your jailbroken iPad to tap its full potential. Today we have a few cool things invovling tethering, folders, file system access and lockscreen data. Not all of these apps have been optimized for the iPad so bear with me. more »