Kickstarter Project Spotlight: Peeple

Well, once again thanks to Kickstarter, my hypothetical dreams are becoming realities…hopefully. But it needs your funding. Enter the Peeple: caller ID for your door!

8 tech-tastic Mother’s Day 2015 gifts

If you’re like me and you forgot all about Mother’s Day, don’t worry. Just check out these 8 tech-tastic gadgets and accessories for Mother’s Day 2015. I’ve got your back.

10 Star Wars gadgets to celebrate Star Wars Day

As you SHOULD know, May 4th is Star Wars Day. Why? Because it’s May the 4th be with you! Get it? Because the famous line is “May the force be with you!” Whatever. I don’t care. To all my Lukes and Leias who understand the amazingness that is this random holiday, there’s no better way to celebrate than with some nerdy Star Wars tech. I mean, what life is complete without a death star speaker? Plus, with a new Star Wars film on the way, there’s no better time to unleash your inner Star Wars fanaticism.

Kickstarter Project Spotlight: Planty smart planter

When I came across the Planty crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, I felt like my needs had been answered. It’s a smart planter that notifies you when your plants need water, AND you can then water your plants via a connected smartphone app. It’s so easy a caveman could do it!

Indiegogo Spotlight: the Couchlet

Tell me this scenario doesn’t sound familiar – you’re binge-watching Arrested Development on your couch when suddenly your phone audibly indicates that its battery level has fallen below 10%. Basically, a millennial’s worst nightmare. What should you do? Abandon your binge-watching in the middle of season 2 in order to move closer to an outlet so you don’t miss any crucial texts? Or sacrifice your phone for radio silence? Neither sounds ideal, and thanks to Chris Hawker, the creator of the Power Squid, you no longer have to choose.


Give up, society, there’s a selfie stick slap bracelet

I’m certain that by this point, you’ve come across a selfie stick in your daily life. Whether it’s tourists or annoying teenagers, they’ve become ubiquitous (much to my dismay). And just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I came across the Pop Stick selfie stick slap bracelet. Basically, it’s a Bluetooth-enabled bracelet that uncurls into a selfie stick. You know, so you can bring your selfie stick wherever you go in a convenient and portable fashion.

Finally, you can use Google Flights to search flights with Wi-Fi

I can’t be the only one who’s been ruined by the hopeless abyss that is a flight without Wi-Fi. There I was depending on my six hour cross-country flight to have Wi-Fi so I could do work. That’s right, boss, I was TRYING to be responsible. But the flight took off and no “gogoinflight” ever appeared in my Wi-Fi dropdown menu. It was horrible, and my work was late.

Kickstarter Project Spotlight: The PancakeBot 3D printer

Growing up in my house, Sundays were always pancake day. It was always a nice treat to finish out the weekend, and coupled with vegetarian bacon and sausage (yeah, we were that family), the meal was always a crowd-pleaser. My dad liked to get inventive – using cookie cutters to design special pancakes, and those were always a hit. So, when I read about the PancakeBot 3D pancake batter printer, I was certainly intrigued.

Twitter responds to #TheDress and it’s hilarious

If you thought yesterday’s llama chase was laughable enough, I’m sure #TheDress controversy will just make you shudder. But the good news about bad news is that it leads to amazing reactions on social media. That way, when you’re freaking out wondering if the media has gone to the dogs, you can find solace in the fact that the rest of the world also sees the ridiculousness.

Spotify adds lyrics to desktop app

We’ve all been there: you’re hanging out with your friends in the kitchen, listening to Spotify on a bluetooth speaker, and suddenly a lyric dispute comes up. Quickly, your best friend becomes your mortal enemy as you rewind and play through the troublesome lyric in the chosen song over and over again. Maybe it’s just my group of friends, but we still remember the battle over Nicki Minaj’s “Starships.”


Would you eat a wearable banana fitness device?

Either it’s April Fools or 2015 is a strange year for wearable fitness devices. First, I saw a wearable belt at CES 2015 that would automatically loosen itself after a large meal, and now there’s a wearable banana. Yes, banana. Take it, Gwen!

Kickstarter Project Spotlight: The Wishbone smart thermometer

Within the recent years, baby tech has really been on the upswing. From wearable pajamas that can detect health metrics to a smart pacifier that can alert parents when the device has gotten away from their baby, it seems to be a product category that is here to stay. And now, there is a smart thermometer looking for funding on Kickstarter that aims to make taking your baby’s temperature monumentally easier.