Imgur makes gif creation monumentally easier

Well, up until this point it was really difficult to create gifs. Just ask my coworker, Devon, who taught herself to make them. I don’t have her patience. But now, Imgur launched Video to GIF which is as awesome and easy as it sounds.

Luna smart mattress cover open for preorders

If these cold temperatures have got you considering springing for an electric blanket, it might be better to invest that money into a $179 Luna smart mattress cover. Not only can it adjust to become hotter or colder for a more comfortable sleep, but it detects breathing and heart rate, tracks sleep patterns, and even your snoring.

The 10 best #Snowmageddon2015 tweets

Because what’s the point of a disappointing emergency weather alert if we can’t have a laugh on Twitter about it? Here’s the 10 best #Snowmageddon2015 tweets in response to winter storm Juno’s moment of fame.

10 gifs of cute animals in snow

If you’re in the Northeast, chances are you’re bracing for the blizzard of 2015, or her alias, Juno. Over here at Technology Tell, we’re staring out our office windows at the flurries of snow beginning to circle Philadelphia. And while this blizzard brings with it potential issues with losing power and transportation problems, I’m still a big fan of snow. So, to get more of you on board I figured I’d share 10 gifs of cute animals in snow. How can you not find these guys adorable?!

The 20 best #DeflateGate tweets

To celebrate Friday and goofing off at work, here’s my 20 favorite #Deflategate tweets. Balls, balls and more balls.

Did Samsung find a way to preemptively detect strokes?

Obviously, you’re aware that strokes are a huge problem, afflicting 15 million people every year. And it’s even more of a problem because early warning signs are so difficult to detect. So it’s great news that a group of Samsung engineers have decided to do something about it by enabling a phone or tablet to warn its user of an impending stroke.

CES 2015 Wishlist: The Prynt phone case

The best part about CES is coming home with a wishlist full of prospective tech items that I want for myself, and such was the case for CES 2015. This year’s show-floor was full of innovative products that I’ll be looking to add to my life in the coming year. And if you’ve been keeping up with the tech game for 2015, you know that photography innovations are a hot commodity this year. Thus, the Prynt Case is topping my CES 2015 wishlist.

The five stages of CES 2015 withdrawal

“CES this” and “CES that”…Marsha Marsha Marsha! Am I right? I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I walked the CES 2015 show floor for the last time, and already I’m pretty confident that I’ve gone through the five stages of CES 2015 withdrawal. “But Hannah, what does that even mean?” I’m glad you asked! Allow me to explain…

My 13 favorite wearables from CES 2015

Like I mentioned before, the Technology Tell team is back in the office after an exciting CES 2015, and we’re ready to share all the amazing products that captured our attention at this year’s show. Since I’m a big fan of wearables, I was paying close attention to the new products set to hit the market this year, and there’s definitely some exciting gems. From smart socks to smart watches, there was a wearable for everyone at this year’s show.

My 11 favorite moments of CES 2015

Okay, I am officially back from CES 2015, and not nearly as rested as I would like to be. When are the complimentary CES massages? Although I am still in jet-lagged/zombie Hannah mode, I wanted to quickly share my 11 favorite moments from CES 2015 because let’s face it I’ll forget.

My top five favorite moments of CES Press Day 2015

Admittedly, I’ve been super stressed out about CES 2015. I mean, there’s just so much to see and so little time to see it. And you know, Las Vegas has a habit of being distracting. HIT ME! (That’s a Blackjack reference, right? I’m sticking to the slots). Anyways, it’s my second year on the notorious CES train, and I feel like I’m finally learning the CES dos and don’ts, as well as the “see” and “don’t see” guidelines. Thus, I feel like I’ve been taking advantage of all the fun “rites of passage” that CES Press Day 2015 can provide.

Monster unveils new headphones at CES 2015

Although Head Monster, Noel Lee, was unable to attend the hyped Monster Press Conference at CES 2015, the press conference made up for it with exciting celebrity guests and new products. Guests included television host, Nick Cannon; athlete Blake Leeper; and professional basketball player, Shaq (which you know I was excited about).