The 10 best #AppleEvent tweets

Seems like every week now there’s another Apple event that you just HAVE to know about. Yawn. Today’s was the highly anticipated iPad event, which shockingly announced the new thinnest iPad ever: the iPad Air 2. Along with that, it was announced that Apple Pay would begin on October 20, but of course the best part was Stephen Colbert’s appearance. Oh, and of course Apple had to be all, “You think 4K is cool? PSHHH we’ve got 5K resolution.” So yeah, that about sums it up. However, you know me – I much prefer catching up via Twitter.

Thus, I assembled the 10 best #AppleEvent tweets so you can laugh along with me! Enjoy!

10 ‘Friends’ gifs to celebrate the series coming to Netflix in 2015

I have long been holding out for the day that Friends comes to Netflix. Seriously, pretty sure I mention it at least once a week. Finally, my dreams have come true as it has been announced that all 10 seasons of the show will be coming to Netflix in January 2015. Metaphorical tears are streaming down my face. Although, this also means I can kiss my social life goodbye because I’ll be a binge-watching machine. Don’t care; still excited.

So celebrate the United States Netflix debut of a show that will always be there for you with 10 Friends gifs! These are all the things you can enjoy 24/7 now! owner wants to sell domain name for $150,000

It’s hard to believe that in the midst of this devastating Ebola outbreak, individuals could be looking to gain a monetary profit from the tragedy. But then again, that’s people for you. So while nurses and doctors are risking their lives to treat the onslaught of Ebola-infected individuals, entrepreneur Jon Schultz is hoping to sell his domain for $150,000.


Snapchat says it’s your fault your nude photos were leaked

Whatever happened to the good old days when nude photos were sent using a combination of an instant Polaroid camera and a carrier pigeon? Alright, that probably never happened, but you’ve got to admit it’s beginning to look more and more appealing given the current state of nude photo leaks. It was just recently The Fappening exploited a slew of celebrities, and now Snapchat users have become the victims of another massive nude photo leak. And much like The Fappening, the major tech players involved are doing their best to pass responsibility for the hack onto the users who snapped the nudes.

Thanks to larger screens, silicone thumb extenders exist

In ye olde days of tiny Nokia flip phones, smaller hands owned the world. Those with smaller thumbs had the upper hand when it came to faster texting times, and those of us with man hands were struggling to keep up. Can you tell I’m still resentful? However, it seems the tables have turned. Thanks more »

The smart yoga mat is ready for your chaturanga

When it comes to the growing influx of “smart” tech products hitting the market, I tend to scoff and have an “is this really necessary?” reaction. So, when I read about a new smart yoga mat being crowd-funded, my impulse reaction was an eye roll corresponding with my usual “wtf” reaction. However, I take it all back; I think a smart yoga mat is actually a smart purchase. Now if you’ll go ahead and sit in a Lotus pose, I’d be happy to explain why.

OkCupid explains how to take an attractive profile picture

Admittedly, I don’t have the best associations when it comes to OkCupid. I attribute this to the fact that my friend’s creepy roommate used to browse OkCupid profiles in the dark, and something about it felt like a bad episode of Law and Order: SVU. However, he always had a girlfriend so it was clearly working for him. That being said, I fully support OkCupid’s data collection blog, “OkTrends,” because it uses OkCupid’s dating powers for good! Quite the rarity. In their own words, “we’ve compiled our observations and statistics from hundreds of millions of OkCupid user interactions, all to explore the data side of the online world.” And their latest research-based post was created to help users take better profile pictures.

10 running gadgets to revitalize your workout

I’ve been thinking about running a half marathon in November, and I’m thinking my training might benefit from some running gadgets. That way, I can be part of the cool kids running club. But where to start? Don’t worry, I’ve done all the research for you (and me). So with that, here are 10 running gadgets to get you moving. Because it’s not about the destination, but the journey.


The 8 best iPhone 6 #bendgate tweets

While you’re busy trying to distract yourself from your warped iPhone 6 screen, check out some of the best #bendgate tweets.


10 apps to get you in the Autumn spirit

According to my calendar and today’s Google Doodle, it is officially Autumn. And while you may have already cheated the Autumnal equinox by sipping on a pumpkin spice latte (guilty), now is the acceptable time to engage in those fall activities. Whether it’s uploading foliage Instagrams or crafting a pumpkin pie, it’s important to get the most out of Autumn 2014 because let’s face it: winter is coming.


Colbert’s Checky coverage demonstrates the app’s absurdity

As usual, Stephen Colbert and I agree on something. Recently, an app called Checky was released, and its purpose should just make consumers bow their heads in shame. Its main feature is to educate consumers about the amount of times they check their phone a day. Like Colbert said on his Twitter page, “A new app called Checky helps you use your phone less. It’s like that alcoholism treatment called ‘Tequila.’” SMH.

Thanks to technology, the Philly hate crime suspects have been identified

Admittedly, with all this constant surveillance it’s easy to feel a little uneasy about being watched all the time. Not everyone feels comfortable with the whole Big Brother concept. Plus, it lends itself to the obvious question of whether or not this surveillance helps us or hurts us. Whatever your stance, there is a story that has been developing this week about a hate crime that took place in Philadelphia, which utilized technology to identify the suspects. And as someone who lives in Philadelphia who was extremely disturbed by the hate crime, I couldn’t be more thrilled that these people will be brought to justice. But it wouldn’t have been possible without technology.