Here’s another “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” for your Friday

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Last night’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” is the 8th in the Jimmy Kimmel Live series and features celebrities like Gerard Butler, Lena Dunham (my favorite mean tweet), and even Britney Spears. So, procrastinate your work a little longer and check it out.

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On 2 Bean Bags: The Heos by Denon


Your On 2 Bean Bags girls have returned from their lengthy vacation to review the Heos multi-room audio speaker system by Denon. Naturally, we didn’t have the resources to build a multi-room set, so check out what we did instead.

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Indiegogo Spotlight: RestOn sleep smart device


I’m pretty open about the fact that I’ve dealt with insomnia since I was a kid, and it SUCKS. So, it’s nice to see that health and fitness wearables companies are putting forth efforts to help consumers get a better night’s sleep. I guess it’s no surprise seeing as there’s more and more health studies coming to fruition which detail how important sleep is. Today, RestOn launched their Indiegogo campaign for their sleep smart device. The RestOn monitors, tracks and analyzes sleep quality and it’s non-invasive/non-wearable design makes it hardly noticeable while you sleep.

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