Motorola sues Apple for just about everything

It seems as though lawyers are having their holidays a bit early. As the ongoing lawsuit between Google and Oracle continues to rage on, Motorola has decided to send their busy little lawyers off to the FCC with a stack of patent complaints against Apple. As discussed in a press release early today, Motorola has more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to a carrier near you

Samsung has changed their game plan to a “one for all” philosophy. First, their Galaxy S smartphone stormed all of the carriers in North America in some form or fashion. Now, Samsung has announced that they are taking the same approach with their much anticipated Galaxy Tab device in terms of carriers. Yes that means more »

Russia developing its own dual-screened 4G smartphone for next year

You don’t hear of many phone manufacturers coming from Russia. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a phone from any Russian-based company. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of making such a device. In a recent video, Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and state technology official Sergei Chemezov have more »

Apple to live stream September 1st event

Just in case you have been living in a cave, under a rock, or in the depths of the ocean, Apple is having its fall event tomorrow. While much of the blogosphere is in a frenzy concerning the actual content of the event, Apple has released a PR notice saying that they will be streaming more »


Windows 7 becomes more attractive for tablets

Windows 7 has been criticized by just about every gadget fan out there that it can not and should not be put on a tablet device. But now a new video comparing the iPad to a Windows 7 run tablet (not sure which one it is), allows you to be the judge. I don’t know more »

HTC Glacier blows away benchmarks, intentions on going to T-Mobile

The HTC Glacier has been floating around the blogosphere mainly in rumor posts. But now we have a little more information regarding HTC’s new monster. As you can see from the image above, the Glacier has been benchmarked and absolutely blown away other phones. Both the Evo and Vibrant were running processors clocked at 1 more »

New Android app lets you root your phone with one click

I have always been tempted by the concept of rooting my Droid for some features that I wouldn’t have otherwise. But with the complex and risky means of doing so definitely makes the concept of rooting unattractive. Well now me and everyone else who has been hesitant to root their phones may rejoice! There is more »

Windows 7 passes Vista in marketshare

Even though Windows 7 released less than a year ago, it has already passed its predecessor, Windows Vista in marketshare. Both Vista and 7 have 14.4% marketshare with Windows 7 having a couple more copies to edge out the battle. Of course both of these operating systems are dwarfed by their grandfather Windows XP which more »


Smartphone market grows 64%, Android 886%

Analysts from Canalys have been working on some facts and figures now that companies have all filed their Q2 financial reports. And the results are astounding. Year to year the smartphone market has grown 64% globally, proving that mobile really is exploding throughout the world. But that growth was expected. What was not expected was more »


Kindle 3 sells out

The Kindle 3 is already seeing tremendous demand that is stressing Amazon. After only being announced last week, both the Wifi and Wifi + 3G versions have been completely sold out with the Wifi not expected to catch up with demand until September 4th. The new reader has started a fire in the ereader market more »

Samsung Galaxy Tab tablet reconfirmed & pictured

Samsung’s new Android tablet has been reconfirmed to the public thanks to a report from Reuters. The new tablet, dubbed the “Galaxy Tab”, is expected to have a 7″ screen and hit the market sometime in Q3 of this year. Although there is a lack of information concerning the device other than what I have more »

Droid X Responds To Apple With Advertisement

After Apple went on the defensive regarding their faulty antenna system, many manufacturers left in their wake had to do some damage control. With Samsung, RIM, HTC, and Nokia all having their respective press releases disregarding all of Apple’s claims, Motorola has decided to respond to Apple’s allegations against the Droid X in a more more »