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GadgeTell Review: OGIO Renegade RSS Backpack

When you’re addicted to gadgets, you need something that will not only carry them all, but also assure the  safety of your precious. The Renegade RSS backpack from OGIO is a serious piece of equipment at $150 so I gave it a run-through. The big draw on this backpack is protection. OGIO makes it easy, more »

BlackBerry Music Gateway Giveaway!

Technology Tell has teamed up with Research in Motion to give away five of their BlackBerry Music Gateways to members of the Tell network and Tell Magazine subscribers. The BlackBerry Music Gateway gives wireless capability to practically any speaker, allowing you play music wirelessly from any smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device. Your device becomes more »


GadgeTell Review: pocketfinder Personal GPS Locator

What is being reviewed? Pocketfinder is a small GPS locator that can send information and notifications directly to your phone to let you know where your loved-ones (or targets) are. Worried about where your kids/pets/elderly are? Pocketfinder promises “peace of mind in a pocket-sized device.” A picture on the site has it next to an more »

GadgeTell Review: Acoustic Research AWSBTSK Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  What is being reviewed? Up for review today is the Acoustic Research AWSBTSK Portable Wireless Speaker. Acoustic Research has a whole line of portable speakers meant for all your outdoor summer events. They take their architectural cue from lanterns, about 14-inches tall with a handle on top, and serve as a beacon of audio more »

GadgeTell Hands-On: Airbac’s Ring Backpack

What is being reviewed? Up for review today is Airbac’s Ring backpack. Airbac actually has an inflatable air-bladder… heh, bladder… that protects your back, and perhaps more importantly, your gadgets. With a regular backpack, you might carry a lot of the weight in the shoulders and spine. The Airbac helps distribute the weight more evenly. more »

Win Your Favorite CE Week Product

To celebrate CE Week Technology Tell has managed to round up a few of the great products at CEA Line Shows, and you have a chance to win them! Click right here and cast your vote for your favorite product in the batch and you’ll be entered to win it! We even scored a bunch more »

GadgeTell Review: Audiofly AF78 Earbuds

Up for review is a pair of Audiofly AF78 earbuds, a refreshing departure from the the overloaded bass that seems to be the current trend in audio. I’d rather hear a balanced, rich, detailed sound, and I got it from these earbuds. The AF78 is Audiofly’s top-of-the-line earbud at a healthy $199.95, and it was designed with more »

Review: Andrea Electronics’ “Boom Free” SuperBeam Headsets

SuperBeam Phones $149.95 SuperBeam Buds $129.95 My initial reactions when opening up the SuperBeam Phones by Andrea, “What?… Huh?…” and then “Wow!” The headphone space keeps getting more crowded, but Andrea is able to stand out. The company has a long history with military communications systems, so it is not a surprise that they came more »

The Winner of the Verbatim Mobile Lifestyle Giveaway Is…

Congratulations to Beth Randolph, the winner of the Verbatim Mobile Lifestyle Prize Pack giveaway. The pack included $350 worth of gadgets including the Store ‘n’ Go Car Audio USB Drive, TUFF-‘N’-TINY USB Drive, Store ‘n’ Go USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive, Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard, and the Mini Wireless Slim Keyboard & Mouse. This was more »