Handibot, an App-Based Power Tool is Now Up on Kickstarter

Check out Handibot, a digital universal power tool. Described by its creators as a sort of 3D cutting device (the conceptual inverse of a 3D printer), Handibot is next-generation tool technology. Handibot can make super-accurate cuts and holes in soft materials like wood and foam in a 6″x8″x4″ area. It interfaces with smartphones, tablets, and more »

Samsung’s New Ativ Q Tablet Runs Android Apps in Windows 8

The mobile OS wars rage on, but Samsung seems to be hedging its bets with the recently-unveiled Ativ Q tablet. The 13.3-inch (3,200 x 1,800 HD resolution) Ativ Q will run on Windows 8, but have the ability to switch to stock Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean without needing to restart the device. Photos and other more »

TYLT VU Wireless Charger with Free-Positioning Technology

Wireless charging is cool, but usually the chargers are a mild pain to get connected to your phone right. They’re flat, so you have to drop your phone on the thing just so to make it work. No short supply of first-world problems, amiright? Anyway, seeing this wide-open market and seizing the day are the more »


DropShades Sound-Reactive Glasses

Alerting all fly ladies and dandy gentlemen:  looking for a new accessory to bring to the club that says, “I’m from the future” but also, “I am now visually responding to this bass drop” at the same time? Look no further than DropShades, the digital sound-reactive glasses now available on Kickstarter. A tiny microphone and more »

Google Adding Nutrition Facts to Search

Hey you, fat nerds! Worried about the nutritional value of your food? I’m sure you are! Google is rolling out nutrition facts on over a thousand food items in their search. Building on their work with Knowledge Graph, the feature bridges previously unconnected sources information so that things like zucchini and summer squash return the more »

White LG Nexus 4 Hits U.S., Available at Google Play Store and T-Mobile

The white version of LG’s Nexus 4 is now available at the Google Play store, as well as T-Mobile’s site. Announced earlier this week, the pricetag is $299.99 for the 8GB option, $349.99 for the 16GB. For a limited time, the phone will come with a free white bumper (roughly, a $19.99 value). On the more »

Tumblr Launches Sponsored In-Stream Ads

Yahoo has gotta turn a profit after dropping $1,100,000,000 on Tumblr, so if you’re a Tumblrer get ready for a bunch of Denny’s plugs and gifs of Grand Slams. The new sponsored ads will be distinguished by the shimmering dollar-sign you see on the right. Not too in-your-face, yet. We’ll see how far Yahoo pushes more »

Location-based Learning with Wikipedia Nearby

Wikipedia is getting in on the location-based services bandwagon with Wikipedia Nearby, a new web application which provides uses with articles based on their proximity to the user. Available for both mobile and PC, the app takes advantage of MediaWiki’s relatively new GeoData extension, which connected geo-coordinates to a central API which programmers could query more »

Facebook Adds Verified Pages

Facebook is smartly adopting Twitter’s verification feature, so now we can see whether the pages of celebrities we like on the service are actually run by the celebrity. Just like Twitter, verified pages will have a small blue checkmark next to the name. They’re rolling out the change for individual profiles as well. You can more »

Twitter Updates Mobile App, Boasts Six Second Image Tweeting

I guess Wednesday is the best day for app updates; the Twitter mobile app was updated today. According to the company’s blog post, the most obvious changes involve better photo controls: images are now previewable in an uncropped form and adding images to tweets are as easy as clicking a little photo icon right in more »

Google Cleans Up the Gmail Inbox for Desktop and Mobile

If your anything like me, keeping up with the flood of spam, notification reminders, and actual correspondence without having an exploded mess of an inbox seems a herculean task. Google has some good news for us slobs though, rolling out some new sorting features with the general overhaul its inbox. Here’s what the new inbox more »

German Researchers Pull Off Record-Breaking Wireless Speeds

Further proving there’s truth to the trope of German efficiency, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics and the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology have engineered the world’s fastest wireless connection, pulling off transmission speeds that rival fiber-optics. Clocking in at an astounding 40gbit/s (which is about 5 GB a second, or 1,600 more »