Apple, Please Don’t Release an iPhone 5S

There are various reports about the next iPhone.  Forgive me in advance for not making this post about those reports. I’ll give you a heads up though: there is a new iPhone coming that will be marginally better than the current iPhone. Read that last part again. Is that supposed to excite us? Are we more »


Where Were You When Gmail and Facebook Went Down?

Like much of the web on Monday, I survived a brush with calamity.  I looked into the eye of a post-apocalyptic world where Gmail and Facebook didn’t survive.  We take these services for granted.  Without them, we had an idea of how badly we do (or don’t) need them.   Well, I didn’t fare too more »


Are Smartphones Making In-Car Navigation Obsolete?

Navigation systems used to be the ultimate automotive feature.  As a kid in middle school, I used to drool over cars that were seemingly anointed with the eye of God. A user was able to type in a destination and be led their by their automobile.  I, like some of you, keenly remember the times more »


My Experience with Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication is touted as one of the newest smartphone features. It actually isn’t very new.  NFC was a technology developed and nurtured for smartphone usage in the early 2000’s by the NFC Forum, headed by mobile phone innovators Nokia, Sony, and Philips.  Its purpose is to transmit data between smartphones and other devices.  more »


Living with a Smart TV (Part 1)

I have been looking for a new television for the past few weeks. I looked hardest on Black Friday and after my experience, resolved to buy a TV on the web.  The story didn’t end there. Some of you may remember my aversion to Smart TV.  I vowed to never buy one.  They seemed like more »


Are Language Translation Apps Ready for Prime Time?

My minor was German in college. The coursework was difficult and demanding. The obvious lack of native speakers in the US made studying a challenge. I found myself checking my work on Google Translate. Results were mixed. The grammar was often shoddy and some words didn’t register at all. I quickly abandoned the application.


Nokia’s fall from glory

I remember my high school days.  The iPhone was still a couple of years away and Blackberry was, by far, the most popular phone.  If you took a survey of which phones people actually used, I’d be willing to bet that Finnish manufacturer Nokia would be at the top of the heap.

A peek inside Amazon’s warehouses

Yesterday we took you inside the innovative mind of Amazon.  Today, we’ll literally give you a view inside Amazon’s warehouses. This was a real treat for me.  I have driven by Amazon’s New Castle, Delaware warehouse numerous times.  I always took that monolithic white box for granted.  After seeing the following images, I will forever more »

How tech helped me navigate an environmental crisis

There is a major environmental crisis happening in my area right now. On Friday, November 30, a train carrying dangerous chemicals derailed in Paulsboro, New Jersey.  The bridge was over Mantua Creek, a small tributary of the Delaware River.  The chemicals leaked into the creek and released a highly toxic gas into the air. Residents more »

Inside the innovative mind of Amazon

It is hard to believe that Amazon was once a fledgling website in a sea of many.  Amazon is not only one of the few web-based companies to survive the dot-com boom, but it is now one of the most influential companies in the world.  How did a one-time book retailer turn into a web more »

Marissa Mayer on Yahoo’s plan for success

Yahoo was once the web’s go-to destination.  It is the first search engine I recall using.  In the past decade, Yahoo has watched its market share erode in the face of Google’s dominance.  Google’s rise was due to a variety of factors including innovations such as PageRank and Maps. These innovations wouldn’t have been possible more »

Don’t forget Vizio: CTO Matthew McRae on the future

My first high-definition display was a Vizio television.  At the time, it was the only display I could afford.  This affordability is why many people have counted Vizio out as a viable competitor in the high-def display market.  In a lengthy interview with NextMarket, Vizio Chief Technology Officer Matthew McCrae covers everything from Smart TV’s more »