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GadgeTell Review – 3 in 1: Wicked Audio Hero, Heist and Deuce Headsets

We team up with Wicked Audio for a look at three of their rather inexpensive products: The Hero headphones, Deuce Earbuds, and the Heist Earbuds.  The question that we sought to answer was one we all face: do you buy portable audio components, earbuds and headphones, on the cheap knowing that you’re going to lose more »

Will you wait for a discounted, ad-supported Kindle Fire tablet?

Today, Amazon is expected to launch the Kindle Fire, a tablet aimed at making the Amazon shopping experience better. Word has come rather quickly that a second generation will be hot on the heels of the first release, perhaps releasing as soon as Q1 2012. With this fast a product life plan, we’ve got to more »

Killing the Shuffle? Tip says Apple will

According to a tip to TUAW, Apple will kill off the popular iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic mp3 players this year. While the Classic wouldn’t be a huge surprise, we’re a bit skiddish on believing the Shuffle will go the way of the dodo. With only an iPhone event announced for this fall, it appears more »

Gadgetell review: Toddy Cloth – touch-gadgets best friend

Product: Toddy Cloth What: A cloth to clean your touchable gadgets Why: You’ve got oily skin, sauce on your finger, or smears bug you How much? $9.99 or $19.99 for a 3-pack Where: Target, Best Buy and I scoff at cleaning things. I don’t use things to clean my sunglasses. I lose most of more »


“Let’s talk iPhone” says we’re only seeing iPhone 5

Today, Apple sent out invitations to an event to be held on October 4th with the tagline “Let’s talk iPhone”. As usual, those that read the tea leaves are staring at the icons on the invitation to see what can be gleamed from Apple’s penchant for attention to detail. We’re honing in on the “iPhone” more »


Nokia prepping “stunning, absolutely stunning” Windows Phone

What do you get if you take a market leader and give them some time and $1 billion dollars? Apparently, you get “stunning” according to Nokia’s Conor Pierce, general manager for UK and Ireland. The GM sat down for an interview over at Pocket-lint. “To the partners we have shown the device to, their words, more »

Amazon packing publishers into Kindle Fire

According to All Things D, a number of top tier publishers are on board with the Kindle Fire. Three of the big names in magazine publishing: Hearst, Conde Nast and Meredith will be on board for Wednesday’s launch of the iPad-like device. Amazon has cut deals with them similar to the deals they have with more »


Official Facebook iPad App coming at iPhone 5 event?

According to sources, Mashable is reporting the long-awaited official Facebook app for the Apple iPad will launch alongside the reveal of iPhone 5. Word is even the iPhone will get a revamped version of the popular application. Last week’s Facebook F8 event saw no iPad app shown at all, dashing the hopes of many. Separetely, more »


How my iPad landed me a job

Ask anyone who’s been looking for work recently, it’s a jungle out there. After being laid off by a US manufacturer, I began my job search and found quickly I was not alone. My headhunter finished every call with, “there’s a lot of good people out there without jobs.” What was my secret weapon? The more »


Another look: Grandpa stole your iPhone 5?

This week, HTC vice-frontman of product management Martin Fichter says if you like the iPhone, you’re probably in Depends or worried about Social Security cutbacks. In essence, the iPhone appeals only to the older generation now, not the young, hip kids and their darn loud music. I thought this comment was worth another look. Our more »


Gadgetell review: $19 AT&T Android Pantech Crossover

Meet the Pantech Crossover, designed as an entry level smartphone for the younger generation. The Crossover runs Android and is a full-fledged smartphone. I’ve been using the smartphone for a week and have come up with some surprising results that I’ll share with you. Design The Crossover has a rather clever design with flattened corners more »

Stuff we love: Dosh Magic Wallet is slim/minimalist with style

You might remember a review we did a while back on Dosh Wallet. We loved their last effort and now the company is back with what looks like another hit: the Magic Wallet. The new wallet combines what we love about Dosh with a good dose of minimalism. Dosh, an Aussie company, makes their wallets more »