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Windows 7 is the “biggest pre-order of all time” at Amazon

Amazon states the the latest Windows offering has beaten absolutely any product they have ever had for pre-order in the UK. Better come up with a new trick Harry Potter, because even you have lost the king of pre-order title and crown. Amazon has sold more copies of Windows 7 in the first eight hours more »


The “Onyx” BlackBerry Bold 9700 officially announced

We’ve been telling you it was coming, and now it’s all official. The latest RIM device is the BlackBerry Bold 9700, or the “Onyx.” It has been officially announced, and is coming to AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Bell, Rogers and more. So to go through the recap of what it brings you — some pretty nifty more »


Rootkits on Sony/Beuna Vista rental DVDs

Although so many people get movies streamed right to them a host of different ways, occasionally, some do still venture forth into that old brick and mortar building called a video store. So, there you are, it’s a Friday night and you go to your local Blockbuster, grab a movie, dreams of relaxing with some more »

Google’s Street View: On your trike, get set, go!

Everyone and their brother has heard of Google’s Street View program, I am sure. It allows you to virtually tour all kinds of places as seen from the street. But now, according to a post on Google’s official blog site, they have expanded where they can virtually take you to visit. Their latest development, Street more »

5 spooky gadgets: Are they a trick or a treat?


The leaves are changing colors. Football has become a weekend staple. Pumpkins are seemingly everywhere. It is that time of year again, fall is upon us and with that comes the chance to have some frightening fun. You see offers of great scary gadgets all over the place, but which ones are a treat, and which are just a trick to have you shell out your hard-earned cash? Here you will find a list of five spooktacular gadgets designed to give you the shivers.

Toshiba announces the latest offering in the Dynadock family

Toshiba isn’t the new kid on the block when it comes to universal docking stations. They’ve had several earlier versions out, to mostly favorable user reviews, and were rated the top online seller May-August of this year.* Now, they’ve announced their latest tech brainchild, the newest dynadock wireless U universal docking station. So, what does more »


Wi-Fi Direct is gearing up to give Bluetooth a major run for its money

Rumors of the coming Wi-Fi Direct are out and I’m sure it’s got the Bluetooth makers shaking in their boots. With Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth may no longer be top dog. Just announced at a consortium, some of the biggest players in the tech field are coming together to form an alliance to bring Wi-Fi connectivity more »


Walmart wants to give it to you straight, introduces their new Straight Talk cell phone plan.


With the economy the way it is today, more and more people are looking around for ways to pinch pennies and save a buck. Carpooling, being sure to turn off all the lights, and less needless spending are becoming much more of the norm. One big area that many are looking at to try to cut down on is on their cell phone bill. More people are abandoning the high costs of a “regular” cell phone plan that racks them anywhere from an average of $78 and up a month*, and turning to a pay-as-you-go or no contract cell plan. With this in mind, enter Walmart’s latest way to try to offer up the goofy big yellow smiley face to their customers.

“Family Guy” goes wild for Windows – at least for a night

You’d have to be blind not to see Microsoft trying to shove Windows 7 into the living rooms of America through TV commercials. The most recent — the gaggy sweet little girl making rainbow and flower pages though, is in my opinion, not their best effort. But, that effort is now veering in a new more »

MySpace coming out with their own email


Starting tomorrow, MySpace plans to start use of its own webmail. They already have IM and a messaging service when you are actually logged into the site, but now users will have their own email address ending in “” I can see younger demographics, and artists/bands really liking the new concept, as it will give them an email that also links people right to their MySpace page.


So you think you can text while driving? A new game tests your abilities

So you think you can text while driving?

We see people doing it all the time. Texting or talking on the phone while driving in their car. The reality is, this is a very dangerous combination. The New York Times put together a game having you test out that combo. When you play the game, you have to quickly navigate in between six toll booths by using your number keys, while at the same time occasionally responding to text messages.

Amazon hits the delete button on books on their Kindle

1984Oh, Amazon. What in the world is going on in the Kindle-world as of late? First you are being the target of a class action lawsuit due to your “protective case” cracking it, and now this?

It seems that Amazon caved to the pressure of a publisher, who decided that they no longer wanted their books available electronically. So, what does Amazon do? They remove them from their store, and remotely deletes them from the Kindles of anyone who had already bought a copy. Thousands of customers already plunked down their money, legitimately paid for the e-books, and poof they are gone. But, on the plus side, Amazon did credit their account back.