Trophy Case is a Visually-Driven Mobile Resource for Outdoor Enthusiasts

ParksByNature Network, LLC has just introduced their new Pocket Ranger Trophy Case app, which seamlessly integrates time-old traditions of sharing outdoor knowledge with friends and family. Upon testing it out, you’ll quickly see how this app really brings life to the whole Pocket Ranger line of products. Overall, Trophy Case is very easy to use more »

Yelp’s Wordmap has Potential but Could Use Some Upgraded Vocabulary

Yelp’s new App and Website addition of the Wordmap allows users to pinpoint areas of either interest or aversion. For example, you’re looking for a new place to get a delicious plate of ‘dim sum’? Trying to avoid the ‘tourist’ crowd? Looking to get into a brawl with some ‘frat’ boys? Yelp has got you more »

Pocket Ranger is a Social, Mobile Resource for Naturists, Hikers and National Park Enthusiasts

Pocket Ranger is launching mobile app guide for the U.S. state parks system. With over twenty states (and counting) you can be sure that there will be one out for your state very soon. Pocket Ranger’s website explains that, “the app lets you explore the outdoors like never before!” This comes into full light when more »


Nook: Shelved by Barnes & Noble

Late last week Barnes & Noble, Inc announced that it will no longer be producing most of the NOOK line of tablets on their own, bowing out of competition with Apple, Google, and for the battle of the e-book reader. Less that favorable annual earnings topped the list of reasons why the company will more »