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Blue’s Mo-Fi headphones feature built-in “audiophile” amplifier

There’s a new headphone brand in town, and this one comes from a company with a rich history in studio microphone technology and design. Not surprisingly, its focus is on audio quality, but with a refreshing, healthy nod to design as well. That company, Blue, today introduced Mo-Fi, which it claims features the world’s first built-in “audiophile” amplifier in a pair of headphones.

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt launches at US Open, merges biometrics with fashion

Fashion icon Ralph Lauren is banking on the old maxim that to look good is to feel good. Today it announced that it is bringing fashion and biometrics together into a new piece of apparel called the Polo Tech Shirt.

OtterBox introduces Alpha Glass, its “toughest screen protector yet”

Screen protectors can be awesome and maddening at the same time. Protection for your delicate smartphone screen from scratches and other hazards is great. But how they get all bubbly? Not so great. OtterBox thinks it’s got the answering to that maddening part with its new Alpha Glass line of screen protectors for iPhone 5/5s/5c and Samsung Galaxy S5.

ChargeSpot enables businesses to offer wireless charging for both Qi and PMA devices

The technology industry loves format wars, so it’s no surprise that there’s another one going on in the emerging and very exciting field of wireless device charging. That’s where the heroes come in — the companies that develop products that support both battling standards before one of them prevails.

SmartWallet is exactly what it sounds like, and it hopes to be filled with sweet, sweet Kickstarter cash

It seems like every object is getting smarter these days, so why not your wallet?

SpinPadGrip rotating stand handle for tablets seeks Kickstarter funding

A company called PowerSkin, which already makes protective cases, now promises to put a literal new spin on tablet stands. Come September 1, it’s going to be seeking Kickstarter crowdfunders to come along for the ride.


Sharp’s new phone barely has a bezel. Is that a good thing?

It’s a widely accepted point of view that bezels are unsightly, unnecessary and a plain old bummer. But are they really that bad?

Second MakerBot-Ready App enables you to 3D-print personalized iPhone cases

3D printer manufacturer MakerBot today announced that the second MakerBot-Ready App is now available. The app, developed by Fraemes, enables users to 3D-print as many personalized iPhone cases as they want with no design experience necessary.

Seek Thermal readies thermal camera for consumers

Thermal (also known as infrared) cameras, long used for professional, law enforcement and military applications, measure the heat that objects and people radiate and turns it into a visual image. Essentially, it enables you to “see” things that you can’t necessarily with the naked eye.

Jamstik, a portable digital guitar for use with Apple devices, now available

Zivix today announced that its jamstik, a portable digital instrument which it hails as “The Guitar For Your iPad, iPhone and Mac,” is now available.

Skooba debuts military-grade laptop and tablet bags

Skooba Design introduced its new, American-made Type S-4 laptop and tablet bags, featuring “tactical/military-inspired styling and authentic ‘Mil Spec’ materials and parts.”

TYLT includes both micro-USB and Lightning connectors in one product

Carrying an Apple device and a non-Apple device around? TYLT has a portable power solution for you.