With more than eight years of networking and sales experience, Juli is a networking and business coach with 1 to 1 Discovery where she helps small business owners grow their business through effective networking and word of mouth marketing. Juli’s approach to life and business revolves around building relationships, both in person and online. She uses Twitter, Facebook and other online platforms to maintain the relationships she makes in-person and to find new friends she’s yet to meet “in real life.” She is excited to have published a book entitled, The Enthusiastic Networker (available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble), which helps readers find their unique networking presence and voice. When she’s not networking, Juli authors The Warlock Case Files, an urban fantasy series with a warlock who fights supernatural threats in Washington, D.C. with the aid his vampire ally.


Using a stylus with iOS and Android

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B004GCJEZU” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”160″]I use both an iPad and a Nexus 7, and I’ve grown quite fond of my stylus, especially on my Nexus 7. However, I’ve noticed that the two devices don’t accomodate a stylus in the same way, and I thought I’d share my observations and see if any other more »


Docking station: Charge 6 devices at one with ALL-DOCK

If your household is like ours, you probably have several smartphones, tablets or other portable devices needing charging. Our bedside tables are a mess, with mine being the worst. I’ve had as many as four devices all charging at the same time. So what if a single docking station could fix all that? Check out more »

Battery saving tips for iOS 7

Most readers of this site are probably power users, and you’re familiar with the ins and outs of settings to keep your battery running all day. I tend to take my knowledge for granted until I run into a client who isn’t as tech savvy as I am.

Beware of Facebook Videos and Mobile Bandwidth

You know how videos have started automatically playing in your browser when you’re on Facebook? Well, beware when you’re checking Facebook on your mobile device because you might be using cellular data to play those videos.

GadgeTell Review: Ayra Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for a bluetooth speaker that really does fit in your pocket? With good sound, easy pairing and good battery life? Look no further, the Ayra Bluetooth speaker might be the one you want.

Lose It App Review: Great For Post-Holiday Weight Loss

Many people pack on the pounds this time of year, and a common New Year’s resolution is “to lose weight.” Easy to say but so hard to actually accomplish. There are lots of weight loss apps out there, but the one I use and like is Lose It!. It’s easy to enter information, and keeping more »

Must-Have Tablet Apps: Filling Up Your New Device

Were you one of the lucky people to receive a new tablet for the holidays? Once you’ve got it all set up and running, it’s time to get some apps. But there are so many. Which ones should you get first? Here’s my list of must-have tablet apps for your new device. Evernote (iOS) (Android) more »

Auto App Updates Are Great. Until They Aren’t.

I love auto app updates. They’re one of my favorite features in Android, and when iOS 7 added them, I was thrilled. I hated the badge count on my App Store app, and now I never see it. However, until I went away last weekend, I never thought about the downsides. We were staying at more »


Star Trek SickBay Bed! Well, Not Quite, But Close

In the weeks prior to the mHealth 2013 Summit, I received numerous press releases and offers to stop by vendor booths and interview people. Since GadgeTell has a consumer electronic focus, I ignored most of them, but this one did get my attention.

MedSignals Smart Pill Box: For Good Medication Management

One of the cool things I saw in the vendor area at the mHealth 2013 Summit was the MedSignals Smart Pill Box by VitalSignals.

Gamification in Healthcare: Better Choices and Improved Health?

This was the seminar I’d been most looking forward to at the mHealth 2013 Summit, and it disappointed. I’m not sure how you make a panel on games boring, but they managed. That said, there was still good information presented.

Health Wearables: Do They Work? Answers from mHealth 2013 Summit

The first seminar I attended at the mHealth 2013 Summit discussed consumer wearables and their effect on health. According to the panelists, the results are mixed.