With more than eight years of networking and sales experience, Juli is a networking and business coach with 1 to 1 Discovery where she helps small business owners grow their business through effective networking and word of mouth marketing. Juli’s approach to life and business revolves around building relationships, both in person and online. She uses Twitter, Facebook and other online platforms to maintain the relationships she makes in-person and to find new friends she’s yet to meet “in real life.” She is excited to have published a book entitled, The Enthusiastic Networker (available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble), which helps readers find their unique networking presence and voice. When she’s not networking, Juli authors The Warlock Case Files, an urban fantasy series with a warlock who fights supernatural threats in Washington, D.C. with the aid his vampire ally.

mHealth 2013 Summit Technology Observations

I spent Monday and Tuesday this week covering the mHealth 2013 Summit in the DC Metro area. The summit covered technology and health care, both in developing and developed countries. Technology, both hardware and apps, were a major element of the conference, and I kept my eyes open for some interesting consumer-focused products and sessions.

Using An Inexpensive Android Phone as an iPod Touch Alternative

On our sister site, TeleRead, Chris Meadows has long lamented the lack of an iPod Touch alternative on Android. He’d speculated earlier this year that a cheap Android phone might be the way to go, and recently he took the plunge and bought one. He also got rid of his iPad and is now a straight Android user.

GadgeTell Review: M-Edge Incline Case for the Google Nexus 7

I went on the hunt last weekend for a new case for my Nexus 7. Although generally I prefer cases that don’t cover the bezel, I find that the tiny rim on the first generation Nexus 7 presses into my thumb and is uncomfortable for long reading sessions. So time to find a new case, and the [easyazon-link asin=”B00ATX05LM” locale=”us”]M-Edge Incline Case for the Google Nexus 7[/easyazon-link] is just about perfect.

Gadgets On TV Shows. Prescient or Silly?

Chris Meadows over at TeleRead has a fun look at TV gadgets from a couple of sci-fi shows, and he talks about how they work, from a story perspective.

GadgeTell Review: Google Analytics App

Google is making it more interesting for those of us with multiple Google sign-ins. I manage a couple of sites for clients, which means I need multiple log ins to check analytics on the sites. Frankly, it’s a pain to do it from my computer and log out and log in to check each site. I was delighted recently to stumble across the Google Analytics app.

Android 4.4 Kit Kat First Impressions: As a Tablet User, I’m Underwhelmed

I was excited to hear about an upgraded OS for Android. Since I been using a Nook HD (running Ice Cream Sandwich) and a Nexus 7 (running Jelly Bean), I’ve seen a huge difference between the two versions. I was kind of expecting something similar with Android 4.4 Kit Kat. (And the name is great–one of my favorite candy bars!) But so far, as a tablet user, I’m not impressed.

How to Find Stored iCloud Keychain Passwords On the iPad or iPhone

I had to research this recently because nope, Apple doesn’t make it obvious how to find your iCloud Keychain passwords. I looked first for an option in Safari. Wrong. Turns out it’s in Settings. One thing I prefer about Android is that settings are usually in the app, not in a whole ‘nother location.

The Geek-Approved Geek Gift Giving Guide

Chances are if you’re here at Technology Tell, you’ve got a geek in your life. Undoubtedly they have ideas of what they like and don’t, and if you aren’t a geek it can be tough to figure out what to get them. This guide is for you. Since I’d happily accept anything on this list (I’m a card-carrying geek), you can be sure to find a winner.

Cool Idea: Decibullz Moldable Earbuds

I’m sure all of you have experienced earbuds that just don’t quite fit right. I notice it when I’m walking; the left one is fine, but I’m constantly adjusting the right one. Well, I stumbled across some cool earbuds that just might fix the problem. Decibullz earphones have a mold made of a nontoxic biodegradable more »

Goophone: A True Smartwatch?

I gave up wearing a watch years ago when I figured out that my iPhone was a decent stand in and didn’t get in my way while typing. So I’ve been watching all the coverage of smart watches with a somewhat skeptical eye. The Samsung watch was, in my opinion, a big yawn since I don’t own a phone it will work with. Naturally, I’m waiting to see if Apple will pull one out of their hat, but while we wait, I ran across the Goophone in an article on Android Community.

Netflix and YouTube Broadband Usage Up; P2P, Amazon and Hulu Not Keeping Pace

For those of you who are into statistics about broadband usage, pay attention. For those who aren’t interested in statistics, pay attention anyway. There’s some good data to be discussed. Twice a year, Sandvine publishes a report on Internet usage during peak usage times, and you can glean some insight into how people use broadband data more »

Apple to Start In-Store iPhone 5s and 5c Screen and Battery Replacements

There are few things sadder than a cracked iPhone screen. The spiderweb just looks bad, and it makes the phone so much less usable. Until recently, your options were to get a refurbished replacement (and go through the hassle of restoring your phone) or to try one of those mall kiosk things, which always look more »