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Are Verizon sales people detering people from buying iPhone too?

The latest report of Apple iPhone bashing comes from Jeff Stern, a college student who overheard weird sales pitches while playing with a Samsung Galaxy SIII at a Verizon store. In his blog post he points out the way Verizon store sales reps try to sell phones to people, but what really stood out was more »

Phil Schiller reveals amazing stats about iPhone sales during Samsung trial

Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of marketing, made an astoundishing statement about the historical sales of iPhone. He declared that every new model if iPhone sells more than any other model of iPhone combined. Let’s put that into perspective: Apple has sold more iPhone 4S than iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G and original, combined. Schiller made more »

Sony Xperia SL images leak

Images for Sony’s latest Android phone, the Xperia SL have leaked, showing its bold design and rectangular shape, which kind of makes it look like an old-school Sony TV remote. Sony is taking a stab at the Samsung Galaxy SIII, with its high-end components and special detail to design. Specs are as follows: The smartphone, more »

The new will not scan your emails to display ads

Along with Hotmail’s new interface, the snazzy-looking, Microsoft has changed another important aspect of how you get your webmail: they pledge to not scan your emails to show relevant ads. This perhaps comes after Google received some backlash because Gmail does autonomously scan email content to display relevant ads. We’ve all seen it. You more »

New Facebook stats: 83 million fake users

Facebook, the social networking giant, released the latest breakdown of what they consider to be fake users at thefirst quarterly earnings report as a public company. This is the numbers breakdown: 4.8% duplicate accounts 2.4% user-misclassified 1.5% undesirable accounts Total: 8.7% or about 83 million fake users Under Facebook’s terms and conditions, people aren’t allowed more »

Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD images leaked

New images of Motorola’s upcoming flagship phone have been leaked, the Droid RAZR MAXX HD, which is the updated version of the Droid RAZR MAXX, which was the upgraded version of the Droid RAZR, which keeps the ridiculous Android naming convention. The images confirm that the device is running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich, but more »

Rumor: AT&T discouraging customers from buying iPhones: get an Android or Windows Mobile Phone instead

The Boy Genius Report has learned from three different sources that AT&T store employees have been instructed to discourse customers from buying iPhones and directing them towards Android and Windows Mobile Phones. This comes after reports that AT&T has seen new phone activation haven’t been as strong as they hoped. They are also reporting that more »

Google Wallet becomes more useful

Google Wallet, the search giant’s answer to online and offline payments via NFC-enabled Android phones, has added a very convenient feature that enables users to pay with any credit card using any of the 7 NFC Android devices, including the new Nexus 7 tablet. All you have to do is add the credit card on more »

Digg launches new iPhone and iPod touch app

Digg, the recently redesigned and reimagined social news aggregator, has launched a new version of their mobile app for iPhone and iPod Touch (they recommend using the website if you’re on an iPad) to go along with their new redesign. The new app (available at the App Store here) has the same look and feel more » announces tight Gmail, Dropbox & Google Drive integration

Are email attachments capped at 10MB bumming you out? Well, there’s no need for fear, is here! The San Francisco-based startup has introduced a new way of handling email attachments within Gmail that allows users to utilize the storage in their Dropbox of Google Drive account to send massive files, up to 100 MB more »

Spotify sees massive growth – 15 million users & 4 million paid

Spotify, the recently-launched in the US music streaming services, has announced their official numbers at a creative content conference in London, and those numbers are quite impressive: 15 million active users, 4 million of those are paying subscribers. Last September they has 2 million paying customers, so they’ve effectively doubled their paying client base in more »

The new Digg launches ahead of schedule

After rebooting the Digg brand and a caffeine-fueled 6-week drive, the team at has launched the new Digg, or Digg v1, today instead of tomorrow, ahead of schedule. The original social news aggregator has been rebuilt from the ground up and is now cleaner and uses images more prominently. They have also re-written the more »