Grocery carts and video screens: Reading the minds of shoppers


The new Microsoft shopping cart promises turn your next mundane shopping trip into an adventure! Four years in the making, collaborating with Texas-based MediaCart Holdings Inc, Bill Gates has launched a grocery cart-mounted console that does everything but remove money from wallets to pay for items! It helps shoppers find products, then scan and pay for them without having to wait in line at the checkout counter (a blessing in itself).

But Bill Gates is not completely altruistic. (Indeed, no mogul ever really is.) Microsoft’s acquisition of Quantive, an online advertising company, last year for $6 billion increased the company’s capacity to serve video ads onto these grocery cart screens. MediaCart will begin testing in the second half of 2008, focusing on Wakefern Food Corporation’s ShopRite supermarkets on the East Coast. The way it will work is customers with a ShopRite loyalty card will be able to log into a Web site at home and type in their grocery lists. The list will appear, like magic, when they get to the store and swipe their card on the MediaCart console. As items are scanned and placed in the cart, the console gives a running price tally and checks items off the list.


Microsoft Patents ‘SPY’ Software: Turn around and beware!

Are you proud of everything on your office computer? Are those items you might not be so eager to display really hidden from the view and scrutiny of others? Alas, for the answer is now unequivocally “no.” Your office PC, thanks to Microsoft’s new Big Brother-style software, may now be considered a weapon loaded with ammunition!

This new software is a lazy, ineffectual office worker’s nightmare, for it is capable of remotely monitoring a worker’s productivity, physical well being and competence. This monitoring system would enable computers to wirelessly pick up on a user’s heart rate, galvanic skin response, brain signals, body temperature, facial movements and expressions, blood pressure, and respiration rate. Previously, this technology was only the headache of pilots, fire fighters and NASA astronauts. This patent from Microsoft marks the very first time a company has proposed such a software for use in mainstream offices.

Sanyo S1 Palmtop: Simplicity is the word

Perhaps one of the simplest mobile phones to show its sleek, proud face at the Consumer Electronics Show is the Sanyo S1 Palmtop. It can hold its own even in the face of the amazing and dazzling strides made in the world of wireless technology. The Sanyo S1 Palmtop is for those among us who more »


The sleek, sweet looking Mythos SSA50 Sound Bar


To be at the movies and yet also in your pajamas and bunny slippers is the ultimate hi-tech entertainment experience for movie buffs everywhere. Home theater surround sound, however, can be cumbersome to wire and hang. The way around that is to single-enclose sound bars for mounting under flat panel TV screens. Proud as a peacock to be among the first, Definitive Technology displayed its best at CES, the Mythos SSA50, which is slated to go on sale next month.

The FlipSilent for Symbian phones: When talking isn’t on your mind


Have you ever dropped something or committed some other social faux pas while searching for your cell phone in order to turn the damn ringer off? Well, drop no more when incoming calls arrive, as so has help in the form of FlipSilent, a small software that helps you “use your phone naturally.”

FlipSilent utilizes accelerometer technology, which is the very same that is used to re-orient phone and camera displays horizontally or vertically. FlipSilent transforms the process of quieting an incoming call to an action as simple as flipping the phone from its back to its face (assuming of course, that you know where your phone is to flip, a malady that sometimes befalls a small segment of our population).


The CSN-7040, CIN-7000: Portable Navigation Devices with tactile feedback


Korea seems to be the launching pad for innovation when it comes to new technology and the world of portable navigational devices (PND’s) is currently madly spinning. Computer Telephone Technology (CTT-Net) is now ready to launch its two newest PND’s to a waiting world.

The CSN-7040 is the very first portable navigation device to incorporate Immersion’s TouchSense system, which enables tactile feedback on touch-screens. The CIN-7000 is a built-in car navigation system that also uses the TouchSense technology and improves general safety by reducing the “glance-time” while driving. Both navigation units have a 7-inch touch screen and a DMB receiver for satellite downloads.

Mobile Fun: Celebrity autographs for your phone


Is there some celebrity you secretly (or evenly openly) admire and whose autograph you would absolutely love to have? Well, if there is, chances are your quest is over, unless of course you seeking the signatures of Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan, or others who are not only dead but unavailable in the truest sense of the word.

Thanks to Mobile Fun, a popular mobile accessory and content provider, autograph collectors now have an easier way to collect their favorites. Of course, like everything else it life, there is a price tag; namely, $10 each to get their autographs directly onto your phone in the form of a wallpaper. Some notables include: literary great, Charles Dickens and megalomaniac lunatics and mass murderers Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler. (There is truly no accounting for the tastes of some.)


The Ajoka Buckle Cam: Spyware With A Smile

Buckle Cam James Bond had Q to make all his spy gear function and fashionable. It seems one company has figured out the functional part. Meet the Ajoka Buckle Cam, which slips around your waist and transforms itself from a mundane belt holding up your pants into a full color, sound-enabled digital video recording device (DVR).

While the fashion police would probably arrest you on the spot, no one else will


The Night Scope Illuminator: now you see it

For the hunter and/or assassin (or both) on your gift list, you might want to consider the very cool Night Scope Illuminator from Xenonics. This company is known exclusively for the development and production of advanced, lightweight and ultra-high intensity illumination products that serve the military, law enforcement, public safety and private sectors.

Their new SuperVision Illuminator was specifically designed for commercial and military applications. It makes it impossible to miss an unsuspecting prey in the dark (even if the stalker is a terrible shot).

This infrared illumination device, when used in conjunction with

The Gundam Giant Robot: Yours For A Mere $725 Million

If you have money to burn, you might be interested in purchasing this project, which is sure to excite and whelm all who behold it size and/or shadow (as Mel Brooks used to say). The larger-than-life Gundam robot is expected to stand 60 feet tall and the unbelievable price tag doesn’t even include the cost of labor or the necessary infrastructure!

You can forget about flying this technological wonder or even taking it for a ride. The most you can hope for is a simple promenade with your new 43-ton robot. And even that could present problems, as a simple walk is sure to result in the destruction of


Venture Xtreme: The First Outdoor Artificial Surfing Machine

It would seem that the search for thrills, cheap and otherwise, knows no bounds. The world of extreme sports, also known as adventure sports or lifestyle sports, is growing at an incredible rate of speed. In this sports arena, Europe has exceeded America, as 2011 becomes the promised time when London will partake in the world’s first artificial outdoor surfing experience (in between tea, crumpets and various other proper English activities).

The Power Air ZPac 40: One Mighty Power Pack Indeed!

The Consumer Electronics Show has been the launching board for many new products. Amoung them this year is this amazing recharger, the ZPAC 40 Zinc Air Powerpack, which represents the first commercial product from the Power Air Corporation. This lightweight, compact, recyclable “CellPac” that easily fits inside a shirt pocket provides the equivalent energy to 40 AA alkaline batteries. For those who may not know, this is enough to recharge a mobile phone more than ten times!

The ZPAC 40, which can be used anywhere and anytime, is guaranteed to provide safe, personal portable power without need of an electrical outlet. It provides extra runtime for travel, emergency, remote and recharging power applications by supplying