Kitchen concept uses “electric tongue”

Sometimes you’ve got to wait for technology to catch up to your imagination. Let’s look into the future and see what could be if designer Adam Brodowski has his way. This device is for those who want to cook, but still want to stay connected to social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace. This is the concept device known as the “Sook,” which I can only assume is some word blend of “social” and “cook”.

With the Sook, Brodowski dreams of creating a social networking site where users can share recipes in their kitchen with Wi-Fi technology. As you can see, the user can put his or her food on the Sook, and it doesn’t seem to affect its performance at all.


RCA Lyra Slider, Small Wonder, Infinite Radio

RCA Products
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RCA introduced three new devices last week. One of them is the a Portable Media Player called the Lyra Slider, the other is the Small Wonder EZ300HD camcorder, and the last is the Wi-Fi capable Infinite Radio.

The Lyra Slider, which sounds like a Tomb Raider character, is a black and chrome Portable Media Player that resembles a slider phone. Not only can it do the usual video and audio files, but is set up for FM radio and voice recording. It will come in 4GB and 8GB.

Check out the rest of RCA’s offerings after the break.

MRAM from Micromem is a whole new kind of sensor

Micromem challenges Magneto as master of magnetismA company called Micromem is trying to develop some new kind of sensors that are based on something we are all familiar with: magnetics.

This technology, also known as Magnetic Random Access Memory, or MRAM, is planned to revolutionize sensor technology. MRAM allows the user to see anything’s unique magnetic signature, very similar to the technology used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of most hospitals.

Micromem believes that there are many applications of this new technology, such as biometrics, with an ability to see beyond fingerprinting. Additional uses include medical devices including sensors for blood sugar levels, as well as some new applications for defense and security.


Samsung S3 Slim proves that timing is nothing

Samsung S3

Our friends from Appletell, our sister site, reported last week about the big announcement Jobs made about the revamped iPod nano. These new nanos are available in a rainbow of colors in an 8GB and 16GB version, plus a few other new features.

It appears that Samsung is using a similar strategy with the launch of the S3 Slim. As you can see from the above photo, it also comes in a rainbow of colors. The memory on these S3s is not as big as the nano, as it comes in 4GB and 8GB versions. The Samsung S3 does have OGG support, folder navigation options, as well as a nine-band user EQ.

SynergyNet Multi-touch desk can change classrooms, forever

SynergyNet multi-touch desk
Every once in a while, some new piece of technology comes out that changes education forever. Just think about how much computers are used in classrooms today. An organization known as SynergyNet has developed “an interactive multi-touch desk that looks and acts like a large version of an Apple iPhone”. Check out the video that can be viewed after the jump.


Audio Bone 1.0 uses bone conduction technology for awesome sound

Audio Bone 1.0
Previously, on Gadgetell…we covered a story about an exhibit on Bruhl’s Terrace that used bone conduction technology. All a visitor has to do is rest his or her elbows on a metal rail and cover his or her ears.

It appears that a company known as GameChanger has finally tapped into this technology with the Audio Bone 1.0 headphones. These headphones can somehow bypass the eardrum and deliver sound straight into your brain.

Vuzix iWear AV310 first 16:9 widescreen portable video viewer

Vuzix iWear AV310
According to Vuzix, their most recent HMD (Head-Mounted Display), the AV310, is the first 16:9 widescreen portable video viewer. The AV310 is equipped for use with NTSC and PAL, and it is able to connect with many portable video devices, including video playing iPods.

The company has stated that the video viewing experience is like watching a 52 inch screen from 9 feet away. Still, I’m not certain whether the AV310 be a hit, and it has nothing to do with the $250 price tag.


Kodak rolls out the first OLED Wireless Digital Picture Frame

Kodak OLED display
Digital picture frames have been sweeping the market, and so is OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology. I suppose it was just an obvious to mix the two, and Kodak is the first as the company just unveiled the wireless OLED digital picture frame.

As you can see, the OLED screen is quite thin. I don’t have measurement of its thickness (or thinness), but considering the OLED from Sony debuted at CES at 0.3mm, then this one from Kodak is probably millimeters thin.

More info on the Kodak OLED frame after the break.


3M MPro110 Handheld Projector coming very soon

3M Mpro110
We at Gadgetell have covered 3M’s Projector for the cellular phone at the beginning of the year, and it appears that 3M has already gone into production and is planning to release the MPro110 sooner rather than later.

The MPro110 would be the first projector marketed exclusively for cellular phone usage. The projector itself is an LED lamp that is able to project a 640 x 480 image with a 50-inch diagonal on any appropriate blank wall.

More details about he handheld projector after the break.

Nokia tries to patent writing on the back of digital pictures

Nokia new patent
Nokia has filed a patent that will allow a user to digitally write on the back of digital photos. The patent allows a user to “flip” your picture over and label it. This label can be written on a keypad, or, if your camera device has some sort of stylus, you can write on them just like a photo print.

This patent has just been filed, so it is not known when it will be approved. Something tells me that cell phone giant Nokia will probably find a way to get this program into the hands of the consumer and into one of its cell phones as soon as possible. Once it does work, it will probably look something like a photo-viewer on the iPod.


Toshiba launches the Satellite NB105 netbook, but only in Mexico

The netbook market is growing every day, and another competitor in the race is the Satellite NB105 from Toshiba Mexico. The NB105 features consist of a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor along with 1GB RAM and a 120GB hard drive. In addition it has Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity for all those who want to take the more »

Eizo C T-One is both a mouse and remote control

Eizo C T-One

I think all of us have used our laptops while in front of the television, and so we use two controllers: a mouse and a remote control. Now, there is a way to have two controllers on one device.

The Eizo C T-One is a wireless mouse that comes with nine TV remote control functions including power, channel up/down, volume up/down, broadcast switching, input switching, and even picture-in-picture. This mouse/controller has a range of about 10 meters, and operates on the 2.4GHz wireless band. The C T-one is powered by two AA batteries, and it will power down after 30 minutes in order to conserve power. These two batteries will last about three months.