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TechnologyTell Sweepstakes: Win Paradigm’s $800 SHIFT Series Soundtrack System! (CONTEST CLOSED)

THE LUCKY WINNER OF OUR CONTEST IS ROB FORTUNO! Will you be the lucky person to win Paradigm’s $800 SHIFT Series Soundtrack System for FREE? You won’t know unless you enter! Want awesome TV sound but don’t have an AV receiver and connected speakers on hand? The Paradigm SHIFT Series Soundtrack System will come to your rescue. It combines more »

Google Rolls Out Wireless Charging Pad for Nexus 5 and 7

Google and their Nexus family are no stranger to the world of conduction battery charging. We’ve seen it in use with the hockey puck-shaped charging/dock unit for Nexus 4 but now, with the introduction of Nexus 5, we’re seeing a new square design. The charging dock, expected to be up on Google Play Store before more »

Monster Expands DNA Headphone Line with DNA Pro, Battery-Free Pure Monster Sound

Not a company to do anything in a small way, Monster Products announced on Friday an addition to their studio-ready DNA headphones line, by means of their DNA Pro. Boasting noise isolation technology atop the celebrated Pure Monster Sound, the on-ear DNA Pro headset is offering forward-thinking audio quality at a price point that isn’t more »

Google Glass Official Accessories Shop Hits the Web

Last week, Google announced a cool update in their Glass Explorers program. Well, it’s a pretty sweet deal if you’re one of the lucky [easyazon-link asin=”B00DI6WTHA” locale=”us”]Glass Explorers[/easyazon-link], or rather, a lucky friend to one of the Explorers; As now, each Glass Explorer may each invite three friends to purchase the next-gen wearable. With the more »

Discussion: Legendary Airport Run-In with Steve Wozniak and DMX (Video)

Hey guys, remember that time when east-coast hip-hop heavyweight, [easyazon-link asin=”B000006O62″ locale=”us”]DMX[/easyazon-link], hung out with Steve Jobs’ righthand man, [easyazon-link asin=”B0074703CM” locale=”us”]Steve Wozniak[/easyazon-link]? Shot by the TMZ staff, in what they’re calling the most “awkward intro ever,” the Apple co-founder seems quite pleased to meet the recording artist, and vice versa. I wouldn’t say it’s the more »

Leaked: Nexus 5 Out of the Box? (Image)

Keeping the Nexus 5 smartphone top-secret hasn’t exactly been the highest priority for Google. In recent weeks, we’ve seen leaked images, spec sheets and even a mistaken listing for the device in the Play Store (which was quickly taken down.) Still with no official release date set in stone, another image of the purported handset more »

Motorola is Working with Phonebloks to Make Smartphones Modular

We’ve discussed Phonebloks before — an interesting campaign, presenting a new solution to the planned obsolescence of mobile phones. In terms of circulating around the web, its been successful, raising awareness of the idea that users should have an option to purchase and keep modular phones, which could be upgraded to better hardware as quickly more »

Discussion: Social Media Vs. Real Life (Video)

So I may have been a little late to this one but I couldn’t let it slip by. Over this weekend, I spotted this video while cruising the epitome of ‘practical time spent wasted on the internet practically,’ BuzzFeed, and I got a real chuckle. Face-to-face conversation, the way it changes in society overtime and more »

In Touch Accuracy Test, Galaxy S3 Trumps iPhone 5S, 5C

Being an intelligent customer has never been more important in society. In this modern world, new products, namely in the tech industry, seem to appear on a daily basis. Companies use marketing practices to entice customers to remain on top of the wave, so to speak. But ‘newer’ doesn’t always translate to ‘better.’ A new more »

Curvy 6-Inch LG G Flex Smartphone Made Official

When it comes to the new generation of smartphone designs, we’ve been ‘in the know’ about curved devices for some time now. Perhaps a step closer to flexible handsets, LG and Samsung have recently both announced their own initial curved smartphones: the G Flex and Galaxy Round, respectively. And it appears that LG may be more »

10 Super-Cute Kickstarter Items That’ll Make Your Heart Smile

Kickstarter is one of my favorite things. For more on that, please refer to my previous product round-up. Anywho, this one is filled to the brim with some recent Kickstarter finds that had me all like “Aw, you know what — that’s pretty damn cute.” I’m comfortable saying that. I think you will be too. more »

Instagram is Getting Ads, Here’s What They’ll Look Like

Well, we knew they were coming for some time now. Instagram will soon work ads into their network, appearing in the feeds of users. In order to keep IG fans informed (perhaps a precautionary move after the backlash they received concerning [easyazon-link asin=”B00ES2DMT2″ locale=”us”]Instagram[/easyazon-link]’s terms of service earlier this year,) on Friday the company posted more »