Firefox 3 finished by June, Mozilla

For all you Firefox users out there, Mozilla has just confirmed in an interview with CNET that Firefox 3 will be finalized by June. The latest betas of version 3 have been getting great reviews across the board, especially by Mac users who love the faster load speeds compared to version 2. “We’re in a more »

Best Buy confirms $399, 40GB PS3

Engadget got their hands on a screenshot from a helpful tipster, presumably a Best Buy employee. The shot shows a $399 Playstation 3 with a 40GB HDD and what looks like a copy of Spiderman 3 (blu-ray of course). It displays an “in stock date” of October 28th, but no final date on when the more »


Joost internet-TV (still in) beta [Updated]

Joost is an Internet TV service based on a local client that essentially allows you to watch full-screen content on your PC from a variety of networks. The once invite-only program has been updated and is available for anyone to download freely. There are some limitations though on which platforms it can run on, with more »

Sony OLED TV to ship this December, in Japan

Earlier this year we saw some prototypes from Sony regarding their OLED display. Well we just got word that these displays, named XEL-1, will be shipping this December, so you can get your “crazy contrast ratio” on. To refresh your memory on this amazing display, it can shut off pixels entirely to produce very true more »

NBC jumps ship, moves to Amazon Unbox

It seems NBC and Amazon have worked together and finally reached a deal, a deal that may not please Apple too much. NBC will be selling it’s some of it’s shows, such as “Heroes” and “The Office,” to Amazon’s Unbox video download service, sometime in the near future. This news broke after Apple and NBC more »


New iPod nano?

There have been a lot of rumors circulating lately over the redesign of Apple’s iPod Video as well as the iPod nano. A picture appeared today on the brokenflicker blog portraying what is said to be the new iPod nano. Is this the new iPod nano to be released September 5th? Our friends at Appletell more »


Canon expands DSLR line: EOS 40D announced

The anticipated upgrade to Canon’s “prosumer” 20 and 30D DSLR’s (digital SLR) has arrived in the form of the 40D. The latest upgrade brings a 10.1 megapixel cmos sensor, a 3.0″ Live View LCD, as well as the ability to shoot up to 6.5 frames per second. The LCD display on the back of the more »

Four-bay NAS server for the storage-challenged

I know plenty of storage junkies out there with terabytes of storage in their computers and external hard drives, and now they can expand their storage needs over their network. Lanner’s new NS04-3100 is a NAS server that allows up to four bays, yes I said four, for some SATA drives. The NAS includes some more »

Casio releases 5MP phone, in Korea

I have started to ask myself what is wrong with this country when we can’t even get cool phones before, or even at the same time as other countries. The latest phone that we can’t have is the Exilim W53CA phone from Casio. The phone is a CDMA clamshell with a 5MP camera included. The more »

Pirate Bay to bring sexy, back

That’s right kids, the pirate bay – everyones favorite site to get illegal legal content, is reviving an old favorite, The day was shut down was a sad sad day for the internet. Well, the pirate bay has come to save the day and revive the site from the dead. The site has more »


WoW fans rejoice: Wrath of the Lich King confirmed

All you World of Warcraft fans should start working on that groove in your computer chair and stocking up on the red bull. Blizzard officially announced the news in a pamphlet handed out at BlizzCon that the WoW series will continue to grow with the release of the “Wrath of the Lich King” expansion.

Nintendo beefs up Wii strap, adds locking clasp

In another attempt to save your TV from the effects of a loose grip, a little too much to drink, and a game of Wii bowling, Nintendo has updated the clasps on the straps that hold your Wii-mote. The new clasps now appear to lock down, hopefully ensuring the straps do not slip. There haven’t more »