Gadgetell Review: Rocketfish Twister Mouse

Product: Rocketfish Twister Mouse Price: $39.99 Rating: 6.5/10.0 Pros: Great design, long battery life, rather comfortable Cons: Features are nothing special, might be too small for some hands, weird shape for some Overall: The mouse was good for me and it did its job to the fullest, what more could you ask for in a more »

Gadgetell Review: Norton Internet Security

With computer protection being such a booming industry you want to make sure you are sticking with the best. I have had that opportunity with Norton Internet Securities. Surfing the web, making online transactions, sending and receiving files with out any fear of being scammed, screwed or threatened is a great feeling. It’s like going more »

Gadgetell Review: SF Mambo combo laptop bag

As a kid I loved cargo jeans, cargo pants, really anything with extra pockets. The more compartments the better, and that’s how you will feel with this Cargo laptop bag. It is brilliantly designed for both comfort and convenience. With 11 pockets and 3 zippers you can carry your life with you anywhere you need more »

HP to enter the handheld gaming world

Hewlet-Packard is working it’s way to introduce there very own handheld titled Mscape, much like Sony’s PSP and Nintendo’s DS. The idea HP has been toying with is to put a new perspective on the gaming environment, mainly putting your actual living environment as part of the game. For example you could be sitting in more »

The downlow on DLO iPod dock system with video

Okay friends so here’s the deal DLO put together a brand new Mp3 docking system called the Transpod. It’s obviously for your iPod but can also be used for any other music player. The catch is, this one has a video output to plug into a TV screen (if you have one) installed in your more »


Nokia 7088 making CDMA slide

The New Nokia 7088 is a little bit of everything from the wonderful new world of color that Nokia has used to inspire its L’Amour Collection. While it screams fashion this new phone brings sophistication to the table being the first CDMA model to incorporate the sliding. At first glance you will notice the gem more »


Forgot your wallet? You’re safe with Obopay

Move over Western Union, get outta here paypal, there’s a new instant money moving venture out there. Obopay uses your cellphone as well as a PrePaid Mastercard to send, receive, and spend all the greenbacks you can. After searching their site I was debating what I could use the program for. It seems pretty simple, more »

Radio and now TV, are you SIRIUS!

Thats right friends! Sirius, formerly known for its satellite radio is going one up in technology. The service plans to be offered in the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country as well as the 2008 lines of Dodge and Jeeps. Mainly Dodge Grand Caravan Minivans, Charger, Magnum, Jeep Commander, and Jeep Grand Cherokee. The factory installed more »


Home security that’s in your face

Bioscrypt an enterprise access control technology company based out of Canada has created the worlds first 3D facial recognition camera for individuals accessing computers. The VisionAccess 3D DeskCam performs both verification and identification operations. The highly accurate camera is able to scan your face regardless of poses or lighting conditions. This easy to use hands more »


Museums playing Tag with public

When you look at the Mona Lisa or Stary Night, what do you see? What do you feel? Museums all across the globe are turning to the public to help tag the artwork seen by millions all over the world. This new style on old artifacts comes in part due to the fact that the more »

Blackberry addicts now find more reason to dig in

Blackberry users beware, now there is a real reason to keep your face hidden deep into your PDA. Dig in with digby, a personal get anything at anytime shopping world stricly for Blackberry addicts. In thirty seconds you can search from cd’s and dvd’s to bling bling or really…anything. The program is free and the more »

So who’s space is it?

News Corp, owners of the extremely popular social networking site “” has reared its ugly corporate head by removing the freedom to customize personal pages. Users of the pages can create photoblogs, slide shows, using any form of self-expression to let the world know just who they are as long as they or anyone else more »