ShowStoppers at CES 2010: Checking out the Energizer Energi To Go products

Energizer had their amazing team with their mobile brand, Energi To Go, in Las Vegas for Digital Experience 2010. The products they showed off were amazing, and one of the first thing that people attending this event saw, since they had the front and center booth. With today’s smartphones using so much battery life, Energi more »


Google may offer VOIP service

Lately there has been a lot of talk about ETFs at cellular carriers, with most of this chatter being customers on the offense about not wanting to pay outrageous amounts of money. While several of the major carriers have managed to wise up and offer decent alternative choices to those who don’t want a contract, more »

A nook without the wait?

So you want a nook but don’t want to wait until February 1st for it to ship to you? Well, you definitely aren’t alone. However, there is some hope for you to get a nook before February, and we’re not talking about Ebay. If you live near a Barnes & Noble store, there might be more »