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Alienware launches Area 51 m17x gaming notebook

Gamertell’s Pulkit Chandna is reporting that Alienware has again pushed the envelope, producing one of the most powerful notebooks known to us Homo sapiens. The Area 51 m17x notebook is Alienware’s newest addition to its lineup and it surely will make its owner the subject of very pleasant geeky envy. At its heart is an more »

Gamertell Review: Iron Man the Movie

Title: Iron Man Release Date: May, 2, 2008 Publisher (Developer): Marvel and Paramount Pictures Rating: PG-13 Pros: Great acting, very funny, great effects, more contemporary setting and origin, pleasing to Iron Man and comic fans Cons: Feels like a short movie, limited story, not enough action or Iron Man, to many quick edits, no Nick more »

Target Speed Racer gift card with USB 2.0 Flash drive built in

Our sister site Gamertell has spotted an interesting freebie at Target retail stores. The chain is putting out a Speed Racer-themed gift card that comes with a 60+ MB USB 2.0 Flash drive built right in. It is one of those gift cards you fill with money to give to someone else, so it’s essentially more »


Gamertell Review: Sandio 3D Game O2 gaming mouse

Product: Sandio 3D Game O2 mouse (aka 3D Motion Controller with Laser Gaming Mouse) Price: $79.99 Rating: 5.5/10 Pros: A good core laser mouse, comfortable wrist attachment, programmable mini joysticks and cool lookin’ lights. Cons: Not as plug-and-play as promised with certain programs. Programming interface is not very intuitive. Some ergonomic issues as well. Overall: more »

Gamertell Review: Ultra m998 ATX mid-tower PC case

Product: Ultra m998 ATX mid-tower PC case Price: $199.99 Rating: 8/10 Pros: A lot of room to work, very sturdy construction, finished interior and incorporated power plugs. Cons: Unclear instruction manual and a few crucial difficult-to-reach screws and non-existent “tabs.” Overall: Great for anyone looking to piece together a rig from scratch and load it more »

Toshiba’s Satellite X205-SLi gaming notebook with Penryn processor

Toshiba has introduced the latest and the meanest version of its flagship gaming notebook series. The Satellite X205-SLi has a cogent Penryn at its heart backed by NVIDIA’s SLI graphics, which will combine to give you the crispiest gaming experience imaginable. The X205-SLi’s processor is an Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 (45 nm) that clocks more »

GDC 2008: Nokia sheds light on upcoming N-Gage service

Nokia’s new N-Gage service has been marred by several delays and, in December 2007, the company formally pushed the launch of the service to the first half of 2008. Now with a pre-launch version, N-Gage First Access, being made available to N81 users through the official N-Gage website, the full version can’t be far off. more »

Panasonic unveils Wii-proof Plasma TVs

Imagine if your TV was strong enough to withstand any Wii-mote strikes, you could then indulge in your favorite Wii games wholeheartedly without worrying about accidentally damaging your expensive TV. Panasonic has unveiled a new line of Wii-proof plasma TVs at its HD Networking Conference in Valencia, Spain. Panasonic claims that the plasmas can resist more »

Graphics cards help advance medical imaging

PC graphics cards have long been touted as the cutting edge in terms of videogame visuals. But according to British engineering site The Engineer Online, they also could serve another purpose: the medical field. In 2006, the researchers found they could do image reconstruction faster via a cluster of networked 64-bit supercomputer, which costs £15,000 more »


Gamertell Review: StarTech’s 850 watt WattSmart power supply

Product: WattSmart 850W EPS12V 2.91 Power Supply Price: $204.99 (retail) Rating: 9/10 Pros: Easy to install, dual cooling fans, many long and well-protected cables and promises to be more environmentally friendly by using less power. Cons: A little pricey and the dual fans can cause a little extra case vibration. Long and thicker cables might more »

Leapfrog releasing web-enabled Leapster2, new Didj handheld

Much like cartoons, most gadgets and videogames are really not meant for kids. Let your toddler play Grand Theft Auto for a while or mess with your iPod and you’ll probably not be too happy with the results. As a safer and more education alternative, LeapFrog Enterprises has been selling the Leaspter educational gaming system more »

Gadgetell Review: WinTV-HVR 950 hybrid TV stick

Product: WinTV-HVR 950 by Hauppauge!
Price: $119.00
Rating: 8.8 out of 10
Pros: Easy to install and use. Comes with an air antenna to grab HD channels and adapter to accept S-Video through the stick’s coaxial cable port.
Cons: Portable file formats not available with given software.
Overall: A decent little device that works well but might be a bit too pricey for most people.

WinTV-HVR 950 hybrid TV stickMost people don’t quite realize that many stations are already broadcasting HD signals. Yep, you could already be enjoying HD quality shows in your very own home without some crazy, costly HD cable service.

Hauppauge has released a tiny adapter that not only lets you grab HD TV signals and play them on your computer, but you can also record those signals like a DVR.

Grabbing video has become quite a bit deal. Not only does it mean big traffic for many web sites but it allows people to share their home movies or other video clips with friends and family across the interweb. Ah, the power of YouTube. Oh, and about the questionable practice of recording and sharing copyrighted content on the internet, just don’t do it – those people have kids to feed.