GadgeTell Review: Marshall Major Headphones

Every rock guitarist knows the name “Marshall.” Every rock guitarist. The name is legendary and carries a certain allure for rock ‘n roll musicians the world over. Now Marshall offers that same rock legend status to a broader market with their headphone line. Our pair, the Major, are the flagship headphones for Marshall’s solid entry more »

GadgeTell Review: Wicked Audio Heist Earbuds with In-Line Splitter

In the militant setting of urban commuting, a good set of earbuds is priceless. Denizens of the 9-to-5 march along toting their standard issue white earbuds (you know the ones) but what we have in the Wicked Audio Heist are high caliber, feature-packed earbuds, with the unique twistof an in-line splitter, all at an palatable more »