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Security bug affects majority of WordPress sites

An IT company in Finland has come across a major security bug in WordPress 3 websites that could let hackers post comments on posts with malicious code. The bug is technically able to affect 86 percent of sites running WordPress, meaning that a large number of sites must change their security settings to avoid attacks.

Court rules on side of Google Search

Court cases have appeared all over the world in connection to Google Search, and at least in the United States, Google seems to be winning. A case had been filed against Google by S. Louis Martin, the owner of CoastNews who alleged Google was pushing his results too far down in searches. The case has now been heard, and a judge with the San Francisco Superior Court feels Google is in the right.

Sony to ship 21MP smartphone image sensor in 2015

Japanese technology company Sony has revealed it will begin shipping a new 21-megapixel smartphone image sensor next year. The company is already behind some of the best mobile image sensors, and the upgraded 21MP sensor will only add to Sony’s good reputation in the market. Sony’s Exmor RS IMX230 sensor has a higher megapixel count and faster auto-focus, according to a statement from Sony.

AT&T reduces 15 GB data plan cost

For a limited period of time, AT&T is offering a 15 GB data plan for the same price as its 10 GB plan. New and existing Mobile Share Value customers will have the ability to upgrade from 10 GB to 15 GB without paying any extra. The process involved in getting the additional data for a fair price is simple for new customers, though existing subscribers must only switch inside of the mobile AT&T app or on the carrier’s website.

Intel expected to merge chip, mobile businesses

Intel has taken financial hits as a result of its phone and tablet business, so the company plans to merge its mobile division with its more successful PC chip business, according to Bloomberg. A report in Bloomberg states Intel will merge the two sectors to keep profits relatively high in all sectors, instead of constantly having a low profit or loss division.

Email for State Dept. down after hack

The primary email system for the United States State Department has reportedly been shut down temporarily after a hack took place. A planned outage originally took down the unclassified system on Friday, and repairs and upgrades are still being made. A report from the Associated Press states that “activity of concern” was recorded, and that prompted the system’s shut down and investigations into the activity.

Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone creates ‘Super’ app

Another application has been launched by Biz Stone, one of the main co-founders originally involved in Twitter. Stone’s latest app, Super, lets people talk with others who are nearby and it includes meme-like features. Super includes pictures with all of the statements made by users, and each post must start with things like “The Best”, “I Wish”, or “My Favorite”.

Skype for Web getting plugin-free messages

Microsoft is updating Skype for Web in order to make text, voice, and video messages available without any plugin downloads. Most core Skype features are available in the browser version of the service, but up until now, Skype for Web has relied on plugins for messaging. Beginning today, the service has instant messaging built-in without any downloads required.

BlackBerry Classic pre-orders begin at Rogers

Canadian wireless carrier Rogers has begun accepting pre-orders for the upcoming BlackBerry Classic smartphone. The Classic became available through pre-order just recently in the United States and the United Kingdom, and now orders are expanding further. BlackBerry intends to make the Classic available sometime in the middle of December, but just like with pre-orders, a Canadian launch could be slightly further away.

Amazon Kindle update includes family book sharing

A new Kindle update has been announced by Amazon that includes a family book sharing feature called Family Library. The feature will let people access the books in another user’s Amazon account, and therefore, let people share books. Amazon says the feature is restricted to family members like children, partners, and spouses, though it is not clear how that will be enforced.

Reddit CEO left due to being “worn out”

Reddit CEO Yishan Wong left the company on Thursday, and while his departure was triggered by an argument about office space, he had generally become worn out because of the job. Wong wrote on Quora shortly after it was revealed he had left the company that he was “completely worn out,” and his job was “having significantly detrimental effects on [his] personal life.”

Tesla delays its Model X electric SUV

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has confirmed the release of its Model X SUV must be pushed back. The latest delay comes alongside assembly line troubles, since the company has not been able to update its production facilities fast enough. Those assembly line issues are impacting the company’s Model S sedan and causing reduced production.