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Facebook testing video autoplay feature

Facebook is currently testing a video autoplay function that will make videos begin playing automatically after a user watches a different video. The feature is similar to the autoplay function found on Netflix which also has a new piece of content begin playing immediately after a user’s current viewing ends.


YouTube reportedly working on Twitch competitor

YouTube is said to be working on a competitor to Twitch, the largest game streaming service. Amazon acquired Twitch for $1 billion last year, proving to many that game streaming is massive and is only going to continue growing.

Google Fiber to reach Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is one of the next markets that will receive Google’s Fiber internet service. Provo, a city just 50 miles from Salt Lake City, was added to the list of Fiber locations in 2013.

Razer making VR headset with Leap Motion tech

Razer is going to come out with a virtual reality headset that includes hand tracking sensors from Leap Motion. The OSVR headset from Razer will let people control objects with their hands, not controllers.

Bang & Olufsen replacing Beats on HP computers

Computers from HP are going to leave behind Beats Audio in favor of Bang & Olufsen. The Spectre, Omen, and Envy product lines are all being switched to audio components from Bang & Olufsen. Some tablets and Pavilion computers are going to use B&O’s Play Label. HP has not mentioned how it is going to more »

Amazon ‘Unlocked’ is Prime for Android apps

Amazon has announced Unlocked, a new service for Android apps that is similar to Amazon Prime with some of its offerings. Unlocked will let people download paid apps and in-app purchases for free. As great as that may be for users, the apps and other content downloaded for free can also be taken away if a user gets rid of their Unlocked subscription.

Google Fiber tests targeted, trackable TV ads

To monetize its Google Fiber TV viewers, Google is turning towards targeted and trackable advertising. While attempting to maintain user privacy, Google has begun testing an advertising option that will operate in a way reminiscent of YouTube ads.

Universal wants Spotify to limit free streaming

Some of the larger music labels and musicians are not content with Spotify’s free music streaming option. One of them, Universal, may be pressuring the streaming service to limit and restrict its free tier. Sources close to the label say it has begun pushing for those restrictions during licensing negotiations, but Spotify does have a more »


Uber can’t carry passengers in Spain, starts delivering food

Transportation service Uber has been barred from transporting passengers in Spain and while it tries to get back to its core service in that market, Uber is delivering food instead. A food delivery service from Uber has opened in Barcelona and Uber says the food delivery service is similar to one offered by the company in California. On Thursday, an announcement said drivers would bring around prepared meals that cost about $14 including the delivery fee.

Largest SIM company investigating NSA hack claims

New documents from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal SIM card maker Gemalto was hacked by the NSA and GCHQ in 2010. The hack resulted in encryption keys for millions of SIM cards being stolen, leaving phones wide open for data interception by the spy agencies. Gemalto now says it has opened an investigation into the alleged hack.

Amazon Android store opened up for BB10 users

There is a fairly long list of reasons why BlackBerry 10 is nowhere near as popular as competing mobile operating systems, but one of the big reasons is a lack of apps. Finally, BB10 users will have access to a lot more apps thanks to a software update which opens up the Android store from Amazon.


YouTube launching Android app for kids

A new YouTube app made specifically for kids is on its way. The app will feature kid-centric content that is both original and from certain channels currently on the regular version of YouTube. YouTube Kids is launching on February 23 and will be limited to Android, at least for the time being. Google is not going to charge for the app and it may not be monetized.