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Google X gathers health data, wants to improve lives

Another Google X project is underway and it is completely different than consumer-facing projects like Glass. This time, the Google X team is enlisting the help of scientists to determine what a perfectly healthy human actually looks like, and the team is collecting data from hundreds of people to find that out.

First Android One phone to launch in October

Spice, an India-based phone maker, says that its inaugural Android One smartphone will launch in India this October. The low-cost smartphone will be available for around $100 when it launches, and other Android One devices are expected to come in at similar price points since the operating system is geared towards shoppers in emerging markets.

Kakao Talk bringing free calls to desktop

Free voice calls have been added to the Kakao Talk application for Windows computers. The Windows version of the mobile messaging app launched in June 2013, so it has taken a little over a year for the Skype-like call system to roll out on desktops. Group and individual voice chats are possible with a maximum of five people being supported at once.

ChargeAll introduces smallest portable power outlet

ChargeAll has unveiled what it says is the smallest portable power outlet ever. Since the ChargeAll device is also the first portable charger to include a regular wall outlet, its claim of being the smallest power outlet is probably true. Just imagine how often people are running around airports and other locations to find wall outlets, now, imagine what a device like ChargeAll does to that situation.

Google adds Now reminders to

Google Now reminders will now be accessible through the primary Google website. As a result of the expansion of Now reminders, users will be able to create reminders from within the search engine rather than from within Now. By typing in a reminder-like command in the search box, you can add reminders to the service. For the new feature to work, you must type in a command such as “remind me to pick up groceries at 3 pm.”

UK considering Tesla Model S for official transports

The Tesla Model S is among a group of cars being considered by the UK government for its official mode of transport, the car company has announced. Tesla says that its flagship electric car is being looked at by the government as a low-emission alternative to the cars currently used for UK ministers. The Government Car Service is in the process of determining which “green” car should replace the current fleet, and since the Tesla has setup shop in the country, it seems like an obvious choice.

Mobile traffic overtakes PC traffic in China

With well over 1 billion citizens and hundreds of millions of internet-connected individuals, China is a good place to look at if you are trying to find out where the tech market is headed. The latest report from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has revealed one major shift in the market. Based upon data from June 2014, the percentage of people accessing the internet via a mobile device grew past the percentage of people accessing the internet with a PC.

Huawei announces Ascend P7 Arsenal Edition

Chinese phone maker Huawei has introduced the Arsenal Edition of its popular Ascend P7 smartphone. As one would expect from the title of the phone, this version of the Ascend P7 comes in the various colors of the Arsenal UK football club. Internally, Huawei has outfitted the device with UK and Arsenal-centric themes and applications. The Arsenal club logo is also mounted on the phone underneath the phone’s Gorilla Glass 3 cover which protects the entire device.

Politicians are unhappy with Microsoft’s layoffs

Microsoft announced late last week that it would be laying off 18,000 people, many of whom were brought to the company with its acquisition of Nokia’s hardware business. The layoffs have been received negatively by many people, and even some prominent politicians have begun criticizing Microsoft for its decision.

Betabrand hoodie lets you listen to headphones with hood up

A downside to using hoodies is that you cannot actually use the hood while still wearing regular headphones. Betabrand says that it has an answer to this problem with a new hoodie that lets sound pass through but not dust or water. The Betabrand hoodie costs just $158, and the company says that it is using an “acoustically transparent” fabric to improve sound quality through the hood.

Dell uses Coinbase to accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is now accepted by Dell for all of its products, including Alienware laptops and desktop computers. Dell is just the latest company to accept Bitcoin as a valid payment method, and other companies like Overstock have been accepting it for months. By using Coinbase as a payment processor for the digital currency, Dell never has to deal with converting the coins to more usable US dollars, since Coinbase takes care of that.

Philips Hue Tap now available in the US

Philips has made the Hue Tap available to people in the United States after releasing the battery-less accessory in Europe. The Tap offers another way to control Philips Hue light bulbs, and since it doesn’t use batteries, you can move the Tap around while never worrying about its charge. All of the necessary energy is generated through the pressing of buttons of which there are four on the device.