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Snapchat clients being removed from Windows Phone

Snapchat is combating third-party clients and that has resulted in some apps being removed from the Windows Phone Store. Snapchat users can no longer download third-party clients on Windows Phone, though it has been that way on Android and iOS for a while.

BlackBerry, Boeing working on spy phone

BlackBerry is officially in the middle of working on a more secure and private smartphone with Boeing. Since 2012, reports have claimed BlackBerry was working on the elusive BlackBerry Black, a spy-like extra secure phone.

Skype real time translator begins rolling out

The new real time translation feature in Skype is beginning to roll out in a preview program. Those who are a part of the preview program will be able to use Skype Translator beginning today in English and Spanish. With the feature, users speaking to each other in different languages won’t have to worry about not understanding each other. Translated audio appears as text or sound for receiving users.

SoundCloud launches Collection for user home pages

SoundCloud is trying to improve its experience for registered users by launching a new home page called Collection. The normal home base for SoundCloud is not very attractive or useful, especially when compared to other music or video streaming services. With Collection, users will have a place to follow artists, create their own playlists, and see personalized content. Collection is already rolling out for iOS and web, but Android users will have to wait for it until 2015.


Uber offers free rides in Sydney after price jump

A hostage crisis has been playing out in the Central Business District of Sydney, Australia since Monday morning. During that hostage crisis, prices for transportation service Uber jumped to four times what they usually are. In response to the price jumps, which were heavily criticized, Uber is offering refunds and free rides. The hostage crisis resulted in demand being “off the charts,” according to Uber, and that triggered the price increase.

Runtastic wants to add workouts to Oculus Rift

Runtastic workouts are not only going digital, they are entering the virtual reality space. The company has revealed plans to use the Oculus Rift with its workouts, and a video has come out showing a 7-minute workout inside of the virtual reality system. Since there is no way for someone to physically run around outside with a Rift on, the Runtastic app for Rift is meant to act like a personal trainer for motions such as squats and lunges.

Indiegogo Life launches to fund weddings, birthdays

A new service called Indiegogo Life has launched that will specifically help people receive funds for life events such as weddings and birthdays. The crowdfunding site is already used for personal campaigns, unlike rival Kickstarter, but Life makes it easier to receive funds for life events. Indiegogo says the eight-click system is not for regular charities, so only individuals are supposed to use it.

North Korea says it didn’t hack Sony Pictures

Investigations into the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack are still taking place, and many of the early findings point to the involvement of the North Korean government. Some details, such as the physical source of the hack, appear to have been verified, but it remains difficult to point a finger at North Korea.

Amazon enters into food delivery industry

Amazon is entering into the food delivery industry with a service similar to Grubhub and Seamless. The company’s Local service has been revamped to facilitate food delivery by connecting consumers with restaurants that can deliver to a particular area. After entering an address, Amazon Local will display a list of restaurants, and then an order can be placed with one of them.

iBill gadget can read dollar bills

A new gadget called the iBill could greatly help blind and deaf people who have a hard time reading dollar bills. Unlike some other currencies around the world, the US uses the same size and form for its bills, making it difficult to read bills without physically seeing them. The device can be placed on a bill to read its value either out-loud or through headphones, and it even has a vibration read-out option that can be used by those unable to hear as well.

LG G3 on Verizon gets Advanced Calling

The LG G3 on Verizon is now being updated with Advanced Calling, a feature that is basically HD Voice or Voice over LTE. With the feature, voice calls are crisper and of a higher quality. LG says that Advanced Voice provides “natural-sounding calls” that are distinctly superior to normal cellular calls. Many other features and programs more »

UK bill could make ISPs hand over IP addresses

A bill in the United Kingdom has been proposed that if implemented could result in internet service providers handing IP address information to the police. The bill has been proposed by Home Secretary Theresa May, and the bill states that service providers would need to tell the police who is using a specific IP address.