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Gmail app will get Yahoo, Outlook account support

Google is updating all of its applications to add support for Material Design, the new design that is being used in Android 5.0 Lollipop. One of the apps that is being updated is Gmail, and it turns out the next version of the mobile email application will have support for Outlook and Yahoo accounts.

Spotify introduces a family plan for multiple members

Music streaming service Spotify has launched a family plan that will let multiple people use the service without spending more for individual subscriptions. Spotify Family begins at $14.99 per month for two members, and that already amounts to a $5 per month savings since individual plans cost $10. Other family members can be added to a plan for just $5 per month, thereby increasing the savings.

IBM dropping chip business for $1.5 billion

IBM has announced it will be getting rid of its chip business by spending $1.5 billion to hand the business over to Globalfoundries. The chip company will receive the $1.5 billion in smaller payments spread out over three years. Globalfoundries plans to take in most of the IBM employees involved in the chip business, though some people will be laid off.

Huawei Honor 4X to include a 64-bit processor

A new entry-level smartphone from Huawei has shown up in documents from TENAA, a Chinese regulatory and certification agency. TENAA’s documents show that the phone, which is expected to cost $130, will include a 5.5-inch 720p display and a Snapdragon 410 processor, and it will be called the Honor 4X.

Microsoft will reportedly launch a cross-platform smartwatch

A new smartwatch could be on the way from Microsoft that will be cross-platform, according to statements from people close to the company. The cross-platform device would run an operating system from Microsoft, but it would have the ability to connect to devices running iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. Reports claim the device will have many different sensors and also have a battery life of two days.

Amazon intends to hire 80,000 holiday temp workers

Amazon will bring in more temporary employees for this holiday season, the company has announced. Last year, Amazon hired 70,000 seasonal workers to deal with the increase in demand, and this year it plans to hire 80,000. The extra employees hired by Amazon will work at the online retailer’s American fulfillment locations, of which there are now 50.

Verizon updates Edge with new upgrade restrictions

Verizon has updated its Edge program, and it’s definitely not better. Edge offers a way for customers to pay off their phone over a period of time while also having the ability to upgrade early. With the update, Edge now has payments spread out over 24 months instead of 20, and customers must get through 75 percent of a device’s purchase price before upgrading.

Reddit acquires third-party Alien Blue app

Reddit has acquired Alien Blue, one of the most popular third-party clients for the site. By acquiring Alien Blue, Reddit now has its own official application for iOS, and an updated version of the application is now available on iPhone and iPad. The company says the acquisition decision was made because Alien Blue is already the most popular Reddit app on iOS. Due to its popularity, buying Alien Blue made more sense than developing an app internally from scratch.

LG G4 may have a 20.7MP camera

LG will not launch its G4 smartphone until next year, but some reports are already beginning to surface about the phone. A new report in Money Today, a Korean news website, claims LG will include a 20.7-megapixel camera in the G4, and it will also improve optical image stabilization in the device.

Vertu Bentley phone limited to 2,000 units

Vertu, a premium phone company, has announced it will only have 2,000 Vertu for Bentley phones available. There are five devices being launched in partnership with Bentley, and the first one is a special version of the Signature Touch that has been fitted with Bentley designs.

Google may be pouring money into Magic Leap

Magic Leap is the latest competitor to Oculus in the virtual reality market. The company will compete against Oculus directly, and since Oculus is owned by Facebook, there are a few tech companies that could benefit from backing Magic Leap. One of those companies is Google, and a report has come out claiming the search giant will invest millions in Magic Leap to fuel the company.

Details emerge for the Oppo N3′s camera

On Monday, Oppo teased the swiveling camera that will be found on its N3 smartphone, and now the company has confirmed some of the specs for the camera sensor. Oppo CEO Chenming Yong has released some information in regards to the N3 camera on Weibo. The camera will have a 16-megapixel 1/2.3-inch sensor, and the CEO released a photo comparing the sensor to the specs found in the iPhone 6, One M8, and other high-end devices.