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Uber can’t carry passengers in Spain, starts delivering food

Transportation service Uber has been barred from transporting passengers in Spain and while it tries to get back to its core service in that market, Uber is delivering food instead. A food delivery service from Uber has opened in Barcelona and Uber says the food delivery service is similar to one offered by the company in California. On Thursday, an announcement said drivers would bring around prepared meals that cost about $14 including the delivery fee.

Largest SIM company investigating NSA hack claims

New documents from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal SIM card maker Gemalto was hacked by the NSA and GCHQ in 2010. The hack resulted in encryption keys for millions of SIM cards being stolen, leaving phones wide open for data interception by the spy agencies. Gemalto now says it has opened an investigation into the alleged hack.

Amazon Android store opened up for BB10 users

There is a fairly long list of reasons why BlackBerry 10 is nowhere near as popular as competing mobile operating systems, but one of the big reasons is a lack of apps. Finally, BB10 users will have access to a lot more apps thanks to a software update which opens up the Android store from Amazon.


YouTube launching Android app for kids

A new YouTube app made specifically for kids is on its way. The app will feature kid-centric content that is both original and from certain channels currently on the regular version of YouTube. YouTube Kids is launching on February 23 and will be limited to Android, at least for the time being. Google is not going to charge for the app and it may not be monetized.

Used smartphone market booming due to quick upgrades

Used phones are becoming more popular due to quick upgrade cycles. A new poll from Gartner has been completed and it shows most consumers in the United States and Germany are upgrading their smartphones merely because they want the latest device. That upgrade activity, rarely seen in other sectors, is contributing to a fast growing secondhand phone market.

Sony plans for $4.2B operating profit by 2018

Sony has set its sights on a $4.2 billion operating profit by 2018. Over the next three years, Sony has plans to change many operations in order to get out of its slump and reach that financial goal. A lengthy turnaround plan has been introduced by Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai that includes spinning off its video-and-sound business.

Facebook working on VR apps

Facebook is already in the virtual reality world because of its ownership of Oculus VR, but that’s not enough for the social network. The company has revealed it is already working on virtual reality apps that will let users experience Facebook in a new way. Facebook’s work on VR versions of its apps was revealed by product chief Chris Cox during a Recode event.

Netflix will expand to Japan in the fall

Japan is one of the upcoming markets that will receive Netflix streaming for movies and TV shows. Netflix has announced it will introduce streaming services to the market in the fall. Little was said about the launch in the company’s post about the expansion. Though, Netflix did say it would have a lot of Japanese-specific content available for streaming upon launch.

Twitter CEO admits company doesn’t handle abuse well

All social networks have their fair share of abusive behavior, whether its Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter. Though, in the case of Twitter, there has been a massive amount of abuse that is not seen with its competitors. Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, now admits the company has not handled abuse well.

Tony Fadell, Google executive, wants a Glass redesign

Changes to Google Glass during its transition from the explorer program to consumer availability were expected, but instead of mere changes, we could see a full redesign. Tony Fadell, the founder of Google-owned Nest, will now lead the Glass division. Fadell has told The New York Times that he wants to start from scratch with the device.

Twitter to show tweets in Google search

It will soon be easier to see content from Twitter. The social network has reached a deal with Google to get tweets into the search engine. In real-time, tweets will appear in searches and that will be possible due to Google gaining access to all of the network’s new content as it is posted. Posts from Twitter will begin appearing in searches sometime in the first half of this year.

Google Fiber may soon reach North Carolina

North Carolina is already on the list of markets Google has considered for Fiber. Reports now claim Fiber is indeed headed to the area and will be placed initially around Charlotte and Raleigh. Google has sent invitations to officials in those areas for an event on January 28 and 29. WRAL TechWire claims Google will use the event to announce an official expansion plan for Fiber to NC.