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Yes, President Obama still uses a BlackBerry

Barack Obama has been president for so long that when he first ran for the office, there were not one, but two BlackBerry controversies.

Fable childrens’ tablet headed to market in spring

During International CES, Isabella Products demonstrated a new tablet, geared towards children aged three to ten, which is set to arrive on the market in March. We sat down with Matthew I. Growney, the president and CEO of the Concord, Mass.-based Isabella to discuss the product and the planned rollout. A veteran of the pre-Google, more »

For Super Bowl giveaway, mophie and Jay Glazer bet on overtime

No Super Bowl has ever gone into overtime in the 48 years Super Bowls have been played, but the Mophie mobile battery accessories brand is betting on that exact result for a Super Bowl giveaway.


With soccer ban, selfie sticks are the new vuvuzelas

Selfie sticks, those long metal sticks holding up cameras that have been ubiquitous here at International CES, have quickly moved on to the backlash stage- one which now includes a ban from two major soccer clubs in England. Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal are bitter rivals in North London and in the English Premier League, but more »

Suddenly, selfie sticks

I write for a technology website. I’m on top of the tech news pretty much every day of my life. And I hadn’t heard of “selfie sticks” until a week or so ago. It’s a product simple yet so, so silly: A long metal stick that holds your smartphone or camera, so you can hold more »

Beats vs. Bose: The NFL’s headphone wars escalate

The headphone wars appear to have entered their next phase. This time, it’s been Beats and Bose, and the battleground is the NFL. And while Bose and Beats, according to an AP report Friday afternoon, have settled their outstanding patent litigation, the football side of the battle appears far from over. It started earlier this more »


Chelsea dagger: Samsung pulls soccer sponsorship 

For as long as I’ve been watching soccer, the English Premier League soccer club Chelsea F.C. has had “Samsung” across their jerseys. I distinctly remember the time a few years ago when my team of choice, Tottenham Hotspur, lost a crucial match to Chelsea and then, a few days later, I found myself at a more »

ESPN fantasy football site crashes on opening night

Sunday marked the first full slate of games of the 2014 NFL season, and other than the Jacksonville Jaguars turning a 17-0 lead into a 34-17 loss, the worst performance of the day was that of ESPN’s fantasy football page. For the majority of the Sunday night game between Denver and Indianapolis, ESPN’s fantasy stats more »


Your Framily is dead: Sprint kills Framily plan

Sprint’s poorly named and even worse-advertised “Framily” discount plan is no more, as of later this week. Is the Hamster Dad gone too? Most likely. According to an account in the Kansas City Star, Sprint’s hometown paper, recently named CEO Marcelo Claure announced Monday that the Framily plan is no more. Instead, Sprint will offer more »

Amazon plans June 18 event, with 3D smartphone likely

Amazon’s long-rumored 3D smartphone is looking very much like a reality, with the retail giant teasing an event in Seattle for June 18, along with a Twitter picture that looks an awful lot like a phone. The company also released a video teaser, featuring various people looking at an unseen device: Amazon, despite years of more »


Dance Dance Revolution killer? Microsoft readies “foot-controlled infotainment”

Never mind the desktop, or the living room. Microsoft is now eying the next frontier: The floor.

Monster’s Lee on Apple/Beats reports: Congrats- and check out our headphones, too

When the shocking news broke last week that Apple was in negotiations to acquire Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion, industry observers had many thoughts, whether about the future of Apple, the long-term viability of the high-end headphone category, or whether or not Dr. Dre can legitimately call himself the first billionaire in hip hop. But more »