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Eager for Android 5.0 Lollipop? You might want to wait

Each new generation of the Android OS has brought about great improvement and much excitement. It tends to both work and look better. And who doesn’t like the little android bot with the latest sweet treat in hand? Lollipop. Such fun!

Boost security with EyeLock iris scanner, available now to consumers

Face it. You have hundreds of different logins and accounts to services and websites all over, and you will never ever remember all passwords for each. That is, unless you reuse some simple password for each. But then the risk of getting hacked and having your accounts and identity compromised shoots into the stratosphere.

TechnologyTell Review: Penclic B3 Bluetooth Mouse

Last year, I had the opportunity to test out and review the Penclic B2 Bluetooth Mouse. It’s a fantastic mouse with a very innovative design, meant to provide greater comfort and reduction in strain. Despite the areas which it excels, the Penclic B2 is not without drawbacks. Namely, the use of the buttons and scroll wheel tends to be quite awkward.

TechnologyTell Review: Cambridge Audio Go Bluetooth speaker

New products don’t always hit it out of the park the first time up to bat. Sometimes a second round is required to get that groove and impress upon the masses. When it comes to portable Bluetooth speakers, this means big business. The market is saturated with options, and manufacturers are vying to draw consumers to their niches.

Finally, a smartwatch that would make Dick Tracy proud

Without a doubt, the battle over consumer’s wrist real-estate has only really begun. Although smartwatches have been hitting the market with vigor over the past couple of years – this year especially – production teams are finally getting a clue about design. The most recent models of smartwatches are starting to look more like watches while retaining all the smart functions.

Google Glass may not become a consumer hit as support wanes

Has it really been two years (give or take) since Google Glass came about, drawing attention by the millions? It could be hard to believe, considering the dearth of new stories regarding Glass. But if the latest news are any indication of what is to come, Google Glass’s moment in the sun may have already come and gone.

AmpliTube and iRig finally available for Android, musicians

Apple devices have long been a favorite for musicians looking to enhance, mix, or record music from instruments. The hardware and software technology has always been top-notch, delivering quality results in real-time. Attempting to do the same with an Android device has been little better than playing with a toy. That is, up until now with the latest from IK Multimedia.

Clipless magnetic smartphone mount now available for purchase

Although activity bands have their own popularity, many people still use smartphones to track daily runs or steps. If corded earbuds are also involved, it’s far more convenient to have the mobile device attached to you instead of stuffed in a pocket. Most of these solutions, in the form of a belt holster or arm band, pale in comparison to the universal compatibility and magnetic power of Clipless.

Unlimited photo storage, now for Amazon Prime members

When it comes to stored digital media, nothing takes up more space than my photos. Important documents? It’s been holding steady around 3GB. My entire music library has pushed past 600 albums, requiring only 14.3GB of space. But with all the free streaming music services available, it’s not growing much at all. But photos taken from smartphones? I’m about to break past 50GB very soon.

TechnologyTell Review: Plantronics BackBeat Pro headphones

While there are many audio products available to choose from, not all are created equally. One can spend a lot of time digging in and sorting through all the options to find that right speaker or set of headphones. If you have or are currently experiencing such indecision, read on to see why Plantronics’s latest headphones may be the right choice!

X-mini is launching a hulk of a speaker, the X-mini CLEAR

If you’ve ever shopped around for an ultra-portable, highly-affordable Bluetooth wireless speaker, it’s very likely you’ve seen at least one from X-mini. These guys have been making pocket- and keychain-sized speakers for quite some time – enough to garner excellent ratings of their entire product lineup in the thousands. They come in a variety of great colors and the price point can’t be beat.

TechnologyTell Review: Tylt Syncable Duo cable

By now, you might have a small collection of USB cables and wall adapters from all the mobile devices you’ve ever purchased. Power needs have changed quickly over time. It used to be that 5V/1A was good enough for just about everything, but that’s not really the case anymore. Bigger and more power-hungry smartphones and tablets have demands that reach up to 2.4A.