114-Year-Old Woman Forced to Lie to Open Facebook Account

Like many people, Anna Stoehr wanted a Facebook account. She was eager to sign up, but in order to do so, had to lie about her age. No, it’s not because she’s too young, but just the opposite. Anna is 114 years old (yes you read that right) and Facebook’s registration process only recognizes birthdates up to age 99. So she fibbed-and promptly wrote a letter to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg about it. The oldest living person in Minnesota simply told him, “I’m still here!”

Ebola hoaxes running rampant on Facebook

The U.S. has been gripped with fears about an Ebola outbreak happening here, and not surprisingly, this has resulted in a number of Ebola hoaxes going viral. Although some of them are really too absurd to believe, they’re still getting spread by people who don’t take the time to check things out and who have a distrust of the government, CDC and media. Here’s a rundown of the most popular ones.

Microsoft accidentally takes down Windows video bloggers

Microsoft was left red-faced this week after its DCMA sweep of YouTube knocked several well-respected Windows bloggers down. The bloggers, including such well-known names as Bruce Naylor and Chris Pirillo were left shaken and angry by the take downs. Pirillo took to Twitter to air his frustration, creating the hashtag #MicroStopped to reach out to other Windows bloggers who may have been affected.


Marriott Fined $600,000 for Hotspot Jamming

Marriott has agreed to pay a $600,000 fine after an FCC investigation found one of their hotels willfully blocked guests from using their mobile hotspots to connect to the internet while charging them upwards of $250 and more to use the hotel’s services. Authorities were tipped off by a guest staying at the company’s Opryland Hotel in Nashville.

Man Treated For Google Glass Addiction

A paper published by doctors in San Diego documents what they say is a genuine case of Google Glass addiction. A service member checked himself into the U.S. Navy’s Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP) this past summer for what he believed was an alcohol problem but turned out to have an additional addiction- something far more intriguing.

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Goes Live

Amazon’s Netflix-like service for ebooks, Kindle Unlimited has gone live. For $9.99 a month subscribers will have access to over 600,000 ebooks and several thousand audio books. They can download up to 10 free titles at a time and keep them as long as they like. The subscription also comes with a free 3 month subscription to Audible which includes 1 credit a month

Bitcoin’s Future May Be in Jeopardy

The Bitcoin world is trying not to panic at the news popular Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox has abruptly disappeared. Two weeks ago they halted withdrawals due to what they called “technical issues” regarding suspicious activity. Then on Sunday the company’s CEO Mark Karpeles quit the board of the Bitcoin foundation and all of Mt. Gox’s tweets were deleted.

Facebook Tweaks Newsfeed Algorithm-Again

Facebook has been making what seems like constant tweaks to their newsfeed for a while now, and most of them have prompted reactions varying from frustration to fury from page owners. Facebook Pages, once known as Fan Pages, provide a gathering area for fans of brands, celebrities, TV shows, movies, products, and more.

Visitors to Sochi Olympics Warned to Expect Hacking

NBC News had an eye-opening report last night about privacy concerns in Sochi. Simply put, media, athletes, and visitors there shouldn’t expect any-but they should expect to be hacked almost immediately.

Is Android Fragmentation a real problem or an excuse?

Hey Android users, are you drooling over Facebook’s new Paper app? Or maybe you’re dying to try the popular new trivia game app QuizUp? How about Amazon Instant Video or the Nike+ Fuelband? Sorry, you’re out of luck. These and many other popular apps are available for people who have iPads or iPhones only.

Amazon Offering Payment Plan for Kindle Fire HDX

There’s no credit check, no finance charges and no interest. Prime membership is not required either.

Samsung Triumphs Over Apple in Tablet Satisfaction

Samsung came out on top in JD Powers’ biannual Tablet Satisfaction Study. The world’s top producer of Android devices was the only manufacturer to improve in all five areas surveyed (performance, cost, design, features and ease of use) since the previous survey in April.