Have Facebook Friends You Don’t Really Like? You’re Not Alone

Do you have a few Facebook friends you really don’t like but just can’t bring yourself to unfriend? According to a newly released British study, you’re not alone. The study surveyed 2,683 people and found that 34-percent said they had friends they really don’t like but are reluctant to unfriend. Why? 58-percent said because of more »

The Government Shutdown’s Effects on the Web

The government shut down is going into its fourth day and its effects are already being felt by many. Services like WIC and Headstart are being shutdown and all our national parks and monuments are closed. Did you know the shut down is having an effect on the web too? Since the people responsible for more »

FBI Shuts Down Online Marketplace for Cybercriminals

The FBI announced it has shut down a website that served has an online marketplace for cybercriminals. Dubbed “Silk Road”, the site offered drugs, malware, firearms and even hitmen. Site owner Ross William Ulbricht, a 29-year old San Francisco man, was arraigned on charges of money laundering, narcotics trafficking and computer hacking. He is also more »


Facebook Page Like Scams Running Rampant

Facebook pages are always looking for likes. The more the better, many page admins say. Turning your page into an active, thriving community takes work and time. Unfortunately some page owners are being lazy and scamming for them by posting fake events and photos. One recent example comes from the Facebook page Proud Single Mother, more »

Switch Failure Knocks 4 Major Hosting Providers Offline

A series of network switch failures sent 4 major web hosting providers crashing down late last week. The outage, which lasted about 8 hours, occurred during routine maintenance and had a rippling effect. BlueHost, HostGator, JustHost and HostMonster were all knocked off line.


Facebook’s “Share” Feature Can Get You In Trouble

Sharing is one of Facebook’s core features. Much of the site’s content is generated by users sharing photos, links, videos and other user-generated materials. However, users who abuse this feature are at risk of damaging their reputations and even breaking the law. Don’t believe it? Let’s look at two recent examples. The first involved a more »


How Windows 8 Surprised Me

  I recently got a Windows 8 tablet and yes, I like it! I’ve been using Windows since the days of 3.0 (yes, I’m that old) but when I first heard about 8.0, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Most of what I heard was negative and no start button? Really? When I got a new laptop last fall more »

Facebook Postings Led to Veteran’s Detainment in Psychiatric Hospital

  Civil liberties organization The Rutherford Institute filed a lawsuit against the federal government on behalf of Brandon Raub, a Marine veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who was detained in a psychiatric facility due to posts he made on Facebook. He was taken into custody last August after being questioned by the FBI over the more »

Washington State Court System Hit With Data Breach

The state of Washington’s Administrative Office of the Courts was hacked and the personal information of over 1 million people was exposed. The data, including 160,000 social security numbers and 1 million driver’s license numbers, was accessed sometime between last fall and February. So far the actual theft of only 94 social security numbers has more »

Facebook for Android Rolls Out New Pages Layout

Facebook pushed out an update to its Android app Friday, introducing a new layout for Pages, new stickers for messages, and an update to Facebook Home. The new Pages layout presents the Directions, Check-In and Like buttons in a more accessible location, and messages sent through the app can now use the stickers already available more »


Boston Marathon Bombing Hoaxes Already Going Viral on Facebook

  Just hours after the news broke about the tragedy in Boston, hoaxes started popping up and spreading like wildfire across Facebook and other social media. The first involved the image above, with text saying the child pictured had been killed in the attack and to add to the tragedy, had been running for Newtown, more »

Amazon Wireless’ deals come with a catch

So you’re finally eligible for a phone upgrade after 4 long years and you can’t wait. You’ve done your homework and picked out the perfect new handset for yourself. For the heck of it, you decided to see if there are any deals to be had and find an incredible one at Amazon Wireless. Before more »