Texting and Driving More Fatal than Drinking and Driving Among Teens

  According to new study released in the journal Pediatrics, texting while driving is officially responsible for more accidents and deaths as compared to drinking and driving among teenagers. The study, which was conducted at  Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New York, showed that over 3,000 teenagers die every year sending text messages while driving. By comparison, 2,700 are killed while more »

Google is Helping to Find Missing Individuals from Boston Marathon Explosions

Google has launched a tool to help find missing individuals from the Boston Marathon after two explosions went off on Monday. The explosions occurred close to the finish line of the race, and the Boston Police Department reported that 2 people were killed and another 23 were injured. Reports are saying that mobile services have more »

Windows 8 Behind Vista in Desktop Operating System Race

 New statistics from NetMarketshare show that Windows 8 has reached a mere 3.17% marketshare of desktop operating systems, while Windows Vista — quite possibly the most hated OS from Microsoft — is currently running on 4.99% of desktops worldwide. Windows 7 and Windows XP, on the other hand, are leading the trend with 44.73% and 38.73% marketshare, more »

Pandora to Set Data Cap on Mobile Usage

Internet radio service Pandora is looking to cap free mobile usage after 40 hours per month. Company CEO Joe Kennedy believes that the mobile version of the service is in a similar situation to its desktop counterpart from a few years back, which ultimately needed to generate more money. That being said, Kennedy still aims to keep more »

Glass Smartphones to Arrive this Year

Sam Yu, an executive from Taiwan-based firm Polytron Technologies (a subsidary of Polytronix), is confident that consumers will see partially-transparent smartphones later this year. Unlike traditional smartphones, Polytron is looking to have handset makers use a special glass that contains nearly invisible electrical wiring, which results in a transparent effect. While Polytron has focused mainly more »

YouTube Looking to Step Into Paid Subscription for Premium Channels

According to unnamed sources from AdAge, YouTube may be looking to get into a paid channel service as early as this spring. Starting with approximately 25 channels, the website will offer them from anywhere between $1 to $5 per month. And unlike other online video services, such as Netflix and Hulu Plus, which offer already more »


Microsoft to Expand on Surface Tablets with Cheaper Models

Although the Surface tablet hasn’t been selling quite as well as Microsoft had hoped since its launch last October, the company is already looking to expand the product’s lineup. And while the current RT tablet will be accompanied by next month’s release of the more superior Surface Pro, Microsoft CFO Peter Klein has stated that more »

Facebook underhandedly changes your default email address to

In an attempt to draw more people to use an email address — which leads directly to your Facebook inbox — the social media website has underhandedly changed the default email address on millions of people’s Facebook page. You’d think they’d learn to, oh, I don’t know…communicate this change directly with their user base more »

Apple store refuses to sell iPad to Iranian woman

Sahar Sabet, a 19-year-old Iranian woman from Georgia has claimed that her local Apple store refused to sell her any products after she was heard speaking Farsi. The Apple employee (shown in the picture above) from the North Pointe Mall in Alpharetta stated that he couldn’t sell her any products as the US and Iran have more »

Record labels paying students to snitch on other students over piracy

Record companies are applying a new tactic in their never-ending fight against illegal music downloads. EMI, Sony, Universal, and Warner are investing in an anti-piracy group known as “proMedia” in an attempt to seek out individuals involved with music piracy. Big deal, right? Well, the nuance in this case is that the Germany-based company is more »

Facebook hires former Apple employees, still working on a ‘Facebook phone’

According to The New York Times, Facebook has hired former Apple employees to help design a smartphone branded specifically for the social networking website. The new hires consist of ex-Apple hardware, and software engineers who worked on the iPhone, and one engineer who even worked on the iPad. If you remember some time ago, the more »

StatCounter: Chrome is now the most popular browser

According to StatCounter, Google Chrome has become the most used web browser in the world for its first week ever. The week of May 14th-20th marks the first time that the browser ousted Internet Explorer — the former reigning champion. So what accounts for the rising popularity of Chrome? Don’t look at the North American more »