Sony teams up for FeliCa promotion

Sony has just announced that they will be working together with four other companies in Japan; Mitsui & Co. Ltd., Dai Nippon Printing Co. Ltd., Gourmet Navigator Inc. and Tanseisha Co. Ltd. Each of the companies will be performing different necessary aspects of the project at hand, it is intended that together these companies will more »


Nintendo DS gift guide assistance

The Nintendo DS Platform has a number of great games out and just in time for the holidays! By the end of the year, there will have been more than 400 games released for the DS, which can make shopping for the DS a little difficult. If you are shopping for a DS gamer and more »


A product timeline presented by Nokia

Nokia actually has a very extensive time line. Dating back to the early 1980’s, the company now known primarily for their cell phones believes that by knowing the past of Nokia, it will be possible to more successfully create the future. The first generation analog created with it the Mobira Senator, which was used by more »

The latest in video downloads: SyncTV

With many different companies clammering to get involved in the video download game, it can be difficult to see, at first, what sets SyncTV apart from the rest of its peers. As a spinoff from Pioneer, SyncTV actually does have key characteristics that set it apart and make it stand out from the more familiar more »


PSP Holiday Gift Guide 2007

As the PSP gaming console is determined to be a big hit this year, it will be equally important to provide the gamers on your holiday gift list with games that are just as exciting as the Sony console. When it comes to strategy and RPG games, Jeanne D’Arc is a top contender. Prior to more »


Google IntraNet revealed!

Despite the fact that the name is a complete mystery even to many of the employees that are working on it, Google has created a unique intranet for their workers to take part in during the day. Moma, the intranet portal designed by Google, is a space designed with a simple goal in mind. Moma more »


Xbox 360: Year in review + great games for the holidays!

Shopping for gamers can always be a bit difficult if the shopper is not familiar with the available platform games and the specific tastes of the individual. However, with this helpful guide, shoppers can manage to wrangle up a great holiday gift for any Xbox 360 gamer on their list, getting by knowing only the more »

TVTonic: TV for your PC

TVTonic is a unique new innovation that allows users to watch subscription channels or podcasts on one’s own personal computer. Great for all kinds of lifestyles, TVTonic allows individuals to not only subscribe, but also view and manage any of the many podcasts that also simultaneously support RSS enclosures. The exclusive access channels that TVTonic more »


Google Gadgets now cross-platform

Google Gadgets is the mini-application created and toted by Google offering a wide variety of content to their users. Quick access to items such as news feeds and individualized to-do lists, Google Gadgets have quickly become a great innovation that individuals rely on in their day-to-day life activities. Now, using Google Gadgets has become even more »


GPS showdown: Garmin, TomTom square off

GPS device makers TomTom and Garmin have had to endure a long and drawn out rivalry, however there is an additional company that could give both Garmin and TomTom a cause to be alarmed. Nokia Corp. has also been working to establish themselves within the GPS market. However, certain new developments have paved the way more »

Google goes collaborative with Maps

Google is a very successful company and a great deal of this success comes from their innovative ideas. Their latest development is a collaborative feature added to Google Maps. The success of the My Maps add-on lies with the users. While Google has made it available, it is up to the individuals looking for maps more »