New iMacs: 20 and 24 inches of pure beauty

At today’s Apple keynote, Steve Jobs announced the latest rendition of their popular iMac. The new iMac comes in 20 and 24 inches and is very similar in design to the old style, except for a slimmer look, metallic casing, and a few other minor details. Similar in design, but it definitely got a bump more »

Briefly: New iMac design, keyboard and more

The guys over at Appletell are Live-Blogging Steve Jobs’ keynote right now. Head over there to read up on the new iMacs, software upgrades, and more. [Appletell’s Live-Blog of the Steve Jobs Keynote]

Gamertell Live Blog: Nintendo’s E3 2007 press conference

Our buds over at Gamertell are live-blogging Nintendo’s E3 press conference today, which starts at 12:00AM Eastern, 11:00AM Central, 10:00AM Mountain, and of course 9:00AM Pacific – for you west-coasters.. The post will be updated every few minutes. Tune into the feed by clicking the link below. Go on, get over there for some exciting more »

Video: Sony’s PlayStation Home, coming this Fall

As we already mentioned, Sony has just announced PlayStation Home, a virtual world that you control from your PS3. Check out the video and leave a comment with your impressions. Via [Kotaku]

Sony officially announces PlayStation Home, coming this Fall

In what seems like an effort to fight off the Wii and it’s family friendly image, Sony has gone soft and announced its latest addition to the PS3, PlayStation Home. During their announcement at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), they coined the term Game 3.0, conveniently inlcuding the same “3” that can be found in more »


Bill Gates claims Vista look is innovative, not a copy of OS X

Microsoft’s Bill Gates is still on his media tour following the launch of Vista. Next up is his interview with CNN where he *claims* that Windows Vista is innovative, and that nothing was taken from Apple’s OS X. Video [YouTube] Via [Cult of Mac]


Jabra Bluetooth BT 8010: Talk and listen, or just listen

Sometimes don’t you wish you could just leave on the same headset for music, and for talking on the phone? The Jabra BT 8010 has two ear pieces, a mono one for talking on the phone and a stereo one for listening to streaming music – sounds perfect, right? The device is compatible with Bluetooth more »


Clothes make the man, cases make the iPod

The i-volution Silver catarina leather case for the 60 and 80GB iPods is quite a futuristic looking case. Personally, I think that having a great looking (and well protected) iPod is just as important as the video, audio and other features. The case has access ports for the headphone jack, charging connection and other controls. more »


Employers may give the thumbs-down to the Blackberry

We have four fingers and a thumb. The thumb is very useful, because when combined with our fingers, it allows us to grip tools, weapons, food, and lots of other things. We can give the thumbs-up or thumbs-down, we can hitch hike with it and we can even wrestle with it. But, as far as more »

Cingular should be embarrassed, employees beat the crap out of each other

This is bad for Cingular…very bad. Check out the video above of some Cingular store employees beating the crap out of each other. Obviously we can assume this is all in good fun, but it’s generally a bad idea to record yourself at work yelling out racial slurs. It’s just not good for the career, more »


Take apart your PSP and put it back together in 9 minutes

Note: If you’re at work, turn down your speakers (or put on headphones). If you’re down with voiding the warrenty on your Sony PSP (or just looking for some entertainment), this video is pretty sweet. The video is a demonstration of how to install a PSP-to-TV mod chip – and seems like a rather stupid more »

Breaking: Pre-order Zune on

Are you too antsey to wait til November for the Zune? Well we’ve got good news for you! Wal-Mart has just notified us the Zune is now available for pre-order. The product page states that if you pre-order today, it “should ship on 11/14/2006.” We weren’t expecting this until at least October. So what are more »