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New PENTAX camera features smile capture and blink detection

PENTAX camera model Optio e70

Finally, a camera to take the perfect pics no matter how drunk you or your friends are. PENTAX is releasing two new pocket-sized cameras at CES. First up is the less expensive Optio E70. A camera that takes AA batteries and has a number of features to make picture-taking mindless. With Auto Picture mode, the camera automatically selects from seven shooting modes for the best picture in any situation. The Optio E70 also features Pixel Track Shake Reduction technology, Advanced Face Recognition (32 faces in 0.03 seconds) and Smile Capture and Blink Detection. As long as you don’t drop it, it seems pretty hard to take a bad picture.

CES 2009 Preview: Eaton presents Home Heartbeat

Eaton Base Station Home HearbeatEaton’s Home Heartbeat is a product designed to relieve homeowners who worry about their home while they’re away from home. The product allows you to check-in on everything from whether you left the garage door open to the wetness of your basement floor with just a text message.