Kickstarter Project Spotlight: The PancakeBot 3D printer

Growing up in my house, Sundays were always pancake day. It was always a nice treat to finish out the weekend, and coupled with vegetarian bacon and sausage (yeah, we were that family), the meal was always a crowd-pleaser. My dad liked to get inventive – using cookie cutters to design special pancakes, and those were always a hit. So, when I read about the PancakeBot 3D pancake batter printer, I was certainly intrigued.

CES 2015 Wrap-Up: Trends and expectations (part 1)

Although CES 2014 was my first, I felt I learned a lot from that experience. And since I’ve been told I’m a pretty smart guy, I devised a plan to make CES 2015 even more efficient. Maybe this time I wouldn’t end up with a blistered limp by the end of the week (I didn’t!). But this meant passing up on any scheduled booth meeting, minimizing backtracking across the show floors, and using buses as breaks to rest my soles. With this in mind, I had high expectations to squeeze out more for myself, like a glorified tech glutton.

Teenagers create 3D-printed wristband, KipstR, for your drowsy holiday binge-watching

Two teenagers developed the KipstR wristband which senses when the wearer falls asleep and subsequently pauses and records whatever the viewer has on the television.

Bold Machines seeks to take 3D printing to the movies

Following in the steps of animation, claymation and CGI, a new “Innovation Workshop” appears to be shooting to bring 3D printing and the entertainment industry together, among other things.

Second MakerBot-Ready App enables you to 3D-print personalized iPhone cases

3D printer manufacturer MakerBot today announced that the second MakerBot-Ready App is now available. The app, developed by Fraemes, enables users to 3D-print as many personalized iPhone cases as they want with no design experience necessary.

Amazon launches customizable 3D printing store

Along with Home Depot’s recent 3D printing news, Amazon has, of course, decided to take a piece of the customized 3D-printed pie. And it actually looks really cool. Consumers can now customize 3D-printed goods in terms of size, color, material and design. Products include jewelry, electronics, toys, games, phone cases, home decor, and heck even little bobbleheads!

CreoPop is the cool next-gen 3D printing pen

It’s interesting how the recent boom of affordable 3D printers has uncovered how ridiculously expensive medical prosthetics truly are. Not a week goes by without reading some story about how people created a prosthetic limb to benefit one in need. In fact, the amazing successes of medical 3D printing makes is easy to forget how 3D printing is also for fun and creativity.


An exact calculation of how much you’ll save with a Mink makeup 3D printer

Since Grace Choi announced the development of her Mink 3D makeup printer, I’ve been dreaming for days at a time about how much money I’m going to save and all the vacations I’m going to take with it when I finally get my hands on one. In an obsession-induced frenzy, I’ve calculated exactly how much money the more »

10 things I would 3D print myself as using the Mod T printer

Now that I know I can probably afford a 3D printer at some point in the future, my mind is already wandering to the many things i could 3D print at my leisure. And as a self-obsessed narcissist, most of them involve 3D printed models of myself. That being said, here’s a list of 10 things I would 3D print myself as if I had the Mod T printer.

Intel will make it possible to 3D print your own adorable robot

If the thought of robots being 3D printed in every home gives you the I, Robot fear shivers, you might want to move on to an article about beaches and summer reading. If not, continue at your own risk! The robots are coming! While Intel’s new 3D printed robots are not as scary as the ones Google and other companies are acquiring, it is still a robot. And this robot is adorable and named Jimmy! How can you be scared of a robot named Jimmy?


Mink: One brilliant girl and 3D printing just collapsed a $55 million industry

Two weeks ago I went to Sephora and dropped $280 on makeup. I do this regularly at Sephora because I’m passionate about makeup and the internet community it’s created. I also take my physical appearance very seriously because if I do it right, I get free shiz. Grace Choi likes makeup, too. She likes it more »

The week in 3D printing: penguin beaks, chaise lounges, skulls, chocolate and more

Here’s what’s been going on in the world of 3D printing over the last week.