Getting the shot with Izzi Remix lens iPhone case

With Izzi’s new Remix lens iPhone case you always have lenses to enhance your iPhone pictures immediately available. The five-in-one lenses fit over the iPhone camera lens for wide angle, macro, and telephoto pictures. It’s a simple solution to get more from your best camera—the iPhone that you always have with you. While picture quality is generally good, the case has a few issues.

Smart Spray iPhone case gets us all misty

Interested in being annoying, charming or perhaps a supervillain? A new iPhone case named Smart Spray might be your ticket.


TechnologyTell Review: Logitech Keys-to-Go keyboard

To some people, a keyboard is just a keyboard. But they may be the same type who can pick any random mechanical pencil off of retail peg-hooks and feel completely satisfied. I don’t know how to do that, since even mechanical pencils are tools in my eyes. And any tools I use – knives for the kitchen, trimmers for the backyard, or keyboards for writing/gaming – are carefully chosen for the long-term.

Next-gen Powerslayer Blu charges, saves, and notifies

Although the talk about greener energy and conservation has remained fairly consistent over the past couple of years, it’s good to see new companies and products coming around and taking action. And as we all know, it’s the actions that speaker louder than the press.

Pre-Order HAVOC water resistant battery case for iPhone 6

You’ve owned a brand-new iPhone 6 and have survived #bendgate, #crescentgate, and what have you. Either your dextrous hands and/or protective case have served you well. So now it’s time to get crazy and wild on some adventure outside of your stuffy home or boring cubicle.

Review: Adonit Jot Script & Touch

I’ve spent the past week or so with the new Adonit Jot Script and Jot Touch. For some background, if you haven’t seen my other stylus reviews, I love to draw on my iPad– I draw disney characters and not much more, because I’m eternally nine years old. Having spent a good couple months with more »

The 10 best #AppleEvent tweets

Seems like every week now there’s another Apple event that you just HAVE to know about. Yawn. Today’s was the highly anticipated iPad event, which shockingly announced the new thinnest iPad ever: the iPad Air 2. Along with that, it was announced that Apple Pay would begin on October 20, but of course the best part was Stephen Colbert’s appearance. Oh, and of course Apple had to be all, “You think 4K is cool? PSHHH we’ve got 5K resolution.” So yeah, that about sums it up. However, you know me – I much prefer catching up via Twitter.

Thus, I assembled the 10 best #AppleEvent tweets so you can laugh along with me! Enjoy!

Luxy Diary: Day 1 1/2 on ‘Tinder for rich people’

Yesterday I set out on a brave new journey to find my rich soulmate and was completely disappointed to find that the app was broken. I waxed UNpoetic about the trials and tribulations of Tinder “riff-raff” (STREET RAT!) and patted myself on the back for being just attractive enough to slip on in through the more »


The 8 best iPhone 6 #bendgate tweets

While you’re busy trying to distract yourself from your warped iPhone 6 screen, check out some of the best #bendgate tweets.

Roaring iPhone 6 sales prompt earlier-than-planned Galaxy Note 4 rollout

For the first time in years, Samsung posted what can only be described as negative financial results last quarter. Sure, Samsung still drew a profit, but it was nowhere near the mark they had anticipated.

Sony boards Apple-mocking train to poke fun at iPhone 6 cameras

Apple may have not revolutionized the imaging capabilities of the iPhone 5s to come up with the iPhone 6/6 Plus duo, yet the new rear-facing cameras protrude in a very distinct and slightly vexing way. That’s because, while they settle for seemingly modest 8 megapixel sensors, they add optical image stabilization and phase detection focus into the bag of photo-improving goodies.

Finally, a tasteful anti-Apple Samsung Galaxy Note 4 commercial (video)

It may have taken Samsung a little longer than usual, but in the end, they’ve come up with the perfect iPhone 6 Plus-mocking/Galaxy Note 4 advertising effort. Granted, it’s not as laugh-out-loud hilarious as the legendary “dude, you’re a barista” commercial.