Halo Back upgrades your iPhone 6, 6 Plus with one-handed control

As owner and huge fan of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (and previously Note 2), I know how it is to deal with a large-screened smartphone. Things tend to get a little trickier when I want to use it one-handed, and it does require an added bit of dexterity. It’s not a big deal, since more »

iPad Pro with AgNW display likely pushed to 2016 release

The Apple iPad Pro could feature a silver nanowire (AgNW) display for optimized performance and thinner touch screen profile; possible 2016 release.

Boost Android, iOS mobile audio with HRT dSp, shipping now

High Resolution Technologies has just announced consumer shipping of their latest HRT nano series dSp and HRT i-dSp digital sound processors.

Companies set to suffer as Apple, Samsung buddy up again

Over the past couple of years, news about the conflicts between Samsung and Apple have drawn eyes, comments, and speculation. It makes for pretty exciting reading, especially for the curious and gossipy. But unknown to many, Apple and Samsung have had beneficial, working relationships with each other.

Worried about Apple Watch battery life? Pre-order the Reserve Strap

One of the biggest concerns/complaints about many of the latest smartwatches is the battery life. When you put powerful hardware underneath a gorgeous screen in a small body to fit on your wrist, something has to give. So it comes as no surprise that many consumers balk at the idea of charging a watch on more »

Check this ultimate expansion case for iPhone 6, Galaxy S5, S6 Edge

Most smartphone cases are designed with one thing in mind. Protection. Second to that might be design and style, catering to the unique individuals we all are. That’s pretty much it for the wide majority of smartphone cases. However, over the past few years we’ve seen some manufacturers incorporate extended battery packs, and/or flash memory more »

Need a new USB or Lightning cable? Check these Kickstarter picks

Good USB cables are hard to come by, at least when it comes to the cables included with many tech devices. It’s rare to find one that is durable, can charge up to 2A (or more), and syncs data. And when we do – those are the keepers! There’s little reason to hang on to sub-standard USB cables once you own a select, quality few. Or even at all.

Do more with less! Bricwave Xpress flash drive, fast charge cable

One thing about owning and using gadgets is that it’s not hard to quietly grow a collection of devices. You start adding to your gear, and suddenly you feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of items! If you continue on, you’ll come down with GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). It’s real. Go Google it.

Apple now rejecting iPhone apps which mention the Pebble

Apple no longer accepts apps which mention competing smartwatches. A Pebble app developer just had an app update rejected.

Forget stands. BLOC is far more elegant for the Apple Watch

For some reason, companies seem to be fixated on creating a charging stand for the Apple Watch. Sure, they come in a variety of different materials and colors, but they all share a similar shape. You get a base with a curved arm to elevate your precious precious. I don’t know if habits change from a ‘normal’ watch to a ‘smart’ one, but I’ve never perched my watches. Just laid them down flat next to my other daily accessories.

Jamstik is back, better than ever with upgrades & BLE

Forget Guitar Hero. If you want to have some fun and learn instrument skills while you’re at it, you go with the Jamstik. The company knocked it out of the park with their original Jamstik product, and they are now providing consumers with the early opportunity to get the latest Jamstik+.

Actionproof Bumper for Apple Watch now available to pre-order

What good is a shiny new Apple Watch without accessories? While you’re waiting for yours to ship, you can pick up The Bumper case, which is also available for pre-order.