FlipBook for iPad Air adds class, easy viewing angles

When it comes to using mobile devices hands-free, you’ll have an easier time and improve your comfort with a stand. When it comes to choice of stands, there are so many out there that range from ok, good, and great. After having used quite a few, I’ve decided to never settle for less than the best. The top two criteria are portability and adjustable angles.


Research shows iPhone 5s sales continue to outpace Samsung Galaxy S5 demand

As Apple’s iPhone 5s rapidly nears its one-year anniversary and Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is barely three months old, you’d think the latter would have no problem eclipsing the former’s sales. Especially since not one, but two iPhone 6 models are on the horizon.

Financial analyst predicts booming Apple iWatch sales during the first year

With Apple’s first foray into the fledgling wearable territory as good as confirmed, and many specifications and features nearly set in stone, all that’s left to be revealed is iWatch’s release timeline, recommended retail price and sales objectives.

Deal alert: 32 GB Apple iPad Air for $490 via top-rated eBay seller

While Apple and its retail partners have been unusually generous with prospective buyers of the iPhone 5c, 5s and both iPad mini generations lately, iPad Air promotions have always been hard to come by and mostly crappy.

Samsung (subtly) mocks Apple once again in Galaxy Tab S commercials (video)

It’s become a sort of inelegant tradition for Samsung to take jabs at Apple every once in a while, despite Cupertino almost never retaliating. Or maybe that’s exactly the reason the Koreans continue to advertise their Galaxy products in contrast to iDevices.

Apple iWatch not coming by November, sapphire glass and flexible display lead rumored specs

The timing of Apple’s predictable iWatch release looks like the biggest question mark relating to the highly anticipated wearable device, as no one really doubts anymore the gizmo will be coming sooner or later.

Gadgetell Review: FiftyThree Pencil

For the past year or so I’ve been using the FiftyThree Paper app on my iPad to doodle. It wasn’t until this summer that I got serious about learning to draw, but the timing couldn’t be better because I fell into possession of a Pencil, the smart stylus developed for a more productive drawing experience in Paper. more »

Revocharge provides wall-speed wireless charging for iPhone 5, Android

As it is right now, wireless charging is generally more exciting in concept than in practice. Qi wireless charging is available across a variety of products to enhance smartphones and ditch cables. The problem, which is likely holding Qi back from greatness, is the technology itself. Induction charging is slow slow slow. While it’s not so bad if you’re leaving a gadget to charge overnight, half an amp during the daytime just doesn’t cut it.

Monkey Parking on iOS? Prepare to be fined for violations

If you’re a resident of San Francisco, California, then parking is just one of the norms that goes with living in such a city. However, if you’re an infrequent visitor, then trying to find parking can easily turn into a source of frustration, grief, and/or fury. Who are we kidding? Those emotions can be for anyone and everyone attempting to find parking in the great city of San Francisco.

Walmart discounts on-contract iPhone 5c to $29, iPhone 5s to $99 (in-store only)

It’s no big secret anymore that Apple iPhone 6 releases are drawing near, with large 4.7 and 5.5-inch displays and numerous hardware upgrades in the cards. But maybe you prefer portability and a compact form factor over extra screen real estate and bulkiness. Or maybe you don’t care to wait until September, possibly October, and want an iPhone now.

TouchPal gesture keyboard app available for iOS 8

For some iOS users, it’s an exhilarating sigh of relief. For others, it’s an introduction to brand new way of typing that will forever change the way they communicate. That’s right. What used to be a coveted feather in Android’s proverbial cap is now going to be available to Apple users everywhere: a gesture keyboard.

Apple discounts slew of refurb MacBook Pros, Retina models now start at $1,060

Perhaps signaling lower iDemand than usual, Apple has very recently discounted a host of refurbished iPads, also joining hands with Target to offer a never-before-seen promotion on brand new iPad mini variants.