Luxy Diary: Day 1 1/2 on ‘Tinder for rich people’

Yesterday I set out on a brave new journey to find my rich soulmate and was completely disappointed to find that the app was broken. I waxed UNpoetic about the trials and tribulations of Tinder “riff-raff” (STREET RAT!) and patted myself on the back for being just attractive enough to slip on in through the more »


The 8 best iPhone 6 #bendgate tweets

While you’re busy trying to distract yourself from your warped iPhone 6 screen, check out some of the best #bendgate tweets.

Roaring iPhone 6 sales prompt earlier-than-planned Galaxy Note 4 rollout

For the first time in years, Samsung posted what can only be described as negative financial results last quarter. Sure, Samsung still drew a profit, but it was nowhere near the mark they had anticipated.

Sony boards Apple-mocking train to poke fun at iPhone 6 cameras

Apple may have not revolutionized the imaging capabilities of the iPhone 5s to come up with the iPhone 6/6 Plus duo, yet the new rear-facing cameras protrude in a very distinct and slightly vexing way. That’s because, while they settle for seemingly modest 8 megapixel sensors, they add optical image stabilization and phase detection focus into the bag of photo-improving goodies.

Finally, a tasteful anti-Apple Samsung Galaxy Note 4 commercial (video)

It may have taken Samsung a little longer than usual, but in the end, they’ve come up with the perfect iPhone 6 Plus-mocking/Galaxy Note 4 advertising effort. Granted, it’s not as laugh-out-loud hilarious as the legendary “dude, you’re a barista” commercial.

TAG Heuer to offer smartwatch, presumably not “too feminine”

Last week, luxury watchmaker Jean-Claude Biver, who heads up the popular TAG Heuer brand, lambasted the Apple Watch in an interview with German media. Now why would he say those awful things? Maybe because his TAG Heuer brand is developing its own smartwatch.

BelayCords creates fully reversible Lightning, USB cables

Whether or not you feel the creation of Apple’s Lightning cable is a money-making ploy in disguise, you can’t argue results. There is no up, down, or flipping; the cable tip just plugs right in. Rumors have been floating around recently about a Lightning cable with a reversible USB connector. Unfortunately, it appears unlikely that Apple will ship these revamped cables and adaptors with the upcoming iPhone 6.


Has Apple jumped the shark with its latest news?

I remember the months prior to June 8th, 2002. Lennox Lewis held the title for heavyweight boxing champion, and the masses were eager to see former heavyweight ‘Iron Mike’ Tyson go head-to-head against Lewis. What could have been a fight of legend ended up very one-sided, as Lewis dispatched the aging Tyson with a knockout victory. By the third round, the disappointment was palpable as months of hype left viewers to witness the inevitable, technical defeat. I made a big’ole bowl of popcorn, for nuthin’.

Apple slashes iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c prices on heels of iPhone 6 announcement

Yes, fellow Apple fans, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally come. No, I don’t mean the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus introductions. Have you seen those big, ugly, overpriced things? Yeesh. Nor am I referring to the formal debut of the Apple Watch.

The best Apple iPhone 6 and Apple Watch parody videos

Are you sick and tired of hearing about Apple yet? Us too. Naturally, yesterday’s event created quite the buzz in terms of the products that Apple has in the pipeline. From the iPhone 6 Plus to the Apple Watch (DON’T CALL IT AN iWATCH), it seems the Cupertino company is gearing up for a jam-packed 2015. However, I have no plans to purchase an iPhone 6 or an Apple Watch, so instead of joining the excitement, I would rather join all the efforts to make fun of the new products.

10 hilarious #AppleLive tweets to distract you

Apple is like the Marcia Brady of the tech world, and based off today’s announcements, that’s not going to change any time soon. So, instead of writing about how amazing and innovative Apple’s new iPhone and Watch are, I’m just going to round up some hilarious tweets from Apple’s #AppleLive hashtag. I just like you guys that much.

10 activities you can do with iPhone’s new one-handed feature

So, while people might make the obvious jokes about the possibilities a one-handed feature will provide for the iPhone’s perverted users, let me suggest a couple other activities you will be able to partake in. Granted, you could already do these activities but now you can do them while tweeting about them!