Apple slashes iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c prices on heels of iPhone 6 announcement

Yes, fellow Apple fans, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally come. No, I don’t mean the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus introductions. Have you seen those big, ugly, overpriced things? Yeesh. Nor am I referring to the formal debut of the Apple Watch.

The best Apple iPhone 6 and Apple Watch parody videos

Are you sick and tired of hearing about Apple yet? Us too. Naturally, yesterday’s event created quite the buzz in terms of the products that Apple has in the pipeline. From the iPhone 6 Plus to the Apple Watch (DON’T CALL IT AN iWATCH), it seems the Cupertino company is gearing up for a jam-packed 2015. However, I have no plans to purchase an iPhone 6 or an Apple Watch, so instead of joining the excitement, I would rather join all the efforts to make fun of the new products.

10 hilarious #AppleLive tweets to distract you

Apple is like the Marcia Brady of the tech world, and based off today’s announcements, that’s not going to change any time soon. So, instead of writing about how amazing and innovative Apple’s new iPhone and Watch are, I’m just going to round up some hilarious tweets from Apple’s #AppleLive hashtag. I just like you guys that much.

10 activities you can do with iPhone’s new one-handed feature

So, while people might make the obvious jokes about the possibilities a one-handed feature will provide for the iPhone’s perverted users, let me suggest a couple other activities you will be able to partake in. Granted, you could already do these activities but now you can do them while tweeting about them!

Accessory Review: Inateck MP1502

My favorite thing to do with my gadgets is to wrap them up in fashion. Pretty phone cases, laptop skins and Nintendo pouches never fail to get me excited, but I haven’t purchased a new protective case for my MacBook Pro since I was a wee freshman at Towson University. My old case was squishy, more »

LA schools won’t give iPads to all students

The Los Angeles school district began a $1 billion program in 2013 that would have provided all students with iPads, WiFi connection in schools, and iPad-based textbooks. There have been so many issues and complaints associated with the implementation of the plan that the district is reportedly halting its contract with Apple. The LA Times reports that the superintendent of the LA Unified School District has halted the contract. This means students in the district’s 800 schools are not going to receive iPads.


Rumor: iPhone 6 model to feature “weak” spec

There’s been a lot of speculation and discussion about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 and how it’s going to compete against other devices from competitors. This latest leak, if it holds true, will leave many hopeful users a little crestfallen. The iPhone 6 may only feature 1GB of RAM, where so many of the latest smartphones have been packing 2GB or 3GB.

Coupon code slashes $100 off select tablets, computers and iPads at Staples

Apple’s iPad Air is likely a mere month or so away from getting a sequel, and although odds are the sixth-gen 9.7 incher won’t revolutionize anything, it’s probably smart to hold off until the follow-up is official if you’re considering the purchase of a large iPad.


11 school apps that will make this school year so much easier

Remember those dreaded assignment books that made school seem like it was going to be a breeze on the first day, but quickly ended up lost, shredded, or just plain left unused? iHomework replaces this relic. It’s the perfect app to help keep you organized whether you’re earning your Master’s degree or just starting middle school. more »

NomadPlus upgrades Apple wall chargers with battery power

Although I’m not an Apple user, I greatly admire the thought and design that go into Apple’s best products. They look good, what can I say? While many accessories out there complement and flow with Apple’s svelte designs, some do it with jaw-dropping effect. One of the most recent examples of mobile brilliance comes from Nomad with their NomadPlus battery upgrade for Apple wall chargers.

FlipBook for iPad Air adds class, easy viewing angles

When it comes to using mobile devices hands-free, you’ll have an easier time and improve your comfort with a stand. When it comes to choice of stands, there are so many out there that range from ok, good, and great. After having used quite a few, I’ve decided to never settle for less than the best. The top two criteria are portability and adjustable angles.


Research shows iPhone 5s sales continue to outpace Samsung Galaxy S5 demand

As Apple’s iPhone 5s rapidly nears its one-year anniversary and Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is barely three months old, you’d think the latter would have no problem eclipsing the former’s sales. Especially since not one, but two iPhone 6 models are on the horizon.