Monkey Parking on iOS? Prepare to be fined for violations

If you’re a resident of San Francisco, California, then parking is just one of the norms that goes with living in such a city. However, if you’re an infrequent visitor, then trying to find parking can easily turn into a source of frustration, grief, and/or fury. Who are we kidding? Those emotions can be for anyone and everyone attempting to find parking in the great city of San Francisco.

Walmart discounts on-contract iPhone 5c to $29, iPhone 5s to $99 (in-store only)

It’s no big secret anymore that Apple iPhone 6 releases are drawing near, with large 4.7 and 5.5-inch displays and numerous hardware upgrades in the cards. But maybe you prefer portability and a compact form factor over extra screen real estate and bulkiness. Or maybe you don’t care to wait until September, possibly October, and want an iPhone now.

TouchPal gesture keyboard app available for iOS 8

For some iOS users, it’s an exhilarating sigh of relief. For others, it’s an introduction to brand new way of typing that will forever change the way they communicate. That’s right. What used to be a coveted feather in Android’s proverbial cap is now going to be available to Apple users everywhere: a gesture keyboard.

Apple discounts slew of refurb MacBook Pros, Retina models now start at $1,060

Perhaps signaling lower iDemand than usual, Apple has very recently discounted a host of refurbished iPads, also joining hands with Target to offer a never-before-seen promotion on brand new iPad mini variants.

The 5 emotional stages of buying a new smartphone

Buying a new smartphone is an emotional experience from the moment you hand over your credit card and watch the sales clerk put his grubby hands all over your shiny new device to the moment you decide to flush it down the toilet for an insured replacement. Nothing elicits rage, affection, irritation, and excitement like a cell more »


Deal alert: First-gen Apple iPad mini drops to $199 in Target stores

First, Apple heavily bolstered its refurbished iPad line-up, discounting all versions except for the Air in the process. And now Target takes things to a whole new level, slashing the price of unused first-gen iPad minis to $199.

Apple may force users to replace headphones

After weeks of speculation, the true reason and vision behind Apple’s acquisition of Beats could be at hand. A recent article by Forbes theorizes that Apple may have intentions to eliminate the 3.5mm headphone jack from its devices. If this prediction turns out to be true, then Apple users everywhere will be forced to replace their current headphones with compatible ones. What would be the first and most widely-available brand of upgrade? That’s right. Beats.

Apple offers limited-time deals on refurbished iPads, special prices start at $249

While we usually wouldn’t recommend you to get a reconditioned gadget as a Father’s Day gift, refurbished iPads purchased via Apple’s online store are practically new and come with standard one-year warranties, so they’re terrific buys.

TechnologyTell Review: iHome ultra slim battery case for iPhone 5

Our addiction to mobile devices had helped to promote the surge of external battery packs and additional means for charging on the go. Nothing is worse than a dead smartphone when you need it most. One of the many popular ways to keep a smartphone going is through a battery case.

Bluetooth flash drive, MBLOK, serves iOS, Android storage

When it comes to wireless flash drive media, there’s a few companies to choose from. You’ve got SanDisk and Kingston, to name a couple . Wireless hard drives? Oh, there’s more, such as the Corsair Voyager, Seagate GoFlex, and Patriot Aero. Users can stream music, video, and access data. All of these use standard WiFi to connect to mobile devices via an app. Up until now, there hasn’t been a Bluetooth option at all.

Google now most valuable brand, getting ahead of Apple

Apple used to be the top brand all over the world but this year, it’s Google’s turn to be No. 1. This is according to a ’2014 100 Top BrandZ’ report. The document showed that Google is worth $158.9 billion having seen a 40% increase in value.


iOS devices gain external flash storage with iStick

Although flash drives have been around for quite some time, only recently have smartphone-compatible ones been available. Recent examples for USB drives compatible with Android devices are the SanDisk Ultra Dual USB and the Leef Access. But you can also find more options from Imation, Sony, TDK, Kingston, and others. What you likely won’t find are iOS compatible flash drives. Considering that iPhones don’t have a MicroSD card slot for expanded storage, like many Android devices do, there’s a dearth of options for Apple users.