GadgeTell Review: Voxoa HD Wireless Headphones

The objects we own and the clothes we wear say a bit of something about who we are, or at least who we want people to think we are. That’s just how fashion and accessories go these days. With technology quickly spreading into the realm of wearables, like an octopus needing a good after-nap stretch, appearances are starting to matter more.

Does music move you? Study shows 67% cut workouts without

It’s well understood that we as humans love music, each to our own degree. Whether it’s for relaxing or evoking emotion during a tense movie scene, music draws from us in ways that very little else can. You say you love your music, but would you pick it over human interaction for a day? How about choosing it over a meal instead? You might, especially if you’re a millennial.

The A Audio Legacy ANC Elite HD on ear headphones deliver supreme sound and fashion

If you asked my mom what’s at the top of my wishlist, she’d admit that I have been hounding her for a cool, leather jacket. “BUT MOM! ALL THE COOL KIDS HAVE THEM!” I guess I’m not persuasive enough. However, after the A Audio Legacy ANC Elite HD on-ear headphones arrived at my desk, I realized I had it all wrong. What’s the point of a leather jacket? It can’t even do anything! Meanwhile, the A Audio headphones look far cooler than a leather jacket, and their audio capabilities are unmatched.

Klipsch launches two new in-ear headphones

If you’ve been circling your local headphones retailer looking for new in-ear headphones, this news is for you. Klipsch has added two new in-ear headphones to its Reference line, the Reference R6 and the Reference R6i. These are in addition to the existing Reference home theater speakers.

GadgeTell Review: Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS

I’m always interested in the latest speakers and audio technology that comes about. Nothing expensive, though, but just in the typical consumer price bracket. What can I say, except that I have a budget for the equipment to create the soundtrack for my life.v

Velodyne gives headphone users some skin

If you’re looking to customize your headphones, manufacturer Velodyne has some ideas for you. The company has introduced its Designer Skins for use with its vFree and vLeve headphones.

Denon introduces two new Music Maniac in-ear headphones

Denon Electronics has announced two new additions to its popular Denon Music Maniac headphone line. The new additions come in the form of two in-ear headphones, the AH-C50 and the AH-C120. The in-ear headphones are set to hit the market in April at select Denon dealers and online.

12 ideas for personalizing your headphones

Looking for ideas on how to personalize your headphones? Here are 12 videos that will give you some.

TechnologyTell Review: Outdoor Tech. Tuis Bluetooth Headphones

Outdoor Tech is known for their rugged, wireless Turtle Shell boom box, and at CES 2014 the Big Turtle Shell was the front and center star. Even with the noise and bustle all around, these audio products brought some serious sound.

Plantronics adds safety features in BackBeat FIT headphone

While some parts of the country are still getting the business-end of weather and storms, other areas are ready for spring and summer. Whether you’re inside, avoiding the wet and cold, or outside, enjoying the fresh air, music is probably your faithful workout companion.

Denon launches USB DAC for audiophile quality sound

Many companies are making a return to Hi-Fi with releases of audio products touting improved sound quality. From headphones to speakers, easily portable or not, consumers have a wide range of options available.

Hot Electronics Deals for February 18

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