Klipsch introduces Reference R6m in-ear monitor

Klipsch has launched its Reference R6m in-ear monitor, a universal headphone for any device. The product joins Klipsch’s other Reference Series headphones: the R6 and R6i.

MaCO magnetic cable tie is perfect for headphones, mobile

Although technological advances have been marching us toward environments of wireless-everything, cables are still a reality. Even if you don’t mind how they coil about and criss-cross everywhere, wires still require management. Unless you really, truly don’t care. But the rest of us prefer to have a little organization and tidiness.

TechnologyTell Review: BlueAnt Pump HD Sportbuds

If you’ve ever tried running or working out with a set of cabled headphones, you likely know the feeling of inconvenience they present. If the cords aren’t getting in the way somehow, they’re banging around and generating line noise. When you’re done, they need to get wrapped up without tangling. Depending on the workout intensity, you might need to wipe sweat and/or grime off too.

Betabrand hoodie lets you listen to headphones with hood up

A downside to using hoodies is that you cannot actually use the hood while still wearing regular headphones. Betabrand says that it has an answer to this problem with a new hoodie that lets sound pass through but not dust or water. The Betabrand hoodie costs just $158, and the company says that it is using an “acoustically transparent” fabric to improve sound quality through the hood.

Beats targets fake Chinese imitators with lawsuit

Beats Electronics has revealed that it is suing multiple Chinese companies involved in the production and sale of counterfeit Beats headphones. Counterfeit items are a major problem in the technology industry, and China unfortunately remains a safe haven for many counterfeiters. This lawsuit alleges that many of the counterfeiters have created websites purportedly selling genuine Beats headphones. Even though some customers may recognize that the sites are not legitimate, the counterfeiters use Beats trademarks and logos to convince others that they are really being sold Beats products.

Get affordable wireless earbuds with new Jabra Step Wireless

While some people don’t mind maxing their budget for the best audio quality possible, others are content to get the best bang-for-their-buck. Sometimes, that’s a little easier said than done, considering the different qualities one would want: fit, audio quality, and appearance, to name a few. Some of the best, budget-friendly audio options are ones that are inexpensive, yet don’t come off as cheap. That’s the key point right there.

Beats banned from World Cup by FIFA

FIFA has decided to ban the use of Beats headphones in the World Cup 2014 stadium since the event’s headphones sponsor is Sony, not Beats. Certain soccer players have been seen wearing Beats headphones at the arena, and at least one has appeared in an advertisement for the company. Since Beats is not officially connected to the event, apparently FIFA doesn’t like seeing them around.

Apple may force users to replace headphones

After weeks of speculation, the true reason and vision behind Apple’s acquisition of Beats could be at hand. A recent article by Forbes theorizes that Apple may have intentions to eliminate the 3.5mm headphone jack from its devices. If this prediction turns out to be true, then Apple users everywhere will be forced to replace their current headphones with compatible ones. What would be the first and most widely-available brand of upgrade? That’s right. Beats.

MTX Audio shipping Margaritaville headphones

Attention Parrotheads: MTX Audio is now shipping all models of its MTX Margaritaville Audio on-ear and in-ear headphones so you can, in the company’s words, “listen to the Sound of Paradise.”

LG launches new fitness wearable products

We all know wearables are the hot products right now, whether you like it or not. LG is entering the fitness wearables market with two new products, the LG Lifeband Touch and the LG Heart Rate Earphones to help users meet their technological fitness needs.


Technology Tell Review: The State of 808 Headphones Is Strong

We checked out the 808 Audio HPA89WHG and HPA89BKMBT headphones and liked what we heard.

TechnologyTell Review: Life n Soul MT103 Bluetooth Earphones

At CES 2014, I stopped by the Life n Soul booth in a very unlikely place – the Gold Pavillion. Such a booth and all the displayed audio products would have been better suited somewhere in the South Hall. Nonetheless, I took a listen to a few of their headphones, which sounded pretty good. But since this was in the mid-afternoon on the last day of CES, I couldn’t stay long.