SXSW 2015 – Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 ears-on

I totally missed them them at CES 2015, so I was thrilled to pass through the Audio Technica booth at SXSW 2015 (disclosure: my wonderful trip to SXSW sponsored by Capital One). And I have this compulsion to stop and put on headphones whenever I pass some by. Even if I’ve experienced them before, as has been the case with some other brands. It’s weird but, hey, whatever, I’m in Austin. Keepin’ it weird.

TechnologyTell Review: Marshall Major II headphones

There’s almost no shortage of on-ear headphones between the $100 and $150 price bracket. But what’s common with so many is the amount of plastic you get in bowing headbands. While I don’t have anything against plastic construction, I greatly appreciate flexible and stylish designs. If a headband is going to circle over my head more »

NEOH smart 3D headphones now available for pre-order

If you’re an avid gamer, or one who likes to enjoy movies in the quiet comfort of headphones, then 3D Sound Labs has what can be your best unbirthday present ever. Ever. The company has just opened up pre-orders for their NEOH smart 3D headphones on Kickstarter, with deliveries anticipated to commence this summer.

TechnologyTell Review: High Resolution Technologies dSp

While attending CES 2015, I made a point to visit as many audio-related booths as I could. While floating through the upper floors in the Venetian, I happened to pop into the suite for High Resolution Technologies. Why? Because they were playing some fun music loud enough to lure me in (unlike almost half of the other suites on those three floors).


TechnologyTell Review: House of Marley Liberate XLBT heaphones

Are you in need of an audio upgrade, yet want something above and beyond the typical all-plastic design? Well you’re not the only one. The folks at House of Marley work with a lot of natural wood, fabric, and metal. If you want some new cans that feel and sound amazing, read on!


CES 2015 Wrap-Up: Trends and expectations (part 2)

Without a doubt, this is going to be a year of the drones. CES 2015 had an area dedicated to drones, and the enthusiasm was neither lacking nor diluted.

Monster sues Beats

After Beats by Dr. Dre sold out to Apple, a lot of people felt badly for Monster, the company that originally invented Beats and got royally screwed, locked out of the financial windfall by a bad contract. Well, now Monster, which never met a lawsuit it didn’t like, is taking the whole sordid mess to court.

Monster unveils new headphones at CES 2015

Although Head Monster, Noel Lee, was unable to attend the hyped Monster Press Conference at CES 2015, the press conference made up for it with exciting celebrity guests and new products. Guests included television host, Nick Cannon; athlete Blake Leeper; and professional basketball player, Shaq (which you know I was excited about).

CHIPS headphones max music for extreme outdoor adventure

If you take a moment to think about it, headphones meant for physical activity are still kind of limiting. Sure, most of them connect wirelessly via Bluetooth and some may even be sweat-proof too. But these ones are really meant for your basic, “tame” routines of jogging/running, cycling, or sometimes swimming.

Review: Yamaha EPH-M100 and M200 headphones

I’ve been using the Yamaha EPH-M100 and M200 for about a week now, switching back and forth attempting to discern a difference in the sound quality. Both sets are meant to offer a deeper bass experience, but the M200 offers an even crisper sound for the true audiophile. The difference in sound is subtle but more »


Muzik smart social headphones now available for purchase

Most people love music. Most people also love keeping in touch with social media. However, there doesn’t seem to be enough sharing of music through social media. I know that I’m always on the lookout for new hits or hidden gems.

BTunes upgrades corded headphones to Bluetooth 4.0 aptX

Wireless anything is big business right now. The rise of smartphones and tablets over the past few years have spurred on the boom of cloud storage, media streaming services, and Bluetooth audio products. Especially Bluetooth audio products. You can find the latest wireless speakers and headphones in practically every size, shape, and color.