GadgeTell Review: Wren V5BT Speaker (Rosewood)

If you haven’t noticed, there have been a lot (i.e. a flood) of new audio products hitting the market recently. New technologies and features have been added to speaker systems to add value and maintain a competitive edge.

House of Marley Ears-On, From CES 2014

While roaming the halls of CES 2014, you couldn’t get very far without passing another booth showing off an assortment of Bluetooth speakers and/or headphones. Bright colors had been a recurring theme as well, with some products looking more like polished candy than pressed plastic.

CES 2014: Monster Unveils New Products in Celebration of 35th Anniversary

On Monday, Monster Products took the stage for their CES 2014 press conference. In the typical Monster fashion, head monster Noel Lee took the stage as Rihanna’s “Monster” blared in the background. After a sentimental slideshow about Monster’s 35 years in the industry, Lee explained that Monster would be bringing back some vintage classics from Monster’s timeline, such as classic cables and connectors.

Soundfreaq Showcasing New Speakers at CES 2014

If you haven’t been feeling inundated by the selection of emerging audio products, just give it a week or so. Some exciting stuff is going to be shown at CES 2014. One exhibitor, Soundfreaq, a manufacturer of wireless speakers, will be unveiling a number of new products at CES 2014 / CES Unveiled. The Pocket more »

GadgeTell Review: Libratone Zipp Wireless Speaker

If you don’t believe that the market for speakers and personal audio equipment is already saturated, just wait until 2014. There’s going to be more competition galore. Even now, there are so many choices across the brackets of price and size that a bit of hunting can find the ideal speaker for that unique person more »

LG to Introduce Audio Products at CES

LG is best known for TVs, smartphones and appliances, but at CES, the manufacturer will also emphasize its new audio lineup.


StriimLight Available in U.S., On Display at CES 2014

While most products are fantastic on their own, the creative strive toward improvement and/or perfection leads to some interesting results. Some work, other’s don’t, but most are pretty darn unique.

Amazon Electronics Deals of the Day: December 18, 2013

It’s getting close to that special day… here are three of the more compelling electronics deals Amazon is offering today. Just click the links to be taken directly to the product’s Amazon page.

What Is a Bluetooth Speaker?

This is the first in a new series of articles that provide primers for the average person about various emerging technologies.

8 Things We Hope to See at CES 2014

Every year around the holidays, I start to get an anxious feeling. My mind and body instinctively know deep down what’s coming shortly after New Year’s Day: another grueling trek to (and, shudder, within) Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show.


Nakamichi Makes Comeback With Audiophile Quality Products

Everyone loves a good comeback story, especially if the protagonist is worthy of adoration. Sort of like the Christopher Nolan reboot of the Batman movie franchise. Or Mickey Rourke’s excellent return to acting in The Wrestler and Iron Man 2. Yeah, that’s right, comics!

GadgeTell Review: Ultimate Ears UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker

With the vast (and ever-growing) sea of audio products available, it becomes harder and harder to get noticed. It takes the right combination of elements to get that attention and then deliver with quality that people will love and keep.