The Damson Vulcan Bluetooth speaker provides powerful sound

We review a lot of Bluetooth speakers at Technology Tell, so it’s safe to say we know what we’re talking about. Thus, when I say that the Damson Vulcan Bluetooth speaker packs impressive sound for its size, you know I’m telling the truth. But we’ll get to that, let’s start with the other details first!

TechnologyTell Review: Naztech Koncert Bluetooth speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers are no longer just speakers. At least if they want to capture consumer consideration. These days, a compact speaker needs to offer a little something more, befitting of our mobile lifestyles. One latest feature, that appears to be gaining in popularity, is the ability to charge other gadgets.

The 10 best Bluetooth speakers for your Memorial Day cookout

Take a look at the 10 best Bluetooth speakers for your Memorial Day plans. From waterproof Bluetooth speakers to colorful speakers, this list will have what you need.

Creative launches DACs compatible with smartphones, tablet

Creative Technology loves audio, but they probably know that we consumers love audio more than they do. We do, dammit. So this is why they’ve taken such care to produce and support such awesome audio-related products over the decades. Speakers, sound cards, all of it.


Technology Tell Review: The State of 808 Headphones Is Strong

We checked out the 808 Audio HPA89WHG and HPA89BKMBT headphones and liked what we heard.

Denon introduces Envaya DSB200 Bluetooth speaker

There are dozens upon dozens of companies offering Bluetooth speakers these days, but few have the decades-long high-end audio pedigree of Denon. That’s why its new Envaya DSB200 Bluetooth speaker is a notable addition to the scene.

Big Turtle Shell boasts sound, unique rugged quality

Yup, that’s right. Outdoor Tech is back with a bigger, boomboxier version of its unique and popular Turtle Shell wireless speaker. The Big Turtle Shell was showcased at CES 2014, along with the rest of their product lineup. I wasn’t able to connect my smartphone to play some of my own music, as random people continuously linked their devices to the speaker (any available speaker, for that matter). We even caught part of a phone conversation, listening to some poor person baffling over why he/she couldn’t hear a thing from their device. Haha.

Dark, quiet, spooky? Rocket Torch remedies (except spooky)

Many portable wireless speakers try to be a number of different things these days: alarm clock, battery bank, or a piece of furniture, to name a few. But flashlight? Sounds crazy, right? But maybe not. Pyle Audio has just introduced a multi-function speaker that includes a built-in LED flashlight.

GadgeTell Review: Bass Egg Bluetooth Vibration Speaker

As a portable Bluetooth speaker, it’s pretty hard to stand out and get noticed these days. But when you’re (practically) the only vibration speaker in town (or CES 2014), you get attention. And draw some crowds it did.

GadgeTell Review: Jabra Solemate Max

At CES 2014, you couldn’t turn your head without seeing some booth showcasing portable Bluetooth speakers or headphones. There are so many of them out and available now. While it makes it easier for consumers to own one, manufacturers have their work cut out in terms of standing apart from the competition.

BRAVEN rugged BRV-X speaker ready now for outdoor adventure

Sometimes it’s hard to please consumers, especially when they won’t settle for less, pushing the boundaries for what more can bring. Some manufacturers likely feel the same way and up the ante with new product releases. For instance, take BRAVEN’s rugged BRV-1 speaker. This speaker is compact and delivers big sound, but it now has a much bigger brother.

Samsung launches Milk music streaming service

I guess music streaming services are the new hot thing because Samsung just joined the ranks of Spotify, Pandora, Apple and Beats with their new music streaming service, Milk. Milk Music is available now in the Google Play store and like Spotify and Pandora, it is free to download. AND it doesn’t have ads! Thank goodness!