TechnologyTell Review: Karma 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot

When you’ve been used to 4G data, you never really realize what a step down 3G is until you’ve had to suffer it for months. Years, even. Such has it been for me with Sprint. You’d think that they’d pick up the pace and connect their 4G LTE network in the state’s capitol, right? All I really want to do is sit somewhere, drink coffee, and read through news and posts without each page loading at a snail’s pace.

Mediatek announces new Octa-core LTE Processor

Yesterday we learned that Broadcom has two new LTE chips for sub $300 smartphones. With mobile carriers expanding their 4G/LTE coverage in the US, it only makes sense that smartphone manufacturers and their suppliers follow by releasing faster Internet devices. They could only do this with newer processors. After Broadcom, we hear MediaTek following with a new octa-core processor that features four 2.2-2.5GHz A17 cores and four 1.7GHz A7s. The chip also features Rogue PowerVR Series6 GPU and improved performance by 60 percent.

Visitors to Sochi Olympics Warned to Expect Hacking

NBC News had an eye-opening report last night about privacy concerns in Sochi. Simply put, media, athletes, and visitors there shouldn’t expect any-but they should expect to be hacked almost immediately.

Google uProxy Announced

There is no stopping Google in making our lives even better. Netizens who have limited access to internet will soon get to enjoy more of the Web as the search giant is offering uProxy.

FreedomPop, Now With 3G/4G Through Sprint

FreedomPop, the company that is basically giving you online access for free, is expanding its coverage dramatically with the addition of 3G service via Sprint’s nationwide network. The company is now accepting orders for its first 3G/4G hotspot, the FreedomPop Overdrive Pro. “The biggest criticism with our service to date has been the coverage gaps more »


GadgeTell Review: Walmart Portable Hotspot

I resisted buying a portable hotspot for a long time. My needs are intermittent, and I didn’t want to be stuck with a monthly plan. Even Tru-Connect’s plan didn’t quite meet my needs. I had been holding out for a “pay for megabytes” plan, and last year, Walmart gave me what I had been looking more »

Samsung Galaxy Express and MiFi Liberate mobile hotspot coming to AT&T on November 16th

AT&T announced the Samsung Galaxy Express back in late-September, however as of today the carrier has come forward with another announcement. And yes, this one does include a release date and price. Not to mention, another device. In short, AT&T has announced that the Samsung Galaxy Express and the MiFi Liberate will be available on more »

Don’t count on your cell during an disaster-here’s why

I live in New York City, Staten Island to be exact. Hurricane Sandy paid us a visit and tore the borough apart. We had days of warnings, and I thought we were prepared. We stocked up on batteries, flashlights, water, canned goods and other supplies. As the storm approached Sunday night my husband and I more »

Huawei Boltz modem launches with Cricket, becomes their first 4G device

We know that Cricket has already begun (albeit on a very limited basis) their 4G LTE network roll-out. And well, it looks ike their first device has come available — a 4G LTE USB modem. The modem is the Huawei Boltz and it is priced at $149.99. That being said, while nice to see Cricket more »

Sprint announces the Lenovo IdeaPad U310 Ultrabook, will have it bundled with a 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot

Sprint has announced their latest notebook offering, which just so happens to be an Ultrabook. And for those who need a bit of useless knowledge, this makes Sprint the first US wireless carrier to offer an Ultrabook. That bit aside though, the Ultrabook in question is the Lenovo IdeaPad U310. Interestingly enough, Sprint will be more »


Wireless data service in Europe for $5 per day thanks to Tep Wireless

Traveling abroad from the United States can cause a major headache when trying to figure out the best way to stay connected.  Fortunately, Tep Wireless has a new solution for frequent European travelers as it will sell you a portable WiFi hotspot device with a service plan.  For $5 a day, you can get 1GB more »

Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Tri-Fi mobile hotspot for Sprint

Sprint and Sierra Wireless have teamed up to bring in what is said to be first ever device that combines 4G connections over LTE and WiMAX networks in the form of the Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Tri-Fi Hotspot. Running on the Sprint network, said hotspot device will provide you with the speed and coverage in more »