Microsoft begins accepting “right to be forgotten” requests

Google is already compliant with the EU Court of Justice’s ruling that people should have the “right to be forgotten”, and Microsoft is moving in the same direction with Bing. The company has begun accepting requests from people who want certain content to vanquish from Bing when their name is searched. Actual content remains online and can still be found through other means, but the “right to be forgotten” offers a way for Europeans to have some things removed from their past.

The Internet needs a timeout after its response to Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot

Jeremy Meeks’ “swoon-worthy” mugshot has received 43,000 likes and 4,200 shares. There’s even a “Free Jeremy” Twitter campaign making its rounds.

Opera 22 updated with new themes

In the world of web browsers, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari usually get the bulk of the attention. However, there are other browsers worth talking about and one of them, Opera, has just been updated with a few new features as well as additional themes. With Opera 22, users now have the ability to setup five new themes in the browser on either Mac or PC. All of the themes are based around scenery from Norway–Opera is a Norwegian company.

‘OK Google’ now supported on Chrome browser

Chrome beta users have been able to use the OK Google voice command in the browser since February but now, Google is rolling out the feature to all of its Chrome users. The feature was first announced during Google I/O in 2013 and in the Chrome browser, it works similarly to how voice commands work on smartphones.

Mozilla Firefox Experimenting With Sponsored Tabs

Firefox users were not happy when Mozilla announced in February that it would be trying to include advertisements in the browser, and even though the initial monetization plans didn’t go through, Mozilla is not backing down. Soon, the new tab page will include some links to useful websites, particularly for people without a browsing history. In the future, however, those links could be turned into actual advertisements or sponsored posts.

Google Releases “OK Google” Voice Search Chrome Extension

If you like the sound of your voice, today is your lucky day. Google has released a new Chrome extension called “OK Google” which allows users to make voice commands to their browser. The Google Voice Search Hotword extension is available now in the Chrome Web Store. If the user wants to use voice commands, all they have to do is use the “OK Google” hotword first.

Google Chrome Beta Update Silences Noisy Tabs

There are times when you’re working in Google Chrome and you suddenly hear a sound playing in your browser, forcing you to search all opened tabs to turn it off. This can be very annoying, and you may end up closing your browser altogether if you can’t find the culprit. To help you counter this more »

Gifpop Transforms Your Gifs Into Physical Cards

Animated gif (.gif) images are fun. One can take a video and forever immortalize the best part(s) of it in a convenient little image file that can be shared anywhere on the web. Aside from having improved quality or length, there’s little to improve upon, right? Think again. Lenticular printing is likely not on your more »

FBI Shuts Down Online Marketplace for Cybercriminals

The FBI announced it has shut down a website that served has an online marketplace for cybercriminals. Dubbed “Silk Road”, the site offered drugs, malware, firearms and even hitmen. Site owner Ross William Ulbricht, a 29-year old San Francisco man, was arraigned on charges of money laundering, narcotics trafficking and computer hacking. He is also more »


Feedly Wants Google Reader’s Throne, Can it Be RSS King?

It’s unfortunate news but it’s inevitable and worthless to sulk about any longer. Let’s face it: Google Reader will be no more in under one month from now — on July 1 to be exact. Will this effect you too? I’ve used and continue to regularly use Reader for years, so for me this is more »


Opera Releases its Desktop Browser for Mac and Windows, calls it Opera Next

Don’t count Opera yet out of the desktop browser wars — especially since the latest version of their browser, now known as Opera Next has just been officially released. Recreated from the ground up, Opera Next promises to give you a new, elegant design infused with new features. According to Opera this will make our more »

Twitter Updates Android and iPhone Apps, Mobile Web

Twitter announced in a blog post a few visual changes to it’s mobile apps and it’s mobile Web version. Each app variant will show more content in expanded tweets, including photo galleries, apps and product listings. Android users will see larger, wider timelines and a flat navigation bar. You can also swipe to switch between more »