Lenovo Vibe Shot unofficially goes on sale stateside starting at $378

Well, isn’t this a nice surprise. For shutterbugs not afraid of experimenting, at least. Remember the smartphone/digital camera hybrid that Lenovo unveiled back in early March to show Samsung these half-breeds don’t have to send beastly Frankensteinian vibes? Although the Vibe Shot was never confirmed for a wide-scale US launch, resourceful importers got their hands more »

Lenovo gives smartphone/camera hybrids a shot with the Vibe Shot

It’s a handsome albeit quirky-looking smartphone. No, it’s a point-and-shoot digital camera. No, it’s a professional smart cam. A top-shelf cameraphone? A freakish crossover device of sorts? Actually, it’s all that, and more. It’s Lenovo’s Vibe Shot, targeted at shutterbugs seeking the best of both worlds, as well as a standout “accessory”. Now, the Vibe more »

HTC slices RE Camera price to just $100 for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As expected, the lukewarm critical reception of HTC’s quirky little RE Camera likely translated into paltry box-office numbers so far. Otherwise, there would be no reason for the pipe-like shooter’s makers to already take a whopping half off RE’s price. A sudden spurt of generosity could be another possible explanation, we guess, but we’ve stopped more »

HTC Desire Eye, Re Camera and One M8 for Windows coming to AT&T November 7

It’s an announcement-packed beginning of the week for AT&T, which is just about ready to welcome three new HTC devices in its product portfolio in addition to Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge, Motorola’s Moto 360 and LG’s G Watch R.

AT&T to exclusively carry HTC Desire Eye, Re Camera also en route to Ma Bell

Well, that surely didn’t take long. HTC barely got through the “Double Exposure” event and unveiled the Desire Eye smartphone and Re Camera, leaving availability and pricing largely up in the air, and AT&T already made the picture complete.

OkCupid explains how to take an attractive profile picture

Admittedly, I don’t have the best associations when it comes to OkCupid. I attribute this to the fact that my friend’s creepy roommate used to browse OkCupid profiles in the dark, and something about it felt like a bad episode of Law and Order: SVU. However, he always had a girlfriend so it was clearly working for him. That being said, I fully support OkCupid’s data collection blog, “OkTrends,” because it uses OkCupid’s dating powers for good! Quite the rarity. In their own words, “we’ve compiled our observations and statistics from hundreds of millions of OkCupid user interactions, all to explore the data side of the online world.” And their latest research-based post was created to help users take better profile pictures.

Samsung UK opens Galaxy K zoom pre-orders, pricing set at £400

Unveiled nearly a month back and rumored to go on sale in select European markets last week, Samsung’s second stab at a perfect high-end digital camera/smartphone hybrid will finally become available on British shores next Thursday.

Kickstarter Spotlight: The OTTO GIF camera brings the possibilities

We love GIFs over at Technology Tell. It’s safe to say that a majority of our email chains are basically collections of GIFs, and we literally feud about the proper pronunciation (feel free to share your opinion). So when I saw the OTTO Kickstarter project, a GIF camera, it’s safe to say I lost my mind a little bit. And then of course I told all my coworkers about it, and they subsequently lost their minds as well.


Lifelogger wearable camera records, streams POV video

If you haven’t noticed, we as human beings are pretty social. We love to share and gain recognition, sometimes a little too much (e.g. selfies, food photos, sexting, etc). Strange behavior aside, we participate in a lot of amazing moments and manage to get some pretty good photos from it. Videos? Sometimes. Maybe not enough. The best way to guarantee some good video is to keep a camera rolling at all times.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom coming to Europe mid-May, price more expensive in Germany

After the Samsung Galaxy S5, there’s the Galaxy K Zoom being teased in gadget town. We first saw a leaked photo last April which was quickly confirmed and then introduced last week when May started. Today, we learned that the Galaxy K zoom camera phone will arrive mid-May in Europe and will retail for €499. However, price will be higher in Germany at €519 for unknown reasons.

Samsung intros the Galaxy K Zoom, a 20.7MP camera with 10x optical zoom

We’ve previously told you about the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom which was teased to us by Samsung via a post on their Instagram account. Today, Samsung has just made this official and officially introduced the new Galaxy K Zoom. Featuring a 20.7MP BSI CMOS sensor and 10x optical zoom, Samsung brands this digital snapper as the new camera specialized smartphone.

Samsung teases April 29 announcement, basically confirms Galaxy K Zoom

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, in which case a video is probably worth a million. But if it only clocks in at a few seconds, it’s more in the tens of thousands ballpark. Still plenty to confirm the identity of Samsung’s “Next Galaxy” beyond the shadow of a doubt.