OCZ announces 1TB SSD and… sigh, a netbook

I’m starting to think maybe Gadgetell should get into the netbook business. Why not? It seems everyone else is doing it. Granted, all those companies have experience in manufacturing computers or components prior to getting into the netbook arena, but it can’t be that hard. Just get some Intel Atom chips, some motherboards, a bunch more »

Get your schmooze on at CES 2009


Not only do you get to wander amidst displays of all of the latest in gadgety goodness at CES 2009, you also get to hob-nob with some very big names. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. (Heads up for those that somehow did miss the itinerary…it’s all going down in Las Vegas.)

They’ve got it all. Musicians, sports icons, TV stars…the 2009 International CES will be THE place to be January 8-11th. As most people know, CES is the world’s largest consumer technology tradeshow, and they are making it very worth the while of those in attendance.

ASUS shows off new R70a UMPC at CeBIT

First reports on the new ASUS R70a UMPC indicates that it is not exactly a hot UMPC by any means, but it should still get the job done. It is pretty big and bulky machine, but otherwise it has nice features. One of the weird things is that it doesn’t seem to come with a more »


LG has 3 new phones on display at CeBIT

Recently, LG, a large cell phone manufacturer, has come out with a few new phones. However, they only released some information on basically 1 out of the 3 phones, the KF570, which you can see in the above picture. For the second and third phones – the KF240 and the KF300, LG has not released more »


Navigon 8110 coming soon in Germany

Navigon 8110

Navigon is getting ready to unveil their new GPS in the 8000 series, and it comes with a new version of the Navigon MobileNavigator software, which is version 7.

Version 6 of this software was released about 2 years ago, and version 7 will be featuring voice synthesis, and voice recognition, which whill allow you to save address information. The maps will be displayed in a better 3D reality view, and route calculations will be performed much faster.

Screenwise, the Navigon 8110 will be featuring a wide 4.8 inch touch screen, and it is encased in an aluminum design. Additionally, it comes with integrated Bluetooth for hands-free calling, an FM transmitter, a RDS/TMC receiver for live traffic updates, and a built-in car charger. The processor runs at 533MHz, utilises a graphic accelerator, and 128MB of memory.

A list of all the features are as follows: