Xiaomi leads Chinese smartphone sales in Q2, Android eclipses iOS worldwide

Need some fresh hard evidence Xiaomi, which just took the wraps off the immensely promising Mi 4, is a name to be reckoned with in the smartphone scene? According to Kantar’s latest research data, the China-based OEM conquered its domestic market throughout the year’s second fiscal quarter, ending June with a towering 27 percent share of total sales.

Moon Violet, Burgundy Red LG G3 models available in August in ‘select markets’

Given it accommodates essentially the finest components an Android device maker can gain access to nowadays, Quad HD display and Snapdragon 801 processor included, plus an exquisite, nearly edge-to-edge, one-of-a-kind design, it’s hard to picture the LG G3 could get any better.

NomadPlus upgrades Apple wall chargers with battery power

Although I’m not an Apple user, I greatly admire the thought and design that go into Apple’s best products. They look good, what can I say? While many accessories out there complement and flow with Apple’s svelte designs, some do it with jaw-dropping effect. One of the most recent examples of mobile brilliance comes from Nomad with their NomadPlus battery upgrade for Apple wall chargers.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha tipped for August 4 unveil with metallic construction

Just as the world was about to abandon hope for an extra-sturdy, “premium-looking” metal-clad Samsung smartphone, given the rumored Galaxy S5 Prime’s debut as a bland, plastic-made S5 LTE-A, reports of a Galaxy Alpha or S5 Alpha started piling up.

BlackBerry Passport gets a second, longer, more in-depth preview video

Showcasing an unreleased product yourself and letting info trickle out gradually instead of trying to be all mysterious and getting sidetracked by professional “leakers” is sure an unconventional way to build buzz ahead of a commercial release.

Windows Phone 8.1 slowly gains market share, Nokia Lumia 520 remains WP king

As Windows Phone steadily increases its relevance in the always competitive mobile operating system arena, it’s probably time we started taking an interest in the platform’s statistics as much as we do with monthly Android distribution charts.

MaCO magnetic cable tie is perfect for headphones, mobile

Although technological advances have been marching us toward environments of wireless-everything, cables are still a reality. Even if you don’t mind how they coil about and criss-cross everywhere, wires still require management. Unless you really, truly don’t care. But the rest of us prefer to have a little organization and tidiness.

Nokia Superman and Tesla further detailed by insiders, top-notch cams in tow

Remember when a slew of internal codenames for unannounced Nokia devices surfaced online? Many of those remain question marks to this day, though at least “Superman” and “Tesla” are starting to cut the mystery act.

Verizon getting HTC One (W8) for Windows on August 21

Details about a new HTC phone, which is a basically a reconfiguration of the Android-based One M8 for Windows Phone, are trickling their way onto tech sites all over net. And apparently, the phone will be called “One (W8) for Windows”.

Motorola Nexus 6 confirmed by multiple sources, Android Silver dawn uncertain

First, there was gossip of a predictable Nexus 6 handheld, manufactured by Google alongside LG and based on the latter’s stunning G3. Then, Nexus was rumored to be no more, and a mysterious but juicy replacement Android Silver project emerged.

HTC Desire 610 available for $200 off-contract on AT&T

The HTC Desire 610 smartphone is now priced at $200 off-contract on AT&T. It comes complete with HTC’s Sense 6 user interface, as well as Android 4.4.1 KitKat. It also features an 8-megapixel camera on its back, as well as front-facing speakers and a 1.3 megapixel camera on its front.

HTC One (M8) ‘for Windows’ could be closer than you think

As is often the case with unannounced, unreleased gadgets, you only need a semi-credible tipster to get the ball rolling and thus convince a plethora of other sources to step up and help paint the product’s picture early.