TechnologyTell Review: Justin 5400mAh Power Bank

External battery packs are totally useful, that is, until you happen to forget the cable. There’s nothing worse than having a need unfulfilled because of just one missing element. Fortunately, some manufacturers, such as Innovative Technology, has taken this into consideration. You’re not going to lose a cable that’s built-into the battery itself! Design The more »

Don’t miss these must-have, eco-friendly Kickstarter gadgets

It’s not very often that one finds multiple, totally incredible projects funding on Kickstarter all at the same time. I think that the hardest part of it all is having to choose which one(s) to support while staying within the gadget budget! But if you want something to distract and excite during the long workday, more »

Brace yourselves, Lollipops for nearly a dozen BLU phones are coming

As much as we’d like to think of Miami-based BLU Products as a name to be reckoned with in the mobile tech décor, the small handheld manufacturer wasn’t able to escape its second-tier limitations in terms of software support lately. Specifically, while first-class OEMs rolled out Lollipop update after update, BLU kept working behind the more »

Deal alert: Get $100 back on Samsung phone + tablet bundles from T-Mobile

In the market for a spanking new high-end Samsung smartphone and could be convinced to also buy a matching slate at the right price? T-Mobile has the perfect promo for you, shaving a cool $100 off any “latest” Samsung handheld bought alongside a Galaxy Tab 4 or Tab S. Here’s how it works. Let’s say more »

‘Distinctively curved’ LG Escape 2 goes on sale with AT&T at $180 off-contract

LG’s experimental G Flex from a couple of years back caught on much faster and on a larger scale than anyone anticipated, inspiring a more mainstream-targeted sequel, as well as a subtly arched G4. And now, the “distinctive” curve is seemingly making its way to the smartphone market’s middle spectrum with little to no fanfare. more »

No-compromise Samsung Galaxy S6 Active looms large with Quad HD screen

Further perfecting the near-flawless Samsung Galaxy S6 is without a doubt tricky business, but adding water resistance into the mix is a great starting point. The same goes for the impending S6 Active’s shock-proof muscular skeleton, even at the expense of style and a wasp waist. An additional 3,500 mAh or so battery would be more »

Samsung Galaxy A8 tipped for global release with fingerprint scanner

The leader of worldwide smartphone sales, mostly in the high-end sector, takes its mid-range revolution mission more seriously than ever, cooking up a further expansion of the Galaxy A family. Currently comprised of ,  and , the affordable product roster will soon get a fourth addition. Reportedly dubbed Galaxy A8, aka SM-A800, this looming “low-cost” more »

LG G4 expected in T-Mo stores June 2, all US buyers get a slew of freebies

Seeing as how Samsung absolutely revolutionized the design of its previous flagship devices to come up with a remarkably premium Galaxy S6/S6 Edge duo, very few gave LG any chance to contend or even play in the same league when their G4 powerhouse would go on sale. But the Korean underdogs played essentially all their more »

Halo Back upgrades your iPhone 6, 6 Plus with one-handed control

As owner and huge fan of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (and previously Note 2), I know how it is to deal with a large-screened smartphone. Things tend to get a little trickier when I want to use it one-handed, and it does require an added bit of dexterity. It’s not a big deal, since more »

Sony ‘Lavender’ leaks again, ‘super-narrow’ bezel and 13 MP front cam in tow

As one of the true pioneers of the selfie-centric smartphone class, Sony unsurprisingly continues to hold its narcissistic users in the highest regard. Get your best duckfaces ready, y’all, as a mid-end handheld codenamed “Lavender” draws near with dual 13 megapixel cameras. That’s right, this E55 series device shouldn’t challenge Xperia Z4 or Samsung Galaxy more »

TechnologyTell Review: Life N Soul KiiTAG Bluetooth locator

Bluetooth trackers are still kind of new, but definitely very neat. Especially if you happen to be a person who tends to leave things here or there. Most trackers let you find your smartphone with the tracker itself, or find where the tracker is (it’s usually attached to something of importance) with the accompanying app. more »

Asus officially puts 4 GB RAM ZenFone 2 up for grabs in the US

Available in an entry-level 2 GB RAM/16 GB ROM/5-inch 720p screen configuration since late March at a fairly steep price, the highly anticipated Asus ZenFone 2 has just got a proper American introduction and commercial release. This time, it’s really Amazon that’s selling the affordable high-end Android, not some obscure third-party merchants, and the top-tier more »