BelayCords creates fully reversible Lightning, USB cables

Whether or not you feel the creation of Apple’s Lightning cable is a money-making ploy in disguise, you can’t argue results. There is no up, down, or flipping; the cable tip just plugs right in. Rumors have been floating around recently about a Lightning cable with a reversible USB connector. Unfortunately, it appears unlikely that Apple will ship these revamped cables and adaptors with the upcoming iPhone 6.

Moto 360 shipments sent for eligible Google I/O attendees

The Google I/O 2014 attendees were expected to get the Moto 360 smartwtach, but the exact date of shipment wasn’t revealed at the event. If you’re patiently waiting for the folks at Google to confirm, you may want to check your inbox as Google is sending out confirmations that packages are being sent via FedEx to eligible attendees.

AT&T announced plans to sell the Moto 360 smartwatch

Not too long ago, Motorola unveiled the most beautiful Android Wear smartwatch to date — since LG G Watch R is not yet available. The smartwatch came with a $249.99 price tag, which is already sold out on and the company expects it may take a little while to replenish its stock. The smartwatch is also available via Best Buy, but it seems some carriers in the US may sell the Moto 360 in the coming weeks.

TechnologyTell Review: Braven BRV-Bank battery pack

Earlier this year at CES 2014, Braven unveiled its BRV-Bank, the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled external battery pack. It’s designed rugged and waterproof, perfect for those with outdoor lifestyles. On top of that, the Braven BRV-Bank is packaged with a non-weenie flashlight. For serious! At CES, the BRV-Bank was only in a display case, but I recently had the chance to check one out in person.

TechnologyTell Review: Lenmar Mutant External Battery

Last year, Lenmar launched their Undead Power marketing campaign for their lineup of external battery packs and accessories. Pairing the idea of zombies and mobile power – two quite popular themes right now – is brilliant. I find it fun. Why not?

Review: Amzer Crusta Phone Case

Design For the past couple weeks my phone has been dressed to the nines in the Amzer Crusta case. The Crusta offers four layers of protection with minimal bulk. The tempered glass screen protector goes on the same as any other and the rest of the case snaps on around it. The case is surprisingly lightweight more »

Next gen booq Cobra brief does function, fashion right

If you haven’t noticed, booq has been on a roll for releasing some fantastic, high-quality bags. In fact, you might have been thinking how your current backpack or messenger has been looking a little dated and worn. Technically, we’re still in that back-to-school “season” so it’s totally ok to consider a professional upgrade. Hey, appearances count, right?

Accessory Review: Inateck MP1502

My favorite thing to do with my gadgets is to wrap them up in fashion. Pretty phone cases, laptop skins and Nintendo pouches never fail to get me excited, but I haven’t purchased a new protective case for my MacBook Pro since I was a wee freshman at Towson University. My old case was squishy, more »

Large smartphones get a boost for video, photography

Despite how digital photos from smartphones and cameras can be nigh unlimited, due to being able to delete the chaff, there is value in taking a great shot the first time each time. If not for the sake of photography, then at least to save storage space or time spent cherry-picking.


TechnologyTell Review: Flyshark Bluetooth Keyboard

When it comes to me being mobile and productive, less is more. That’s why the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone (phablet) is my device of choice, compared to a desktop or laptop. I can have more power and information at my fingertips, all in the space that fills a pocket. I do as much as I can from the comfort of my hammock, impossible for a PC and awkward with a laptop.

TechnologyTell Review: Brinell drive SSD

When Brinell asked if I wanted to check out one of their latest, solid-state drives (a 250GB one), who was I to say no to beauty? The best craftsmen don’t hold back when it comes to passion, but does the performance stand up to expectations? Read on and find out!

All USB cables are hideous compared to crafted LifeStar

To most people, myself included, a USB cable is little more than a mandatory accessory used to power and sync our gadgets. It’s there when you need it, but gets pushed or tucked away once it’s done the job. Few people like having desk clutter, especially when the objects are so mundane.