Cricket digs deeper in holiday goodie bag, offers Galaxy S4 and S5 for half off

Bet you never expected prepaid specialist and AT&T subsidiary Cricket Wireless to return with a second batch of holiday deals, after unveiling a pretty enticing first slate of Black Friday promos. Well, as it turns out, the no-contract carrier is ready to celebrate Cyber Monday in style too, offering whopping 50 percent discounts on two more »

Android 5.0 Lollipop rolls out to second-gen Verizon Moto X

With Verizon known for generally withholding software updates a lot longer than competing networks, and Google themselves having trouble ironing out Lollipop kinks on Nexus devices, things didn’t look particularly encouraging for Big Red’s Moto X owners.

It’s happening: Android 5.0 Lollipop en route to Korean LG G3 this week

Google sure messed up the Nexus family’s Android 5.0 rollout, with successive delays and buggy early builds, but somehow, LG seems to be handling the Lollipop optimization and stabilization process better.

LG F60 debuts on Verizon prepaid as LTE-capable Transpyre at $100 off-contract

LG is sure weird, at least when it comes to naming its low-cost Android soldiers. The on-the-rise Korean mobile manufacturer unveiled the F60 for “international” markets nearly two months back, then offered it to MetroPCS clients in the US as the Optimus F60, and now sells it to Verizon customers under the awkward moniker Transpyre.

Nexus 6 gets an iFixit teardown treatment

Google Nexus 6 is officially here and this means it’s time for the folks at iFixit to get their hands on the device and tear its components apart. Starting with the back cover, there are no screws involved to open the back cover of the device so the folks at iFixit ended up with picks to pry open the back cover of the device which comes with little adhesive.

That’s more like it: Huawei Ascend Mate 2 skips KitKat to leap straight to Lollipop

The controversial Huawei Ascend Mate 2 software support saga is about to come to an end, after an excruciatingly long month of confusion and heartache. Once again, the power of the people has prevailed, as public backlash against Mate 2’s manufacturers forced the company to reconsider their updating stance.

Microsoft sells no-contract AT&T Lumia 635 for $39, $60 off list price

Microsoft is the latest big name in retail to get a jump on holiday promotions, with an exceptional early deal for Windows Phone aficionados. For a limited time, the cheapest 2014 member of the Nokia Lumia family is available even cheaper, at an incredibly low $39.

Delayed: Android 5.0 updates for HTC One M8, M7 Google Play Editions

The most radical overhaul in Android history is about to turn into Google’s worst nightmare. Since day one, we’ve felt Big G’s software developers didn’t have a great handle on Lollipop stability. Nexus devices were supposed to score the 5.0 firmware update mere days after the big unveil, which went down on October 15.

Acer quietly intros Iconia Talk S, yet another voice call-supporting tablet

Admit it, you reckoned gadget manufacturers went mad when starting to unveil 7-inch tabphones. But somehow, they seem to have grown on people, particularly in Asia, so nowadays, everyone from Samsung to Lenovo to Asus to Acer has at least one or two to offer their eccentric customers.

Deal alert: HTC One M8 Harman/Kardon Edition for free with Sprint pacts

Yo, audiophiles, yank them $200 “high-performance” headphones out of your ears, and listen up. Sprint has a little something, something for y’all in its Black Friday promotional build-up.

Rumor: Blackberry’s savior is codenamed Rio, coming in 2015 with no QWERTY

2014 hasn’t been the worst year in BlackBerry’s history, but the Canadian company’s recent product releases are yet to stabilize its struggling financials. Nor are we seeing any potential for a sudden reversal of fortune in the near future, although Passport sales have reportedly started on a high.

Eager for Android 5.0 Lollipop? You might want to wait

Each new generation of the Android OS has brought about great improvement and much excitement. It tends to both work and look better. And who doesn’t like the little android bot with the latest sweet treat in hand? Lollipop. Such fun!