Leaked: Samsung Galaxy K (S5) Zoom Cameraphone

Just last week, specs of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom have been spotted written on a piece of paper. This week, we’re seeing a leaked picture of the cameraphone. The Galaxy S5 Zoom aka the Galaxy K is Samsung’s second venture in the camera-phone game. It’s more of a camera that has basic phone capabilities.

Best April Fools’ prank? Nokia 3310 revamped with 41 MP cam, Windows Phone

There’s usually nothing lamer than a big-time tech company, Google not included, trying to stage an April Fools’ prank. Besides the tricks being way too obvious most of the time, either the jokes end up offending someone, or they just turn out unequivocally unfunny.

Motorola gaining momentum in the UK thanks to the success of Moto G

Last year, Motorola unveiled their budget-friendly Moto G in Brazil, which came with a pretty decent set of specifications at a very affordable price tag. The handset went on sale on Motorola’s website for $179 for the 8GB model, while the 16GB will cost $199. According to a new report from Kantar WorldPanel for the three months ending February 2014, Motorola is gaining from “almost nothing” to a decent 6 percent smartphone sales in Britain.

OnePlus One smartphone almost ready, housed in an aluminum unibody

One of the many smartphones we’re anticipating right now is the OnePlus One. Earlier in January, it was introduced as the “Perfect Smartphone”. Of course, that is one ambitious description, but the company behind it must believe in the product so much. The startup OnePlus is releasing its own smartphone with a $400 price tag.

Rumor: LG G3 Will be Dust and Waterproof

It has become a norm for handsets to get dust and water-resistant certifications. Sony has received its fair share of success with its Xperia line up being dust and water-resistant. It’s not just Sony; Samsung also released its later flagship device with IP67 certification making the handset dust and waterproof. Now, it seems LG is going to follow the same route with the alleged LG G3, which is expected to see the light of the day later this year.

[CeBIT 2014] InkPhone: My e-reader wants to make a phone call

I haven’t given in to e-readers but I understand the fascination. The only reason why I don’t have one is because I have an iPad and an iPhone. I use the Kindle app to read e-books so there really is a need for one.

The mid-range HTC Desire 310 gets official

Back at the Mobile World Congress 2014, HTC unveiled a couple of handsets, including the Desire 816 and Desire 610, targeted towards the mid-range market segment. If you thought the company was done with the launches, think again as the company unveiled yet another mid-range handset dubbed as the HTC Desire 310.

More people spend more time on smartphones than PCs

Believe it or not, I survived one month of working just using my iPhone. I blog here from my smartphone using a Wordpress App. It’s not ideal but I have no choice because my MacBook Air is being repaired. The situation made me realize that people can really work mobile now from anywhere. All you need is WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE and you can report to your boss. Of course, it’s not always the case for everyone but I’m sure you geeks can relate.

Do selfies lead to head lice infestations?

I got into work this morning and opened one of the most amusing press releases I’ve seen in a while. The title? “Are selfies causing head lice infestations?” Needless to say, I continued reading.

Sony intros the Xperia M2 mid-range smartphone

Alongside the Xperia Z2 smartphone and Xperia Z2 tablet, Sony Mobile has also introduced a new, mid-range phone at the Mobile World Congress 2014 known as the Xperia M2. Make no mistake on the mid-range classification of this phone though. Sony claims that this is by far the best smartphone technology in the mid-range class of smartphones.

Nokia X Android smartphones unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2014

Finally, after being the subject of rumors lately, Nokia has made it official and announced the Nokia X Android smartphones. Yes, you read it right, it’s not a Windows Phone but Android-powered devices. And Nokia is not just releasing one but three of these new Android smartphones namely – the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL.

MWC 2014: Nokia intros most affordable data phone, most affordable touch device

Nokia usually likes to spread its love between multiple classes and categories of devices, both high and low-end, smart and “dumb”. But the only reason the Finns dropped by Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress was to strengthen their entry-level reputation.