Three UK will offer free WiFi throughout London Underground

The London Underground will be blanketed in WiFi by the end of this month, Three UK Director of Customer Strategy, Danny Dixon, has revealed. Speaking with TechRadar, Dixon confirmed Three will begin offering free public WiFi in 137 Underground stations. Those stations will begin seeing the WiFi service in July, and other stations could also receive free WiFi service later this year.

FreedomPop expanding service to Europe

There are a few freemium wireless carriers but the most well known may be FreedomPop, a service that offers free wireless data up to 500MB per month. Since launching, FreedomPop has only been available inside of the United States, but as the startup has grown, so has its ability to expand. FreedomPop now says it will expand to Europe and possibly other markets after that. To begin with, FreedomPop will enter Belgium, the UK, France, Germany, and Spain.

Xperia Z2 tablet will reach US on July 17

Sony will launch its Xperia Z2 tablet in the United States on July 17, and the device will be made available as a Verizon Wireless exclusive. Pre-orders will start on July 10 for $600 without a contract and $500 with a two-year wireless service agreement. Much like the Xperia phones, the Xperia Z2 tablet comes with 4G LTE, a waterproof display, and a high-end 1920-by-1200 display resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport becomes exclusively available with Sprint

Sprint and Samsung today have announced the availability of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport starting July 25. Yes, it’s another variant of dear old Samsung’s current flagship smartphone. And yes again, it’s aimed at promoting health and fitness among smartphone users. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active which was released by AT&T, the Galaxy S5 Sport is also IP67 certified for water and dust resistance. It can withstand water submersion of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

SK Telecom rolling out 225 Mbps 4G service

SK Telecom will be coming out with a new 225 Mbps 4G service for its wireless customers next week. When compared to the carrier’s already impressive 75 Mbps wireless connections, the new service is very impressive. Customers should see speeds that are around three times what they are used to, yet the wireless service from SK Telecom does not even cost very much in relation to the wireless service in the US.

Sprint expanding service to rural markets

Sprint has announced that it will be working with a dozen regional carriers to provide wireless service to more rural areas that have historically lacked connectivity. The partnerships between Sprint and 12 local carriers will allow it to extend 4G LTE service in those areas, benefiting millions of people. When compared to other mainstream US carriers, Sprint is lacking in 4G LTE availability, but these partnerships will provide a new way for people to get 4G service.

Amazon phone may be exclusive to AT&T

Carrier exclusivity is not as common as it once was, but a new report from the Wall Street Journal says that Amazon might only launch its rumored smartphone on AT&T. Amazon has scheduled a press event for Wednesday, and during that event it is expected to introduce a 3D smartphone. However, only a select group of people will have access to it if the WSJ’s report ends up being correct.

Asia-Pacific controls half of mobile market

Mobile phone manufacturers, including big-name companies like Samsung and Apple, have been boosting their efforts and presence in Asia for well over a year. There is a lot of market data to back up an increase in focus on the Asian market and a new report from the GSM Association gives yet another reason for companies to pay attention to that part of the world. The GSM Association has released a report showing that the Asia-Pacific region is now in control of half of the world’s mobile phone market with 1.7 billion mobile subscribers.

Three expands free international roaming to five new destinations

International roaming charges can turn out to be very expensive. If you’re residing in the UK, there’s a piece of good news for you: Three UK is expanding its free international roaming to five more countries, including France, Switzerland, Israel, Finland and Norway. This means Three UK subscribers travelling to any of the above mentioned countries can get in touch with their loved ones at home without any extra charges, and feel as if they are home. They can send messages, make calls and more to their friends and family in the UK.

Sprint, T-Mobile may be close to $50b merger

Sprint is now very close to merging with rival cell carrier T-Mobile for $50 billion, according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal. Sources say that the two carriers are moving forward with the $50 billion deal and that “broad terms” have been agreed upon. Further discussions still need to take place and once Sprint and T-Mobile come to a final agreement about the specifics of the deal, regulatory authorities will have to approve it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active becomes exclusively available at AT&T

Talks about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active have been going around for quite some time now. Hence, we were not surprised when we found out that said device is available now. What surprises us though is the fact that the said device is exclusively available only at AT&T. What’s good about it though is that you can grab one of these ruggedized smartphones at zero down or no annual contract.

FreedomPop’s $20 plan includes unlimited data, 1GB at LTE

FreedomPop has been offering free phone service since last year and now, it has come out with a $20 Unlimited Everything plan that allows for unlimited texting, calling, and data.