TechnologyTell Review: Justin 2000mAh Slim Power Bank

For the average user, who wants the convenience of extra energy without adding much to personal carry, the Justin 2000mAh slim power bank fits the bill.

Deal alert: Buy a second-gen Moto X off-contract, get a free Moto Hint

If we didn’t know any better, we’d surmise from Motorola’s recent avalanche of 2014 Moto X promotions that the 5.2-inch Android isn’t selling so well.

TechnologyTell Review: Plantronics Voyager Edge UC

Despite the abundance of quality earpieces, I’ll still see someone having a conversation with a huge phone or tablet up to their face. It’s still ridiculous, even if they may just be singing along to playing music. Everyone should own a good Bluetooth earpiece. They work better than the built in microphones and speakers of more »


Neo Smartpen N2 now available for consumer purchase

Despite the advances in digital tech, writing on a screen with a stylus or stylus-type device doesn’t quite compare to a traditional pen. But we’re getting really close. However, some people still prefer to use a regular writing instrument, be it for the handling, creative experience, or good ole’ fashioned nostalgia.

LithiumCard Pro tops amps, capacity for pocket battery charger

Last year, the LithiumCard campaign went live on Indiegogo and created a lot of buzz. The pint-sized external battery, as thick as a few credit cards, hit it big with consumers. The LithiumCard is ultra-portable, charges devices quickly with its unique hypercharger technology, and is complete with built-in cables for convenience.

Reversible USB cables? Easy upgrade with Ryo, right here

I’ll be the first to admit that annoyance with plugging USB cables in the wrong way is a very first-world problem. It’s really a minor inconvenience at most. But then why does it infuriate many of us so much? Those who need to and/or don’t mind buying new cords can get reversible ones, but then cost and waste have to be considered. Is a standard USB cable really ‘bad’ just because reversible ones are out?

TechnologyTell Review: PenPower WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit

Business cards have been around for decades. Despite the rise and permeation of everything digital into our daily lives, business cards still exist. Sure, contacts can be shared and exchanged as easy as a wireless whisper, but a physical card can impart far more meaning into a personal connection.

iPhone 6 now has edge-to-edge Phantom Glass screen protection

I’m so jealous. As far as I know, there isn’t a single glass screen protector for my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that doesn’t create a halo effect. And none of them even go edge-to-edge. As much as I prefer glass screen protectors over PET or TPU, I can’t stand that halo fringing that happens with glass on curved screens.

More smartwatches find success in shadow of Pebble, Apple

Although the Pebble Time has been rocking it, and users still eagerly await the Apple Watch, other wrist-mounted devices have found their own levels of success. Could this mean that companion wearables in the (general) form of a watch are gaining traction in the mainstream? Maybe. But, if anything, it does show that there’s something for everyone.

TechnologyTell Review: Nyrius Songo HiFi Bluetooth music receiver

It can be very tempting to get caught up in the craze of audio upgrading. The latest speakers look great, can come in a variety of colors, and almost always have Bluetooth wireless. If you have an older system, it’s that last feature that feels the most missed. Today’s mobile lifestyle, with variety of sources to stream music, practically necessitates wireless connectivity.

TechnologyTell Review: LuguLake 4200mAh Qi battery pack

With so many battery packs out there in various shapes, colors, and capacities, there’s almost no end to the choices available. But, on the upside, it makes for a greater range of personalization. It’s easier than ever to accessorize with a certain look that you want to portray.

Apple what? Pepple Time watch breaks (more) records

Has it really been two years, almost? I guess so. After the huge successes of the original Pebble smartwatch and follow-up Pebble Steel, the company is back to break more records with their latest, the Pebble Time.